Rapping Robots Prove at Least One Job is Safe From the Coming Android Apocalypse

Every day there’s a new robot with improved capabilities that promises to eventually take over yet another job. But if you’re heading off to college soon, and want to ensure you’ve selected a career path that’s safe from robo-replacement, this agonisingly awkward video seems to confirm that rapping is not something robots will be good at for a long time. Probably ever, actually. Read More >>

You Can Shame This Robot With Your Mind When It Screws Up

Like a dog obsessively watching its owners for signs it’s a good pup, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Boston University are now using mind-mapping techniques to help train robots to perform tasks correctly. Read More >>

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Robot Wins World Record For Solving Rubik’s Cube Faster Than You Can Do One Twist

The relentless efforts of robots to make us feel inferior at absolutely everything continues with the news that a robot was awarded a Guinness World Record over the weekend for solving a Rubik's cube faster than most humans can make one twist. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot Moves Like a Donkey on Rollerblades

We got our first glimpse of Boston Dynamics’ newest robot about a month ago after footage leaked from a presentation given by Marc Raibert, the company’s founder. But today we finally have the first official reveal of Handle, and the new video will make you wish you also had wheels instead of feet. Read More >>

These 21 Teams Will Battle For £5.8 Million in a Race to Explore the Ocean Floor

We know very little about our planet’s seafloor, but that’s poised to change as autonomous underwater scouting technology gets better and better. To that end, nearly two dozen teams are racing to develop robots that can investigate, map, and conduct science at extreme depths, and under serious time constraints. They’re also competing for $7 million (£5.8 million) in prize money. Read More >>

Great, Now Robots Will Make Us Go To Work When We’re Ill

In their neverending quest to steal our jobs, a new mind-controlled robot has been designed to go to work in your place when you're off sick. Read More >>

10 Incredible Robots That Are Inspiring Us to Build the First Artificial Human

We’re not yet capable of building humanoid robots that are indistinguishable from biological humans, but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying. Here are 10 real robots that are helping us achieve this futuristic milestone. Read More >>

Air-Powered Robotic Sleeve Wraps Around Your Heart to Keep It Pumping

Researchers from Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed an innovative robotic sleeve that fits around the heart like a glove, maintaining a steady beat while the patient recovers. Read More >>

Marvel at This Bagpipe-Playing Robot, and Then Cringe at the Music it Plays

At no point in the history of humanity did anyone ever ask for a bagpipe-playing robot that would never get tired. But this is exactly what Instructables’ XenonJohn has built with his Ardu McDuino bot that uses a pair of 3D-printed prosthetic hands to autonomously play a bagpipe’s chanter. Thanks? Read More >>

Watch This Moth Drive a Scent-Controlled Robot Car Because Anything Is Possible in 2017

We’re living in a brave new future here folks, and that means that moths can now drive tiny robot cars that are controlled by their own sense of smell. Read More >>

Watch This Giant Fighting Robot Pick Up a Car Like It’s a Hot Wheels Toy

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming duel between the giant fighting robots being built by the MegaBots team in the US and Suidobashi Heavy Industries in Japan. But even if it never goes down, at least we’re getting a bunch of awesome videos of giant robots smashing things up out of it. Read More >>

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This Adorable Robot Can Do Parkour Way Better Than You

Meet Salto, a UC Berkeley-designed robot that, like a parkour athlete, can string together consecutive vertical jumps. Its developers hope to use the robot in search-and-rescue missions, where it can dart around quickly across complex landscapes. Read More >>

British Safety Authorities Compile Laws of Robotics 2.0

The British Standards Institute has decided it's time the world of robots had some official laws, so it's presented a few guidelines in the dull form of official guidance paper BS 8611:2016 Robots and Robotic devices, a paper described as being a "guide to the ethical design and application of robots and robotic systems." Read More >>

This Quadcopter Can Perform Insane Stunts Completely Autonomously

Quadrotors need outside help to navigate and perform their remarkable stunts, whether it be a human behind the controls or an array of complex sensors placed around a room. But not this one. Developed by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, this drone is practically autonomous—which means it’s an actual drone. The future is finally here. Read More >>