This Walking Robot Navigates Using the Sun, No GPS Required

Researchers in France are calling their six-legged creation the “AntBot.” This 9-inch robot doesn’t just skitter around like a desert ant, though—it also borrows their unique navigational skills. Read More >>

Touchy, Feely Robots Have Learned to Play Jenga As Well As Humans Can

A steady hand is needed to play a game like Jenga without toppling the tower, but being a successful block-stacker also requires a fine-tuned sense of touch as you try to find the perfect piece to remove. Until recently it meant robots relying solely on visual data weren’t actually great at playing Jenga (yay, humanity!) but by adding a sense of touch, researchers have once again given automatons the advantage. (Never mind.) Read More >>

Swiss Scientists Have Trained Their Dog-Like Robot to Better Fend Off Its Human Oppressors

Engineers in Switzerland say they’ve found a way to make a four-legged robot even harder to fight off during the eventual robopocalypse. In a new paper, published Wednesday in Science Robotics, they describe a system that trains the bot to move faster than ever, while still being able to resist attempts to knock it down. It could even get back up through its own power if it did fall. Read More >>

CES 2019: You Can Finally Buy a Robot That Will Be Your Friend

Do you find yourself feeling lonely or craving companionship? Have you considered purchasing a machine that could fill that void? No, not that kind of robot. I’m talking about moving, talking, thinking robots that can do things like fetch a cup of coffee and dance with you. This has been a futuristic concept for decades, and that future is finally here. It’s also for sale. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: This Robot Doesn’t Care If You Want to Buy It, But Maybe That’s Why It’ll Succeed

Home robots had a bad 2018, and compared to previous years, they’re not as visible on the ground at CES 2019, too. The robots that haven’t bit the dust tend to be of the “teach kids how to code” variety, or conceptual bots like the laundry folding FoldiMate that at this point are more CES perennials than likely consumer products. Read More >>

CES Will Honour Your Innovation so Long as You Can’t Have Sex With It

At this year’s CES Innovation Awards—the consumer electronic show’s “annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products”—a sex toy company was selected as an honouree in the Robotics and Drone category, only to have their award swiftly rescinded by the organisation's administrators after they deemed it “immoral” and ineligible. Read More >>

Consumer Robots Had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

When I was a kid, I was certain that by the time I was a grown woman, I’d have a friendly little robot friend. Adulthood was in the FUTURE, and the FUTURE had robots like R2-D2, Threepio, Data, and so on. Alas, I am a tax-paying adult with a full-time job, and no, I do not have an adorable mechanical friend that comically beep-boops its disapproval when I get up to my hijinks and shenanigans. Read More >>

Cyborg Houseplant Can Drive Itself Toward the Light It Craves

During the impending robopocalypse, humanity will have to ward off freakishly agile androids, robotic dogs, whatever the hell this is, and, as new research from MIT suggests, quasi-autonomous, mobile robot-plant hybrids. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
In Video Debut, CIMON the ISS Robot Throws an Unexpected Tantrum

In terms of glitchy behaviour, we’re not quite at HAL 9000 levels just quite yet — but during the debut demonstration of the International Space Station’s new AI-powered robot, CIMON, the free-floating device displayed some rather questionable behaviour. Read More >>

You’ve Come a Long Way, Disembodied Robot Baby

Over the last seven years, Affetto, a “child-type android” created by researchers at the University of Osaka, has become far more lifelike. Read More >>

black friday
Anki’s Adorable Robots Are On Black Friday Special Offer

We love Anki's products, so we're excited to see that favourites including the adorable Cozmo robot, the even more adorable Vector robot, and the high-speed racing game Anki Overdrive are all on special offer for Black Friday. Read More >>

The Military is Launching a Major Test of Unmanned Vehicles and Surveillance Drones

The British Army is carrying out a major, four-week test of 70 new technologies, “including unmanned vehicles and surveillance drones,” as part of its “Autonomous Warrior experiment,” the MIT Technology Review reported this week. Read More >>

This Robovac With a Removable Dustbuster Created More Messes Than it Cleaned

The dirty secret about robot vacuums is that they can’t actually clean your entire house. They’re great for floors, but are completely useless for cleaning all of your other other dust-covered surfaces. It’s a problem the Coral One—a robovac with a removable handheld cleaner—was engineered to solve. Its design is undoubtedly a clever solution to the problem, but the execution, unfortunately, isn’t the answer to our robovac woes. Read More >>

There’s Something Weirdly Hilarious About This Tomato-Picking Robot

Robots doing human things are funny. They just are. And this tomato-picking robot from Panasonic is no exception, especially when it screws up and drops a perfectly good tomato on the floor. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Made a Hospital Bed that Turns into a Motorised Wheelchair

From the Hall of Good Ideas (actually the Panasonic Robotics Hub in Japan) comes something that seems like a no-brainer in the best possible way: a hospital bed that automatically transforms into a motorised wheelchair. Read More >>