Robots Made From DNA Could One Day Transport Medicine Inside Your Body

In the classic 1966 American science fiction film Fantastic Voyage, a submarine crew was miniaturised and injected into a body to fix a blood clot in the brain. That’s obviously not how future medical science is going to work, but the notion of creating microscopic machines to perform complex tasks is certainly on point. A recent advance, in which robots made from DNA were programmed to sort and deliver molecules to a specified location, now represents an important step in this futuristic direction. Read More >>

Robots Will Take Over the Classroom in 10 Years, Apparently

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Sir Anthony Seldon, has made a grand statement to say that traditional teachers will be all but redundant in the next ten years. Instead, the brunt of their work will be carried out by "intelligent machines". Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Shropshire Wheat Ready for Harvest

Robots are doing something useful for once in Shropshire, where a farm has started to harvest a crop of wheat that's been grown entirely by automated processes. All for us to eat. Thanks, robots. Read More >>

star wars
This Is the R2-D2 Robot Toy I’ve Dreamed About Since I Was a Kid

Like millions of other kids around the world, after seeing the original trilogy, R2-D2 instantly became my favourite Star Wars character. He seemed like the perfect sidekick, but the real Artoo was from a galaxy far, far away from mine, and the toy versions of the little droid were always lifeless clones of the character I adored. Thirty years later there’s still part of me that wants an R2-D2 to call my own, and I think I’ve finally found him. Read More >>

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Robot Vacuums is This New Feature

Long gone are the days when robot vacuums would simply bump their way around your home while they randomly cleaned. But even with upgraded smarts and better sensors, modern robo-vacs can still wander into places you don’t want them, so Neato is introducing a potentially brilliant new feature letting you limit the travels of its newest robo-vac by drawing virtual boundary lines in an app. Read More >>

Lego’s New Robotics Set Made Me Fall in Love With Lego All Over Again

There’s nothing unique about loving Lego. Millions of people wax nostalgic when they see those colourful bricks. Millions more never stopped building. I’ve always been a bit in between. I like zoning out by putting stuff together so, every couple of years, I’ll buy a Lego set and build it. But then what? Put it on my shelf? Thanks to the new Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, there’s another possibility. Turning Lego creations into programmable robots makes them fun (and functional) in an amazing new way. Read More >>

The Only Job Humanoid Robots Are Good at Is Making Hilarious GIFs

Boston Dynamics’ founder, Marc Raibert, recently gave a TED Talk where he trotted out some of the company’s recent innovations. The talk mostly features robot tricks we’ve seen before, except for a brilliant outtake of ATLAS trying to help out in a cafeteria that probably serves as the most accurate look at what life with humanoid robots will be like for the next few decades. Read More >>

Could This Squishy Robot Be the Future of Robotics?

The phones in our pockets might be getting more and more complicated, but many researchers advancing the field of robotics are actually engineering simpler bots designed to reliably perform very basic tasks. So instead of one day facing a terrifying future filled with terminators, these squishy rolling donuts might be our biggest threat. Read More >>

South Korea has Introduced the World’s First ‘Robot Tax’

Amidst fears that mass automation could lead to serious unemployment problems, South Korea has just introduced what is being referred to as the world's first 'robot tax'. Read More >>

Watch ATLAS the Robot Autonomously Fall Off a Stage

ATLAS is an incredible machine. There’s no way around that. First unveiled in 2013, the humanoid robot can now walk around autonomously, move boxes around, and implicitly threaten to destroy humanity. This level of sophistication is exactly why it’s so damn funny when ATLAS fucks up. Read More >>

You Can Watch the UK’s Largest Robot Championship at Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia61, a gaming and tech-focused festival, is heading to the Birmingham NEC from 25th to 28th August, and today it's been announced that this year's event will see the return of the Robot Arena Championship - which is basically Robot Wars but without the cameras. It'll probably still have the awkward lack of Craig Charles, though. Read More >>

Oh Great, There Are Robots That Self-Evolve Using The Internet

Portuguese scientists have built robots that aren't programmed to perform tasks in the normal sense. They use algorithms that allow them to evolve their own behaviours by learning online. Read More >>

Incredible Self-Folding Robots Work Without Batteries or Wires

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami, self-folding robots can go places and do things traditional robots cannot. A major drawback to these devices, however, has been the need to equip them with batteries or wires. Researchers from Harvard have found a new way to overcome this problem, by designing folding robots that can be controlled using a wireless magnetic field. Read More >>

Stanford Designed the Most Phallic Robot You’ve Ever Seen

Designing simpler spacecraft is what helped us finally put rovers on Mars and start exploring the Red Planet. Embracing simplicity might also give us simple, inexpensive robots that thrive doing very specific tasks, instead of multi-million dollar humanoids that have trouble just staying on their feet. Read More >>

This Floating Robotic Camera is the Cutest Thing Ever Sent into Space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have a new crew member—an adorable robotic ball capable of recording video while moving in zero gravity. Dubbed “Int-Ball,” the device will free astronauts to do more important work, while providing ground controllers with their own set of eyes. Read More >>