Freaky Robotic Skin Brings Inanimate Objects to Life

Typically, robots are built to perform a single task. To make them more adaptable, researchers from Yale University have developed a kind of “robotic skin” that transforms ordinary objects into multifunctional robots. Read More >>

New MIT Robot Can Delicately Handle Objects It’s Never Seen Before

Robots in factories are really good at picking up objects they’ve been pre-programmed to handle, but it’s a different story when new objects are thrown into the mix. To overcome this frustrating inflexibility, a team of researchers from MIT devised a system that essentially teaches robots how to assess unfamiliar objects for themselves. Read More >>

Robot Peer Pressure Is the Newest Tech Threat to Children

New research shows that children are more likely than adults to give in to peer pressure from robots, a disturbing finding given the rapidly increasing rate at which kids are interacting with socially intelligent machines. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics Says It Can Build 1,000 Robot Dogs a Year By Mid-2019

Boston Dynamics is preparing to build its terrifying army of robot dogs, according to a Saturday report in Inverse that the company has set a target date of July 2019 as the time it will be ready to manufacture 1,000 of its compact SpotMini models annually. Read More >>

This Folding Robotic Device Captures Delicate Sea Creatures Without Crushing Them

Our oceans are home to a diverse array of aquatic organisms, a surprising number of which have yet to be discovered. To help in the search for these fascinating creatures, researchers have developed a robotic device capable of capturing even the most delicate deep-sea animals, which it does with a foldable, 12-sided hand. Read More >>

Insectoid Microbot Leverages Small-Scale Physics to Swim and Walk Underwater

Inspired by bugs, Harvard’s Ambulatory Microrobot, or HAMR, can run, climb, make sharp turns, and carry small payloads. In the latest upgrade to the system, HAMR has been endowed with the ability to swim, dive down from the surface, and walk underwater—no small task for an object as light as a paperclip. Read More >>

The International Space Station’s New AI-Powered Bot Is Actually Pretty Cool

Introducing CIMON, a floating, basketball-sized robot that will serve as a companion and assistant to crew members aboard the International Space Station. Infused with artificial intelligence, the floating bot is reminiscent of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but far less evil. We hope. Read More >>

RIP Asimo, You Useless Robotic Honda Advert

Honda announced yesterday that it would cease development of Asimo, the super cute humanoid that tours the world in the name of stunt marketing. Asimo was 18 years old. Asimo, once heralded as the future of robotics, was barely old enough to buy a beer. But it was always happy to help sell you a Honda automobile. Read More >>

Truly Cyborg Fingers Combine Robotics With Living Cells

By growing muscles on an artificial skeleton, researchers from Japan have constructed an agile and surprisingly durable “biohybrid” robotic finger joint. The breakthrough could eventually lead to more lifelike robots and advanced prostheses. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics Wants to Sell You a Piece of The Impending Robot Apocalypse

Boston Dynamics, the makers of the very GIFable robots that will inevitably turn on us all, is preparing to unleash the first horseman of the robot apocalypse on the public. Starting in 2019, the company will make its SpotMini robot commercially available, the company revealed Friday. Read More >>

Oh Great, Boston Dynamics Has Unleashed Its Atlas Robot to the Great Outdoors

Boston Dynamics, the company voted most likely to spawn the Robopocalypse, has released a pair of new videos showcasing the latest abilities of its synthetic creations. Read More >>

Amazon’s Rumoured Home Robot Basically Sounds Like an Echo With Wheels

In case you thought the Echo in your living room laughing maniacally out of nowhere wasn’t creepy enough, just imagine what it would be like if it followed you around. A Bloomberg report suggests that Amazon is working on an actual home robot that will wander around your abode, navigating obstacles and ostensibly following your orders. Please remain calm, however, as it will probably be terrible, as home robots usually are. Read More >>

Watch Two Robots Nimbly—and Very Calmly–Assemble an Ikea Chair

Having to assemble furniture from Ikea is an endless exercise in frustration, so how cool would it be to have robots that could do the job? Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have now taken us a significant step closer to achieving that dream. Read More >>

Experts Sign Open Letter Slamming Europe’s Proposal to Recognise Robots as Legal Persons

Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the European Parliament’s proposal to grant personhood status to intelligent machines. The EU says the measure will make it easier to figure out who’s liable when robots screw up or go rogue, but critics say it’s too early to consider robots as persons—and that the law will let manufacturers off the liability hook. Read More >>

This Gross Puking Robot Is a Much Safer Way to Mix Rocket Fuel

It’s understandable that you want to be as careful as possible when handling explosive material like rocket fuel—but manufacturing the volatile mixture requires even more care. So JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, helped create a safer way to mix explosive ingredients by building a working robotic version of human intestines. Read More >>