The Military is Launching a Major Test of Unmanned Vehicles and Surveillance Drones

The British Army is carrying out a major, four-week test of 70 new technologies, “including unmanned vehicles and surveillance drones,” as part of its “Autonomous Warrior experiment,” the MIT Technology Review reported this week. Read More >>

This Robovac With a Removable Dustbuster Created More Messes Than it Cleaned

The dirty secret about robot vacuums is that they can’t actually clean your entire house. They’re great for floors, but are completely useless for cleaning all of your other other dust-covered surfaces. It’s a problem the Coral One—a robovac with a removable handheld cleaner—was engineered to solve. Its design is undoubtedly a clever solution to the problem, but the execution, unfortunately, isn’t the answer to our robovac woes. Read More >>

There’s Something Weirdly Hilarious About This Tomato-Picking Robot

Robots doing human things are funny. They just are. And this tomato-picking robot from Panasonic is no exception, especially when it screws up and drops a perfectly good tomato on the floor. Read More >>

Delivery Robots Now Available for Stealing in the Streets of Milton Keynes

Starship Technologies says it has launched a fleet of delivery robots in Milton Keynes today, so even though it's probably limited to only half a road and worse then even Yodel or going out and buying something by yourself, we'd better try to believe it's true. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
AI Community Feuds Over ‘NIPS,’ The Controversial Name of Its Top Conference

At one of the most prominent artificial intelligence (AI) conferences in the world last year, keynote speaker Elon Musk reportedly made a joke about “tits” on a stage in front hundreds of researchers and engineers. He seemed to be referring to the name of the mainstay AI conference, NIPS, and its unofficial pre-conference event, the suggestively named ‘TITS,’ which launched last year. The Neural Information Processing Systems conference, as it is formally known, is an event that draws in people from all across the AI and machine learning (ML) community, including employees of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Read More >>

This Little Robot Broke My Heart

I know I’m not going to have a robot zipping around my home, working through random chores, anytime soon. But is a simple autonomous companion so much to ask for? Anki’s new Vector bot wants to be your robotic sidekick, but as it looks up at me with confused eyes as I repeatedly try to ask it about the weather, I once again come to the heartbreaking conclusion that the reality of robotics still hasn’t caught up to what science fiction has promised us. Read More >>

This Shape-Shifting, 32-Leg Urchin Bot Punches the Ground With Toadstools to Walk

Legged robots are superior to wheeled robots when it comes to traversing various types of terrain. But legs require balance, and if a two-, or even four-legged robot falls over, it might not be able to get back up. One solution would be to make a robot that is virtually all legs. Maybe a dozen legs. Hell, why not 32 legs! Read More >>

Latest Boston Dynamics Video Proves the Robot Uprising Will Be Shockingly Nimble

Do you remember the Boston Dynamics robots videos of just a few years ago? It was a big deal that robots like Atlas could walk on (gasp!) uneven ground. But Atlas keeps blowing through milestones left and right, like in this new video that shows Atlas effortlessly jumping over obstacles and hopping onto boxes like it’s a parkour legend. The robot uprising is on the horizon, folks. This is not a drill. Read More >>

MPs Are Going To Interrogate A Robot, And It’s Not Theresa May

MPs have invited a robot into Parliament to tell them about the impact of AI on education and the workforce. Read More >>

This Ladder-Climbing Robot Snake Freaks Me Out Even More Than the Real Thing

I’ve never been able to quite figure out why I hate snakes, but my disdain of slithering serpents extends to the robot variety as well. I’m sure part of it comes from the way they wriggle and writhe to get around; it just freaks me out. But at the same time, I’m also impressed that robotics researchers have taught robo-snakes how to climb obstacles like a ladder. Read More >>

giz asks
Would a BDSM Sex Robot Violate Asimov’s First Law of Robotics?

The sex robot community—the people who make the sex robots, and the people who want to have sex with the sex robots—suffered a blow this past week, when the US city of Houston voted to preemptively ban what would have been the first sex robot “brothel” in the US. But even those council members must know that their gesture was futile. Soon the stigma will fade, and Currys will sell these things in sixty different flavours. Which of course means that, sometime in the future, you’ll almost certainly be able to buy a BDSM robot. Read More >>

Finally, a Humanoid Robot With an Electric Screwdriver Hand

It’s been a few years since Japan’s AIST updated its HRP humanoid robot line. While the last iteration, HRP-4C, strived to make the robot seem as human as possible with a realistic female head, the new industrial-looking HRP-5P looks like it escaped the factory before its bodywork was finished. It’s not pretty, but the ‘skills’ section of its CV already looks impressive. Read More >>

Imagine What This One-Handed, Rubik’s Cube-Solving Robot Could Do With a Deck of Cards

Rubik’s Cube-solving robots are far from a new idea. In fact, while the human record holder can solve a cube in just 4.22 seconds, the fastest cube-solving robot does it in a little over half a second. This robot isn’t quite as fast, but its ability to quickly solve a Rubik’s Cube using just one three-fingered hand is an astonishing feat of artificial agility. Read More >>

This Robotic Rubik’s Cube Can Solve Itself

It’s not going to set any world records, but this robotic Rubik’s Cube that’s filled with electronics and tiny electric motors is actually more impressive than watching someone race through the puzzle in a few seconds because it can solve itself without any assistance – aside from a human messing it up in the first place. Read More >>