Latest Boston Dynamics Video Proves the Robot Uprising Will Be Shockingly Nimble

Do you remember the Boston Dynamics robots videos of just a few years ago? It was a big deal that robots like Atlas could walk on (gasp!) uneven ground. But Atlas keeps blowing through milestones left and right, like in this new video that shows Atlas effortlessly jumping over obstacles and hopping onto boxes like it’s a parkour legend. The robot uprising is on the horizon, folks. This is not a drill. Read More >>

Is There a Better Individual Season of Doctor Who Than Tom Baker’s Debut? 

It feels like it’s been approximately 300 years since Doctor Who was last on the air, which has got me thinking about the classic show while waiting for the arrival of Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor. And between Twitch’s ongoing marathon and its impending arrival on Blu-ray, I’ve been thinking: Tom Baker’s first season is bloody good. Read More >>

Winner of DARPA Robot Competition Partners with Weapons Company, AI Researchers Call For Boycott

Top researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have called for a boycott of the South Korean university KAIST after it opened a lab with the defence firm Hanwha Systems. Even if you’re not familiar with KAIST, you might know some of the school’s robots. The university won the top prize at the last DARPA Robotics Challenge in 2015 with its highly advanced DRC-HUBO robot. Read More >>

Richest Person in the World Takes Robot Dog For a Walk, Which is Totally Fine and Normal

There are some people who might take one look at this photo of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and freak the hell out. The Amazon founder is walking with a robotic “dog” called SpotMini—the same robot dog manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which was recently filmed opening doors like a velociraptor out of Jurassic Park. Read More >>

This Robot From the 1930s Will Ease Your Case of the Winter Blues

Winter weather got you down? How about some sweet vintage robot pics to cheer you up? Vintage robot pics on the beaches of California, no less. Read More >>

If We Want Robots to Be Good, We May Need to Destroy Their Self-Confidence

We’ve all worried about artificial intelligence reaching a point in which its cognitive ability is so far beyond ours that it turns against us. But what if we just turned the AI into a spineless weenie that longs for our approval? Researchers are suggesting that could be a great step towards improving the algorithms, even if they aren’t out to murder us. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos, Aspiring Supervillain, Tests Out Gigantic Robot Suit

What would you do if you were a billionaire? Elon Musk is trying to get to Mars. Peter Thiel wants to live forever. And Jeff Bezos, well, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apparently wants to rule the world in a gigantic robot. At least that’s the impression you might get from the photos and video taken yesterday. Read More >>

Don’t Look Into This Robot’s Eyes While It Learns to Play the Ball-and-Cup Game

Japan’s popular Pepper robot can guess your mood, dress up in cute clothes and now, it can learn to play simple games. Read More >>

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Watch This Machine Put Together Sunday Breakfast

A 69-year-old retired airline pilot spent 1,000 hours over three months putting together this contraption that can serve runny soft-boiled eggs, make toast, offer tea, and hand over the newspaper. Sign us up. [Mashable] Read More >>

Robot Hits Hole-in-One on Tiger Woods’ Stomping Ground

That lumpy tank on wheelbarrow wheels there is being charitably referred to as a robot, one that stunned the golf world by managing to bag a hole-in-one on the TPC Scottsdale's 16th hole. Read More >>

Have a Robot Paint You Like One of its French Girls

Sure, gesture-controlled robots are cool. Even cooler? Scientists have developed a way to control a robotic arm just by blinking at it—no hands needed. Read More >>

This Is the Robotic Rig That Google Uses to Test Android Latency

Latency on your phone is annoying. But Google feels your pain—which is why it has this dedicated robotic rig, used to test out hardware and software in order to keep Android and Chrome OS devices zippy. Read More >>

Amazon is Hosting a Robot Contest in its Endless Quest for Efficiency

Some companies view their employees as an asset; Amazon views them as a problem to be disrupted along the path to perfection (and cheap two-day shipping on paperbacks). The latest ambition is to replace Amazon's legion of shelf-picking drones with actual robotic drones. Read More >>

Robots May Join the Fight Against Ebola in West Africa

Robots often find themselves in dangerous situations, and their distinct lack of biology makes them perfectly suited for battling infectious disease. Next month, a simulcast workshop will determine if and how they'll join the West African fight against Ebola. Read More >>

£9,500 Talking Robot Uses Your Friend’s Face to Add HORRIFYING TOUCH to Voice Calls

SociBot-Mini is a weird little desktop robot, one with a face that's designed to be part display. The USP is that it can load in an image of someone's actual face, then display and animate that while you talk to them, with eyes that follow you about the room. That won't in anyway distress children and animals. Read More >>