4mph Robot Traffic Cones Could Jazz up the Roadworks of the Future

An infrastructure specialist thinks it might be able to technology-away the problem of roadworks, by rolling out – haha yes literally rolling them out on wheels – a fleet of self-driving traffic cones. Read More >>

Activists Are Using Robots to Send Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland

Activists say they will use robots to deliver abortion pills to Northern Ireland, where abortion is only legal if the life of the woman is endangered. While it’s illegal in the region for a pregnant woman to have a medical abortion in nearly all cases, the organisations operating the robots said on Wednesday that they are not breaking any laws because the robots will be operated abroad, from the Netherlands. Read More >>

Truly Cyborg Fingers Combine Robotics With Living Cells

By growing muscles on an artificial skeleton, researchers from Japan have constructed an agile and surprisingly durable “biohybrid” robotic finger joint. The breakthrough could eventually lead to more lifelike robots and advanced prostheses. Read More >>

Researchers Are Training a Robot Butler to Do the Chores You Hate in a Sims-Inspired Virtual House

Researchers are teaching machines to get stuff done using video simulations, a database of chores, and a virtual home reminiscent of your favourite time-wasting video game. The end goal? Teaching robots the same way you teach yourself how to install a toilet: instructional videos. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics Wants to Sell You a Piece of The Impending Robot Apocalypse

Boston Dynamics, the makers of the very GIFable robots that will inevitably turn on us all, is preparing to unleash the first horseman of the robot apocalypse on the public. Starting in 2019, the company will make its SpotMini robot commercially available, the company revealed Friday. Read More >>

Oh Great, Boston Dynamics Has Unleashed Its Atlas Robot to the Great Outdoors

Boston Dynamics, the company voted most likely to spawn the Robopocalypse, has released a pair of new videos showcasing the latest abilities of its synthetic creations. Read More >>

Someone Used a Robot to Fix the Biggest Problem With Sun Dials: the Sun

Build a better mousetrap, and they say the world will beat a path to your door. But the artists at Studio AATB probably shouldn’t expect much foot traffic after finding a way to use a wall-mounted robot arm to improve one of the oldest ways we have to tell time: the sun dial. Read More >>

Mad Scientists Taught a Predatory Spider to Jump for Them and Now We’re All Probably Doomed

Scientists at the University of Manchester trained a spider named Kim to jump for them, then recorded her leaps on high-speed cameras. But don’t worry, their research—published Tuesday in Scientific Reports—isn’t meant for anything nefarious. Nah, they just want to learn how to build a whole legion of jumping spider-robots. Read More >>

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A Pair of Aspiring Tony Starks Built an Enormous Hulkbuster Using Parts Bought on eBay

Mad British inventors Colin Furze and James Bruton have finally revealed the finished version of their DIY Hulkbuster armour. Standing almost 11 feet tall, it towers over Furze’s tiny garden and workshop, but does Tony Stark have to worry about losing his monopoly on armoured suits? Read More >>

Starship’s Delivery Robots Are Getting a Commercial Rollout

Remember Starship Technologies, the company that developed robots designed to deliver stuff to your house? They are back in the news again, and following a trial in London the company is working on rolling out its autonomous delivery bots commercially. That's right, in the very near future you might have your stuff delivered by a bot on wheels, rather than a dude on a moped. Read More >>

This Shape-Shifting, Pin-Headed Robot Lets You Feel Virtual Objects With Your Bare Hands

Virtual reality headsets today use your eyes and ears to make simulated experiences seem more real, but what about your other senses? Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a way for your hands and fingers to feel virtual objects with a unique robot that looks like an animated version of those Pin Art toys. Read More >>

German Leader Angela Merkel Still Way Too Friendly With Robots

It’s still weird, isn’t it? German Chancellor Angela Merkel is palling around with robots at every opportunity, with her most recent robo-encounter happening just yesterday on ‘Girl’s Day’ at the chancellery in Berlin. Read More >>

Amazon’s Rumoured Home Robot Basically Sounds Like an Echo With Wheels

In case you thought the Echo in your living room laughing maniacally out of nowhere wasn’t creepy enough, just imagine what it would be like if it followed you around. A Bloomberg report suggests that Amazon is working on an actual home robot that will wander around your abode, navigating obstacles and ostensibly following your orders. Please remain calm, however, as it will probably be terrible, as home robots usually are. Read More >>

The 5 Strangest Westworld Theories That Could Still (Technically) Be True

The only thing better than Westworld itself are all the fan theories. Some have turned out to be true—others are, let’s say, a tad less plausible. In this latest video, I, Beth Elderkin, and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli share five of the weirdest fan theories that haven’t actually been disproven yet. Read More >>

Watch Two Robots Nimbly—and Very Calmly–Assemble an Ikea Chair

Having to assemble furniture from Ikea is an endless exercise in frustration, so how cool would it be to have robots that could do the job? Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have now taken us a significant step closer to achieving that dream. Read More >>