SpaceX Launches Investigation After Rocket-Engine Explodes During Tests

On Sunday, a rocket-engine exploded during ignition tests at the SpaceX facility in Texas. The incident marks a setback for the company in what has otherwise been a pretty good year. Read More >>

NASA Rocket Scientists Carve the Most Incredible Pumpkins 

Here’s the thing about NASA’s rocket scientists: They’re smart. And maybe a little weird. When you get literal rocket scientists to channel their energy into something silly like a pumpkin carving contest, the results are bound to be incredible. Read More >>

Watching a SpaceX Rocket Land on a Drone Barge Never Gets Old

We usually see rocket launches and landings from above. But there’s something about seeing the whole thing happen from the ground-up that’s just so much better. Read More >>

star wars
Watch Chewbacca Interview a Rocket Scientist About Advanced Propulsion Systems

Certain aspects of the Star Wars universe (FTL travel, force magic) are clearly impossible. But some technologies, like extremely high-powered thrusters and even lightsabers, may one day be feasible. Read More >>

A Single Weak Strut Caused That SpaceX Rocket to Blow Up

On June 28th, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon capsule stuffed full of supplies for the International Space Station blew up in mid-air, minutes after launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Elon Musk has now revealed the cause: a single, flimsy strut. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the New SpaceX Dragon V2

The new SpaceX Dragon V2 seems to be an amazing machine, capable of transporting seven astronauts to orbit and then soft-land anywhere on Earth using thrusters and retractile legs—with the accuracy of an helicopter. Elon Musk claims that they will be able to refuel it and launch it again right away. Read More >>

Can You Fly By Firing Guns at the Ground?

It might be the preserve of fantastical action movies, but we've probably all wondered at some point or other if it's actually possible to fly through the air by firing bullets down at the ground. Read More >>