Don’t Rip up Ancient Graves to Make Cute Little Stone Stacks

People amusing themselves outside is usually a good thing, but not in the case of a handful of people visiting Cornwall's Stowe's Hill area who have been tearing up an ancient settlement for a laugh. Read More >>

Rock-Balancing Robots Could Build Our Future Habitats On Mars

Like maintaining a zen garden, or pruning a bonsai tree, some people stack and balance rocks as a way to relax. But robots don’t really experience emotional stress, so why bother teaching a bot to balance rocks? One day, this robot’s skills could prove invaluable when it comes to building structures on distant worlds we’re trying to colonise. Read More >>

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All the Instruments In This Excellent Rock Band Are Played by Actual Rocks

Last year, artist Neil Mendoza turned a hamster running in a wheel into a talented sketch artist. This year he’s pulled off an even more amazing feat by turning inanimate rocks into a talented (literal) rock band that plays a surprisingly decent cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Read More >>

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Intensifies Hunt for Extinct Martian Microbes

NASA's having another go at exploring Mars, as if we're not already bored of photos of barren red landscapes, with its unnamed 2020 Mars Rover already deep into development. This time, it'll be targeting rocks with the best chance of revealing ancient Martian life via a complex form of spectroscopy. Read More >>

Researchers Just Figured Out How to Turn Carbon Emissions Into These Rocks

This may look like just another rock, but its so much more than that. It’s also a storage unit for carbon emissions—and it could finally give us a way to backtrack a bit on what we’ve done to our climate. Read More >>

Martian Acne Explained Away by “Acid Fog” Theory

A scientist trying to work out why Mars has some odd patches of lumpy rock has come up with a theory based around acidic fog, claiming that volcanic eruptions might have turned the air so bad it left deposits that melted away some of the planet's surface features. Read More >>

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This is the Most Amazing Rock Video You Will See Today

What happens when you take 60 rocks from 15 different countries all around the world, capture 8,500 photographs of them and string them together into a three-minute stop motion video? The geology lesson you always wanted is what. Read More >>

England’s Highest Mountain Shortened by Artist/Vandal

One of today's so-called modern artists has taken a hammer to England's tallest mountain, shaving an inch or two of rock off the top of Scafell Pike and installing it on a shelf in a gallery so that people in London can imagine what a mountain is like. Those who go outside a lot and walk around Cumbria are not best pleased. Read More >>

6,000-Year-Old Campsite Discovered at Stonehenge

A dig around Stonehenge in October has just had its carbon dating results back, with researchers claiming they've found a campsite some 6,000 years old just a mile and a half from the centre of the site. Read More >>

A Rock So Fantastically Beautiful That it’s Hard to Believe it’s Real

This looks like some 3D rendering of a fantastic alien matter that can't possibly exist on Earth. But, being the amazing planet we live in, it is actually a real thing: "A bismuth crystal illustrating the many iridescent refraction hues of its oxide surface." We live in a wonderful world, people. Read More >>

How Underground Fires Helped Shape the Landscape of the American West

The most famous coal seam fire smoulders underneath Centralia, Pennsylvania, but thousands of such underground fires burn all over the world. In the American West, where subterranean coal still burn, ancient conflagrations created the red-inflected landscape we see today. Read More >>

New Theory Says Stonehenge May Have Been Massive Musical Instrument

Stonehenge may have been built as an enormous old amplifier, with new research suggesting our Stone Age descendants might have hauled the rocks hundreds of miles simply because they make pleasant sounds when hit with massive hammers. Read More >>

Mount Etna is Making it Rain Rocks

There's nothing like some casual rock precipitation to make you glad you packed your umbrella. Read More >>

30 Starry Wonders Hiding Inside of Dull Meteorites

A few weeks ago, Russian divers extracted a 1,250-pound chunk of the infamous Chelyabinsk meteorite from a lake where it landed on February 15th. The massive space stone ended up cracking into three pieces—and though scientists may have cursed the clumsy divers, I was interested in something else: What was inside the rock? Read More >>

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10 Beautiful Minerals You Won’t Believe Are Found on Earth

We've all seen our fair share of rocks, and most of them aren't that pretty. The ones that are though, can be totally mind-blowing. Ryoji Tanaka, a Japanese photographer and chemist, likes to capture some of the most striking elements, minerals, and compounds in close-up (like the Uranium-containing cuprosklodowskite you see above) and the results are crazy awesome. Read More >>