India Just Launched Its Giant ‘Monster’ Rocket

It’s a big day for India and its very, very large rocket: Today, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched its 640 ton GSLV-Mk III rocket, carrying the GSAT-19 communications satellite on it. The GSLV-Mk III’s maiden voyage brought its satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit above Earth’s equator—a high Earth orbit that allows a satellite to sync up with Earth’s rotation. Needless to say, not to shabby for a first launch. Read More >>

New Zealand Blasts 3D Printed Rocket Into Space

New Zealand has embarked on an exciting new mission to put things into space using 3D printing, a bit of private land and some batteries. Rocket Lab is a private company that aims to help more companies exploit the potential of space. Read More >>

Adorable Carbon Fibre Rocket Is Finally Ready to Launch

Rockets are big, shiny hunks of metal that do extraordinary things — but you’d probably never call one “cute.” Kittens are cute. Capybaras? Definitely. But rockets, not so much — except for this little guy, from New Zealand-based startup Rocket Lab. Its name is Electron, and after years of preparation, its’s finally gearing up to launch as soon as next week. Read More >>

The World’s Fastest Rocket Just Launched a Secret Spy Satellite

A secret satellite was launched into space yesterday. We don’t know just what it’s doing in space. But! We can see in these pictures exactly how it got there: aboard an incredibly fast rocket. Read More >>

NASA’s Mars-Bound Rocket Just Passed a Major Test

To get the world’s most powerful rocket off the ground, it’s going to take some serious thrust from its rocket boosters. Today, NASA successfully fired-up one of those 77-tonne rocket boosters by lighting it up at full power—all while never leaving the ground. Read More >>

This Launch of 20 Satellites at Once Is All the Space Porn You Need Today

India just sent twenty satellites into space at once, the most the country has ever launched in a single go. The record is certainly impressive. The photo documentation of the satellites blasting off to the heavens is simply incredible. Read More >>

NASA’s last Apollo Saturn V Rocket is on its Way to Mississippi Instead of the Moon

We’re always impressed with how rockets and other old space equipment is transported nowadays, whether it’s through busy city roads or by boat, as one of the remaining Saturn V rocket boosters was moved this week. Read More >>

Blue Origin’s Crew Capsule Just Survived Its Crash

Blue Origin just launched its crew capsule into space—and then intentionally brought it in for a very soft crash. Read More >>

Watch Blue Origin Launch (and Crash) Its Crew Capsule

Blue Origin is launching its crew capsule today—and then they’re going to take out its parachute and see what happens. You can watch it happen at 5:15 pm BST. Read More >>

Blue Origin Will Soon Launch a Crew Capsule—and Then Crash It on Purpose

Blue Origin, the notoriously-secretive space company, is launching its New Shepherd crew capsule this weekend. And, for the first time, you’re going to be able to watch it happen—right up to a pretty probable crash-landing. Read More >>

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Crank Your Speakers, Because This Rocket Test Is the Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Watching a rocket blast into outer space is a remarkable experience. But watching a rocket engine strapped into a test facility release its explosive fury here on Earth is somehow even cooler. It gives you a better idea of an engine's power, and it’s a better opportunity to hear its deafening roar. Read More >>

SpaceX Plans to Finally Relaunch a Rocket This Autumn

Elon Musk is ready to prove that landing the rocket on a barge in April wasn’t just a fluke. Yesterday, the SpaceX co-founder tweeted that he hoped to relaunch its four landed rockets this autumn for the first time. Read More >>

Watch Falcon 9 Rocket (Which Even SpaceX Thinks Will Crash) Launch Live

Join us to watch live as SpaceX attempts to launch and land its Falcon 9 Rocket. Even the company itself says, “a successful landing is not expected.” Oh dear. Read More >>

Blue Origin Relaunched the Rocket They Landed in November

Yesterday, Blue Origin launched the same New Shepard rocket booster that they launched into space two months ago. Looks like the commercial space race for reusable rockets is on—SpaceX is flashier with bigger trajectories, but Blue Origin keeps beating them to firsts. Read More >>

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Watch an iPhone 6S Get Blasted 100 Feet Into the Sky With a Rocket… and Survive the Fall

Smartphones are fragile, but Proporta’s gone to great lengths to show that we don't have to constantly live in fear of breaking our expensive pocket gadgets. The company's proved that protective cases are… well, protective, by holding an EXTREME DROP TEST. The team strapped a cover on the iPhone 6S and launched the damn thing high into the air with a Bottle Rocket. As you can see from the video below, it survives the ordeal unscathed (though it does land on a thick blanket of luscious grass). Read More >>