These Robotic Shorts Make Walking and Running Easier

Exosuits—wearable robotic technologies that enhance our physical abilities—are slowly but steadily leaving the world of comic books and becoming a practical reality. This week, scientists introduced an exosuit that seems to reach a new milestone, helping users both walk and run with less effort. Read More >>

A Sci-Fi Looking Robotic Neck Brace Lets ALS Patients Hold Their Heads High Again

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative condition that affects muscle strength and control, eventually leaving patients unable to even hold their own heads up. To improve their quality of life, researchers and engineers at Columbia University have created a robotic neck brace that serves as artificial neck muscles so patients can lift their heads and perform day to day activities we all take for granted. Read More >>

A Wearable Robotic Tail Turns Anyone Into a Furry With Improved Balance

There are lots of companies who make wearable tails for humans, but they’re usually for cosplay or other entertainment pursuits. Researchers at Keio University in Japan have created a wearable animated tail that promises to genuinely augment the wearer’s capabilities—not just appearance—by improving their balance and agility. Read More >>

Remote Control Dogs Are Now a Reality Thanks to This Haptic Vest

You know how you instinctively reach for your pocket every time you feel your phone vibrating with a notification? Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have harnessed that same reflex to create what is essentially a remote control dog that receives silent commands and signals through a vibrating vest. Read More >>

Scientists Have Created a Prosthetic Arm That Lets Patients Feel Touch Again

Perhaps one of the profound yet underappreciated aspects of being alive is the ability to reach out with your hand and feel the world around you—whether it’s fresh-cut grass or the face of a loved one. For people who have lost a hand or arm, prosthetics may restore some functioning, but not the sense of touch itself. But scientists at the University of Utah say they’ve created technology that can return some degree of feeling for people with amputations. Read More >>

A New Government Scheme Will See Workers Who Have Lost Their Jobs to Robots Get Retrained

If you're afraid that robots might be coming for your job, don't fret too much as a new government scheme will have you you retrained and tossed back into the workplace in no time. Read More >>

This Freaky Robotic Fish Is Powered by ‘Blood’

In an effort to create more autonomous, life-like robots, scientists have developed a soft robotic lionfish with a multi-functional circulatory system. A blood-like compound powers the bot and provides propulsion. Read More >>

No, the Video of the Robot Getting Revenge After Being Shoved Around Isn’t Real

Some people just love pushing robots around for science. It can provide valuable data on AI learning, and it's an excuse to rag on something that can't fight back. Read More >>

DJI’s Robomaster S1 Is the Closest Thing to RC Mario Kart, and It’s a Blast

DJI is already the worldwide leader for drones, and despite recently taking aim at GoPro with new Osmo Action, it’s venturing into yet another market with the new Robomaster S1. While this might seem like a move out of left field, DJI’s robotics efforts are actually quite well established in Asia thanks to its annual Robomaster competition, and with the S1, DJI is looking to bring the same sort of passion and creativity for coding and robotics to the consumer space. Read More >>

This Puckheaded Robot Won’t Be Delivering Your Packages Anytime Soon

That bipedal humanoid robot is named Digit. Say goodbye now, because you’ll never see one in person. Read More >>

Stanford Students Built This Adorable, Bouncy, Open-Source Robot Dog

If you’ve always dreamed of having a low-maintenance, vaguely dog-shaped companion, well, you’re in luck. A group of undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford University have just unveiled Doggo, a relatively cheap, light, four-legged robot with the bouncing ability of a typical toy breed. Best of all, they’ve made the instructions to building your very own Doggo fully and freely available to the public. Read More >>

Anki, Maker of Adorable Robots That Don’t Do All That Much, Abruptly Shuts Down

Robotics company Anki, the manufacturer of an adorable line of tiny home robots like Cozmo and its bigger brother, the £250 Vector, has unexpectedly and abruptly folded, Recode reported on Monday. Read More >>

Surgeons Use Self-Navigating Robot to Find Leaky Valve in Pig Hearts

During a recent experiment at Boston Children’s Hospital, bioengineers used a robotic catheter to reach a leaky valve inside pig hearts. But get this – the device was completely autonomous, navigating through the heart all by itself and without the benefit of a surgeon’s guiding hand. Welcome to the future of heart surgery. Read More >>

This Modular Sphero Bot is a Big Step Toward More Customisable Robotics

You probably know Sphero best for licensed toys like the super-cute-but-now defunct BB-8 and other licensed bots. But its latest robot, the RVR (pronounced Rover) pushes forward with the company’s renewed focus on STEAM friendly robots, by adding a modular robot that can keep up with more advanced coders. Read More >>