The Rock Explains Why He Thinks Shazam Villain Black Adam Is a Hero

It makes sense that the guy who wrestled as the People’s Champion—with the backstory of butting heads with powers-that-be—would look at DC Comics continuity and come away with this reading of the character. Read More >>

Welcome to Nordstrom, Can I Interest You in This Fancy Rock?

The American home is replete with all manner of overpriced baubles and trinkets. But is your idlic suburban ranch house truly complete with an $85 (£67) rock in a bespoke leather pouch? Nordstrom thinks not. Read More >>

There’s a Whole New Type of Stone and it’s Made From Our Plastic

Congratulations, humanity: After millennia of building cathedrals and toiling over great works of art and science, we've finally created something that will far outlast us. It's called Plastiglomerate, a stone made out of molten plastic, and yes, we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Read More >>

Nokia/Microsoft Device Timeline Includes “Rock” and “McLaren”

Reliable news fountain EVLeaks has outed a series of future Nokia models, ranging from a budget device codenamed Rock to a late-2014 flagship known as McLaren. We have no specs to go on, so these names are rather meaningless at this stage. Although "Rock" suggests it'll be round and heavy, while McLaren hints at either fast or Scottish. [EVLeaks via Techradar] Read More >>

If Stonehenge is Actually a Giant Instrument, What Does it Sound Like?

We know that the rocks of Stonehenge were carried there from over 200 miles away, but we've never known why. Now, researchers say they believe it was for the special sonic qualities of a particular kind of stone—and that Stonehenge might have served as a bell-like instrument. Read More >>

NASA Solves the Mystery of the Rock That Materialised on Mars

At last, NASA's scientists have solved the mystery behind the rock that materialised out of nowhere right in front of the Mars Curiosity rover–the infamous doughnut rock–that surprised everyone at mission control. Read More >>

These Rainbow Mountains are China’s Secret Geological Wonder

At the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu, China, tourists flock to see China's own version of the Grand Canyon: A mountain range of densely packed layers of minerals and rock that are dramatically striated into a layer cake of magenta, maroon, and lemon-coloured stone. Read More >>

What Happens When a Hardcore Rock Band Doesn’t Pay Its Sound Engineer?

This song is supposed to be a hardcore rock song. And though it has the punching anger throat sounds of any respectable hardcore rock song, it so obviously doesn't have anything else that quite resemble the music of core hards. Instead, the song is mixed with an EDM dance track. That's because the band didn't pay its engineer. Read More >>

Ageing Rockers Finally Embrace the Future, as AC/DC and Rolling Stones Go Digital

Hot on the heels of the Beatles, you can now buy the electric-laced wailings of AC/DC's back catalogue, including 16 whole albums from iTunes, marking the classic rockers' first moves to digital. Not only that but the Rolling Stones have gone one further and released an app for the iPhone -- who said you can't teach an old dogs new tricks? Read More >>

Mars Rover to Study Pyramid Rock of Unknown Origin

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has its first analysis target, an intriguing rock with a pyramidal shape that is now 8.2 feet (2.5 metre) from its current location. The scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are excited about this and other features discovered by the rover's cameras. Read More >>

Curiosity Took an Earth Rock to Mars

In the 60s and 70s, America spent £67 billion on getting rocks from the Moon back to Earth*. In 2012, America spent a couple of billions on moving an Earth's rock to Mars**. Moving rocks is a lot of fun! Read More >>

The Black Keys: Heavy Soul

Sunday is my day here at Gizmodo UK. Has been for some time. The day and this shift have nestled nice and snug into my life groove. Unfortunately, it's also the day I'm most apt to be a bit, ah, groggy. Read More >>