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A Super Slow Mo Rocket Launch Reveals a Spectacular Fireworks Show

As fun as building your own six-foot model rocket might be, launching it is no where near as impressive as watching one of NASA’s towering rockets blast into orbit—unless you point a high-speed camera at it. At 28,000 frames per second, a wonderful pyrotechnics show is revealed as it leaves the launch pad. Read More >>

360-Degree Video of NASA’s Powerful Rocket Blast Will Make Your Astronaut Dreams Come True

Before actually using them on what will be the world’s most powerful rocket, NASA has been thoroughly testing its new RS-25 engines. With 512,000 pounds of thrust, however, the best way to experience all of that power is through this 360-degree video that safely puts you right in the path of the immense blast. Read More >>

Blue Origin Reminds Everyone It Has a Big Rocket Too

Hey guys, we know that SpaceX is doing some pretty big things right now, like trying to shuttle passengers around the moon, and sending deadly pathogens into space, but Blue Origin is still cool, okay?? As it reminded us this week, the company has built some pretty big engines for its upcoming New Glenn rocket, which will be one of the largest in the world once it’s completed. Read More >>

Blue Origin Just Teased a Photo of Its Big Ass Rocket’s Engine

Phallus-shaped aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin has finally revealed its BE-4 liquid rocket engine—an engine the company has been developing for more than four years. The BE-4s will be used in Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which founder Jeff Bezos hopes will one day shuttle humans to and from the moon. In true Bezos fashion, the announcement was made without notice on his personal Twitter account. Read More >>

Why Space Fanatics Are Freaking Out About SpaceX’s Next Launch

Following a successful Falcon 9 launch-and-barge-landing in California this month, SpaceX is now looking to get back in the swing of regular flight. But while the company’s next two flights seem fairly routine on the surface, they’re going to be historic in one very important aspect. Read More >>

NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Just Hit a Critical Milestone

Late next year, NASA is hoping to launch its Space Launch System—a powerful next generation rocket capable of exerting two million pounds of thrust. NASA engineers have now completed construction of a stand sturdy enough to test its enormous fuel tank. It’s an important milestone, and another step towards sending humans to Mars. Read More >>

SpaceX Plans to Return to Flight Next Week

The new year bring new beginnings, and for SpaceX, that means a return to flight after a five-month dry spell. Having officially determined the cause of the infamous Falcon 9 “anomaly” at Cape Canaveral on September 1st, the rocket company is eyeing January 8th for its first launch of 2017. Read More >>

This Is Our Best Look Yet At Saturn’s Moon Pandora

Pandora is one of Saturn’s many baby moons, far too runty to form a sphere under its own gravity. Instead, this 52-mile across space rock looks more like a fossilised glob of putty in closest image ever captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Read More >>

A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year

Going to the Moon is officially hip again, thanks in no small part to Google, which is offering £16 million to the first private company that can land on our nearest neighbour, roll around a bit, and beam images back to Earth. The latest contender for that sweet sweet X-Prize money is Japan, which has just obtained a launch vehicle for the shiny metal cheese grater rover it plans to send to the Moon late next year. Read More >>

NASA Just Launched Eight Hurricane-Sniffing Satellites Into Space From the Belly of a Plane

Launched from a L-1011 Stargazer aircraft, a Pegasus XL rocket has successfully delivered a constellation of eight micro-satellites into space as part of the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS). Read More >>

Russian Cargo Ship Destroyed En Route to the ISS

Yesterday, an unmanned Russian Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft broke up in the atmosphere and crashed over Siberia while making its way to the International Space Station. Read More >>

Mysterious Metal Object Crashes Near Myanmar Village

A large cylindrical structure thought to be part of a Chinese rocket has fallen down into a mining area in north Myanmar, while another piece of metal tore through the roof of a nearby house. Read More >>

Blue Origin Shocks Everyone (Even Itself) by Landing Rocket During Test

Wow. After spending the last few days telling us that its New Shepard rocket was almost certainly going to be destroyed in today’s in-flight launch escape test, Blue Origin surprised everybody — even itself — with a clean landing of both booster and crew capsule. Read More >>

SpaceX Reportedly Investigating Sabotage as Cause of Falcon 9 Explosion

As SpaceX’s investigation of a Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1st drags into its second month, rumours are flying that this may have been more than a random technical failure. According to a Washington Post report, SpaceX is considering the possibility of sabotage. Read More >>

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Watch a Stuntman Complete Evil Knievel’s Failed Rocket Bike Jump

Stuntman Eddie Braun has recreated Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon rocket bike stunt in every technical way but one: Braun actually succeeded. He is the first to pull off the jump in the 42 years since Knievel’s attempt was mired by a parachute malfunction. Read More >>