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Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Now a Backflipping Cyborg Supersoldier

10 minutes ago, I was cautiously optimistic that one day we’d live and work side-by-side with robots in perfect harmony. Then Boston Dynamics posted a video of its ATLAS humanoid robot performing incredible jumps and backflips, and now I’m ready to go find a cave somewhere and hide. Read More >>

Your Roomba’s Also a Half-Decent Nanny

Need to run downstairs to fetch the laundry? Or maybe there’s a phone call you just have to take? Life with a baby can make even the smallest chores feel like a herculean task if you don’t have a nanny. But it turns out, if you keep your floors clean using a robot, maybe you do have a nanny and just didn’t realize it. Read More >>

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Watch This Dancer Perform a Flawlessly Choreographed Routine With a Giant Robotic Arm

Taiwanese dancer Huang Yi also happens to be a talented engineer and inventor. The two disciplines don’t seem like they’d naturally go together, but Yi recently gave a TED Talk performance where he danced alongside a perfectly choreographed Kuka robotic arm that he programmed himself. Read More >>

Artificially Intelligent Drones Become Terrifying Killing Machines in Dystopian Short Film

In preparation for this week’s UN Convention on Conventional Weapons in Geneva, Switzerland, the Future of Life Institute has released a disturbing sci-fi short that shows what might happen if we fail to place an international moratorium on autonomous killing machines. Read More >>

Welsh Sex Robot Needs a Head Manufacturer

Samantha, the sex robot from Wales that set the internet on fire recently (but you can call yours Rita if you want), is nearing production. The only thing holding it back is a head. They spent so much time on the tits and arse that everyone forgot women also have heads. It's the perfect 2017 metaphor. Read More >>

Sony’s Pet Dog for the Super Rich Returns

Sony's revealed a redesigned version of its Aibo project, the robotic dog of yesteryear. The time is nigh for a comeback, says Sony boss Kaz Hirai, as a perfect storm of better battery life, internet connectivity and the chance to put the modern buzzwords "artificial" and "intelligence" on the thing's box has arrived. Read More >>

What Movie Is This Robot Chorus Line From?

It’s a fascinating picture of robots and dancing women, all performing for a movie. The photo is supposedly from around 1927. And while I love old movies and I love robots, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this photo was from when I saw it. Read More >>

Saudi Arabia’s Robot Love Is Getting Weird

In the latest example of “Philip K Dick-inspired nightmare becomes real life,” Saudi Arabia just became the first nation to grant citizenship to a robot. The robot’s name is Sophia. It is artificially intelligent, friends with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, and, arguably, a glimpse into the dark future that will kill us all. Read More >>

Why We’ll Eventually Want Our Robots to Deceive Us

As robots and AI start to play an increasing role in our lives, the question of how we want them to behave gets more pressing with each passing breakthrough. In the new book, Robot Ethics 2.0: From Autonomous Cars to Artificial Intelligence, robo-ethicists Will Bridewell and Alistair M. C. Isaac present a surprising argument in which they make the case for deceptive robots. We asked the authors why we’d ever want to do such a crazy thing. Read More >>

Robot Wars is Back on 22nd October

It's not been very long since the last series of Robot Wars (which ended in April), but the BBC has announced when it'll be back for a tenth series. Not long, since the first episode is set to debut on 22nd October at 8pm. That's on BBC 2., or iPlayer if you're all fancy and technological. Read More >>

Robots Made From DNA Could One Day Transport Medicine Inside Your Body

In the classic 1966 American science fiction film Fantastic Voyage, a submarine crew was miniaturised and injected into a body to fix a blood clot in the brain. That’s obviously not how future medical science is going to work, but the notion of creating microscopic machines to perform complex tasks is certainly on point. A recent advance, in which robots made from DNA were programmed to sort and deliver molecules to a specified location, now represents an important step in this futuristic direction. Read More >>

Robots Will Take Over the Classroom in 10 Years, Apparently

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Sir Anthony Seldon, has made a grand statement to say that traditional teachers will be all but redundant in the next ten years. Instead, the brunt of their work will be carried out by "intelligent machines". Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Shropshire Wheat Ready for Harvest

Robots are doing something useful for once in Shropshire, where a farm has started to harvest a crop of wheat that's been grown entirely by automated processes. All for us to eat. Thanks, robots. Read More >>

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This Is the R2-D2 Robot Toy I’ve Dreamed About Since I Was a Kid

Like millions of other kids around the world, after seeing the original trilogy, R2-D2 instantly became my favourite Star Wars character. He seemed like the perfect sidekick, but the real Artoo was from a galaxy far, far away from mine, and the toy versions of the little droid were always lifeless clones of the character I adored. Thirty years later there’s still part of me that wants an R2-D2 to call my own, and I think I’ve finally found him. Read More >>

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Robot Vacuums is This New Feature

Long gone are the days when robot vacuums would simply bump their way around your home while they randomly cleaned. But even with upgraded smarts and better sensors, modern robo-vacs can still wander into places you don’t want them, so Neato is introducing a potentially brilliant new feature letting you limit the travels of its newest robo-vac by drawing virtual boundary lines in an app. Read More >>