This Towering 65-Foot Robot Arm Weighs Less Than a Puppy

The robot arms designed to build cars in a factory setting have a limited reach, but still manage to weigh several tonnes. The Giacometti Arm, however, can extend over 65-feet,weighs just two-and-a-half pounds, and can easily squeeze into the trunk of your car. Read More >>

Uh Oh, MIT Developed a Way To Make Robotic Hands Way More Like Our Own

Robotic arms have been around for decades now—but even though we humans like to compare these machines to our own bodies, robotic arms and hands are very, very limited when it comes to dexterity. According to a pair of MIT engineers, the key to making robotic hands more like our own is teaching them how to improvise. Read More >>

3d printing
This Incredible Robotic Arm Prints Plastic Like a Spider Makes Silk

Robotic arms have been around for years, 3D printers for decades, and we've even seen 3D printers attached to robotic arms before. But this... is different. Read More >>