Ocado Set to Introduce Robot Workers into its Warehouses

The future is here, folks. The robots are going to take over — starting with Ocado's warehouses. Read More >>

A Creepy, Crawling Robot Baby Reminds Us That Carpets Are Disgusting

To the untrained eye, babies are nothing more than drooling, crying blobs who do basically nothing all day. But a recent study published in Environmental Science & Technology has found that babies are actually drooling, crying blobs who stir up impressive clouds of bacteria, dirt, fungi, and bug bits wherever they crawl. And all it took to figure this out was creating a foil-covered robot baby. Read More >>

This Robot From the 1930s Will Ease Your Case of the Winter Blues

Winter weather got you down? How about some sweet vintage robot pics to cheer you up? Vintage robot pics on the beaches of California, no less. Read More >>

CES 2018: I Spoke to the Future and the Future Stared Back at Me, Blankly

The first thing you notice about Sophia, a robot, is the sound she makes. Like a late-90s Pentium processor struggling to load a video, she makes a whirring squeal that fills the room. Sophia talks, too. But what I’ll always remember about my recent conversation with a robot is her stare. Read More >>

CES 2018: What It’s Like to Play Ping-Pong With a Robot

The first thing that I should say about FORPHEUS is that it’s gentle. The artificially intelligent Ping-Pong tutor built by Omrom is not trying to beat you. It’s not trying to take over the world. FORPHEUS is trying to make you a better Ping-Pong player. I played Ping-Pong with this incredibly futuristic being, and not only do I feel like a better Ping-Pong player, I feel better about the potential for a robot-led future. Read More >>

This Soft, Self-Healing Robot Mimics How Human Muscles Move

The aim of soft robotics is to create machines that move more like humans—robots that can, say, sensitively grasp delicate objects without crushing them. Engineers have recently created an artificial muscle that can mimic the way the human body’s muscles contract and expand. Read More >>

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A Self-Aware Drone Somehow Doesn’t Spark an Instant Robot Apocalypse in This Scifi Short

Watching Mackenzie Sheppard’s short Donny the Drone, you might assume that the title character (voiced by Guy Pearce) would become a killing machine soon after becoming self-aware. But Donny ain’t Skynet, and every sentient robot doesn’t necessarily have Judgment Day on its mind. Or does it? Read More >>

Snake-Like Probe to Get Deepest View Yet Into Damaged Fukushima Reactor

A new probe designed specifically to take a deep view of a damaged nuclear reactor at the Fukushima plant was unveiled by Toshiba on Friday. Regrettably, it looks too cute to die. Read More >>

Japanese Scientists Made a Sweating Robot That Can Finally Pull Off a Sweet Training Montage

Japanese scientists are hard at work trying to create the only kind of robot that matters in this hopeless hellworld: one capable of pulling off an inspirational training montage, glistening robo-muscles and all. Their latest efforts have been detailed in a paper published in Science Robotics earlier this month, complete with videos that show off the robots’ workout routine. Read More >>

The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2017

The trouble with the future is that it never seems to arrive. That’s why we call it the future. We consequently have this bad habit of taking the present, and all the wondrous and horrific things it has to offer, for granted. As a reminder that we’re actually living in the future of a not-so-distant past, we present to you a list of the most futuristic things that happened in 2017. Read More >>

This Robot Just Carried the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Torch as It Cut Through a Wall

Robots are already coming for our jobs, and now it looks like they’re coming for our treasured cultural ceremonies, too. Read More >>

San Francisco’s Putting an End to Robot Pavement Congestion

Robots are in at the moment, with various start-ups and established companies looking at how autonomous creations could be utilised in the real world - whether it's for deliveries or otherwise. But San Francisco isn't going to let the robots take over the streets just yet, having voted in some strict new rules. Read More >>

CEO of Nordic Region’s Biggest Bank: Robots Will Replace Many of My Employees

If you’re like most people, you do not like the financial industry, perhaps because they crashed the national economy nearly a decade ago and the vast majority of the recovery went to the already rich. Well, some news from the Nordic region: Our new robot overlords might wipe the billion-pound grin off the industry’s face in the coming years. Read More >>

Artificially Intelligent Robot Predicts Its Own Future by Learning Like a Baby

For toddlers, playing with toys is not all fun-and-games—it’s an important way for them to learn how the world works. Using a similar methodology, researchers from University of California, Berkeley have developed a robot that, like a child, learns from scratch and experiments with objects to figure out how to best move them around. And by doing so, this robot is essentially able to see into its own future. Read More >>

You’d Never Have to Reach for Anything Placed on This Living Robotic Table

If you happened to be in Tokyo, Japan, this past weekend, you might had a chance to check out the 2017 International Robot Exhibition, where companies demonstrate cutting-edge robotics by having them perform pointless tasks. I, for one, could watch this magical living table roll footballs around all day long. Read More >>