Google’s Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful

Released last year, Google Assistant hasn’t really proven itself useful outside of checking the weather, searching Google, or setting an alarm using voice commands. So far it’s been limited to just basic features that are more than matched by other smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. But Google is trying to change that. Read More >>

Robots Have Started Teaching Other Robots New Skills

In an important advance that takes us one step closer to the inevitable robopocalypse, MIT researchers have developed a system that teaches robots how to acquire new skills—and then teach those skills to different types of robots. Read More >>

Doctors Have Built a Magnetic Robot to Gently Explore Your Insides

As you get older, colonoscopies become an important part of maintaining your health, allowing doctors to spot potentially fatal diseases like bowel cancer before they progress too far. So medical researchers are hoping to make the procedure safer, and slightly less invasive, using a tiny capsule that’s remotely steered around using a magnet outside your body. Read More >>

This Machine Gun Robot Will Probably Lead the Uprising One Day

Do you ever wonder what tomorrow holds? Some people are pretty convinced that the future will be filled with flying cars and jetpacks and robot butlers. But here in the year 2017, I’m not so sure anymore. I have a suspicion that our future might be filled with more machine gun-toting robots, like the one seen above, than robotic butlers. Read More >>

Should AI Prevent You From Making Mistakes? Ikea Wants To Know

Do you prefer talking to a machine, or should it be more human-like? Should our technology go through a mid-life crisis? Should technology tell us how to become better people? Ikea wants to know your feelings about technology - specifically AI. Read More >>

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Watch This Stabby Robot Play the Knife Game With a Human Hand

We’ve all seen footage of giant factory robots hoisting and placing heavy parts with perfect precision, so it should come as no surprise that a robot arm can adeptly play the knife game without lopping off someone’s finger. But even with that in mind, you’ll still be stressed watching this stabby robot in action. Read More >>

Delivery Robots To Be Trialled In London

We've talked about Starship Technologies' adorabrilliant delivery robots before, and now they're trundling their way to Southwark in a trial for courier Hermes. Read More >>

Disney Could Go Westworld With New Patent Filing for Soft ‘Humanoid’ Robots

A new patent filing for Disney hints at a dark, apocalyptic future at Disney’s amusement parks... or even in your own home. Just kidding, it’s fine, everything’s fine. It’s only robots. What could possibly go wrong? Read More >>

These Self-Learning Robot Arms Teach Each Other How to Pick Up Unfamiliar Objects

It’s all but certain that human workers in factories and fulfilment centres are a dying breed. The last nail in their coffin might be a new robotic arm from a company called RightHand Robotics that’s not only able to teach itself how to pick up objects it’s never handled before, but it can also share what it learns with other robot arms around the world. Read More >>

The Robots of the Future May Be Controlled By Magnetic Fields

Life is soft. If we want our robots to become more lifelike, or if we want to start using them for more biological applications, they too have to be soft and flexible. That includes robots designed to move around in fluids, robots designed to augment organs in the human body, prosthetics, and, uh, this. Read More >>

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This Bot Prints Trump’s Tweets, Then Sets Fire To Them

It seems even robots hate Donald Trump's tweets. A Twitter account called @BurnedYourTweet has been replying to them with a video of said tweet being printed out, cut, then burnt. Read More >>

A Squishy Robotic Octopus Tentacle Might Not Actually Be Nightmare Fuel

Hollywood movies have used giant squids and octopuses to inspire underwater nightmares for decades. But Festo, a German company that makes industrial machinery, has realised that an octopus’ amazing muscle-packed body and tentacles could actually be the ideal way to design and build a robot destined to work alongside humans. Read More >>

Robots Are Already Replacing Human Workers at an Alarming Rate

We all know, or at least suspect, that robots are taking people’s jobs, but new research shows the dramatic degree to which industrial robots are replacing human workers and forcing down wages. Read More >>

Schoolgirl Roboticists Head to US Robot World Champs

Two girls aged 8 and 9 are heading to the US to wow attendees and competitors at the Robotics World Championships, after their creation Roy the Robot had a successful showing at the UK National Championship. Read More >>

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No One Tell This Adorable Little Girl the Truth About Her New Robot Friend

After you watch this video of an adorable little girl named Rayna greeting and hugging a new robot friend, you’ll come to the realisation it will never hug or love her back — because it’s actually a discarded water heater. (Sad!) Shortly after that, you’ll also come to the realisation that kids clearly aren’t being raised with a proper fear and respect of robots. Read More >>