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Robot Wars Returns: How 2017’s Contenders Could Obliterate The Sir Killalot Of The 90s

This Sunday Robot Wars returns to our screens for the start of the third new series since the show was reborn last year. Roboteers from around the country will not just be tested by each other - but also by the house robots: Matilda, Dead Metal, Shunt and the fearsome Sir Killalot. Read More >>

Robot Wars is Back on 22nd October

It's not been very long since the last series of Robot Wars (which ended in April), but the BBC has announced when it'll be back for a tenth series. Not long, since the first episode is set to debut on 22nd October at 8pm. That's on BBC 2., or iPlayer if you're all fancy and technological. Read More >>

You Can Watch the UK’s Largest Robot Championship at Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia61, a gaming and tech-focused festival, is heading to the Birmingham NEC from 25th to 28th August, and today it's been announced that this year's event will see the return of the Robot Arena Championship - which is basically Robot Wars but without the cameras. It'll probably still have the awkward lack of Craig Charles, though. Read More >>

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You Can Now Apply to Be on the Next Season of Robot Wars

Destructive robots and their human owners can now apply to be a part of the next season of Robot Wars. The BBC has announced that a second six-episode run of the revamped show is coming, with Dara O'Briain and Angela Scanlon once again set to host. Read More >>

What Did You Think of the Return of Robot Wars?

12 years after the last episode aired, Robot Wars made its highly anticipated return to television yesterday evening, sending many of us into a frenzy of nostalgia-drenched excitement. Read More >>

New Robot Wars: We Go Behind The Scenes of the BBC’s ‘Bot Battling Show

Three, two, one, ACTIVATE. The last four words I heard before becoming a deranged, grease-thirsty reprobate. Read More >>

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Robot Wars Returns to TV on July 24th

Three. Two. One. Activate. Actually, not quite yet. Robot Wars will return to our screens at 8pm on July 24th, slotting neatly into Top Gear’s usual BBC Two slot. Read More >>

Here Are All of the Jacked-Up New House Robots in Robot Wars

The BBC has released the first proper images of the revamped house robots that are set to feature in the new series of Robot Wars, and aren't they glorious? Described as descendants of the original mechanical monsters, Matilda, Shunt, Dead Metal and, of course, Sir Killalot, are bigger, badder and more powerful than ever. Read More >>

The Robot Wars Original House Bots Have Been Made Even More Vicious

The show is officially on the road. Filming for the new series of Robot Wars kicked off in Glasgow today, and the BBC has confirmed that some familiar faces/bodywork/weapons have been invited back for the relaunch. Read More >>

New Robot Wars 2.0 Teaser Shows… Dinosaurs?

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming reboot of Robot Wars has given us our first look at the house robots that Mike from Croydon will be attempting to dethrone with his mobile KitchenAid, and it all looks a bit.... gothic. Read More >>

New Robot Wars Axes Craig Charles in Favour of Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon

The BBC has announced its presenting team for the revival of Robot Wars it announced recently, and there's bad news for fans of 1990s variable tone shouting -- there's no Craig Charles. Read More >>

Why The Time is Right For a Robot Wars Revival

Robot Wars is going to make a grand return to our living rooms, with BBC 2 set to televise six 60-minute episodes later this year. We’re hopeful that the show will stay true to its origins, in which amateur-built robotic fighting machines essentially tore each other to shreds. Read More >>

Robot Wars Will be Back on the BBC Later This Year

Too much excitement! Robot Wars will return to our screens later this year, a decade and a half after the last series aired. There’s no word yet on when it will make its grand return, but BBC 2 will televise six 60-minute episodes. Read More >>

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Watch This Fighting Robot Die in Agonising Slow Motion

Remember how Robot Wars was the best thing on TV in the late '90s? Well people are holding their own versions of the machine-combat sport, and I drove to watch one such event called Robogames. Here are a few of the epic things I saw there. Read More >>

Watch 22 of the Dumbest Robots You’ve Ever Seen Try to Fight 

Building a robot is... pretty tough. Even one of the most advanced robots around, Atlas, is still just "a baby trying to learn," prone to accidents and mistakes despite its brilliant and qualified creators. So what happens when you ask a bunch of unpractised randomers to build robots that can fight? You get a series of hilariously terrible, laughably stupid creations. Read More >>