So, Rockstar Didn’t Enjoy BBC GTA Movie The Gamechangers…

Last night saw the BBC's premier screening of its drama-biopic The Gamechangers. Read More >>

GTA Parent Company Take Two is Suing the BBC

If you were one of the many souls stocking up on popcorn ahead of watching Gamechanger – the BBC's forthcoming docu-drama about the rise of Rockstar Games and the controversies surrounding its Grand Theft Auto series – we have some bad news. You might have a long wait for it. And it might not see the light of day at all. Read More >>

Some Grand Theft Auto V Mods are Sticking Malware on Your PC

The Grand Theft Auto V modding community has produced some pretty wicked add-ons to Rockstar's sandbox. Players have been able to enjoy using Gravity Guns, Car Cannons and the ability to soar throughout the giant, sprawling map like Superman if the mood takes them. What they probably didn't realise, however, is that certain mods have been cheekily installing malware on their PCs. Whoops! Read More >>

Rockstar Just Made Grand Theft Auto V a First-Person Shooter on Next-Gen

Rockstar Games has been showing us the finer details of its next-gen overhaul of last year's mega-selling Grand Theft Auto V, out on PS4 and Xbox One in a couple of weeks. And the most noticeable upgrade outside the expected "1080p visuals at 30fps" bump (with 4K to come on PC in January) is that you can now play the entire game in first-person. Read More >>

Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over Alleged GTA V Character Clone

Actress [citation still needed] Lindsay Lohan is pushing ahead with her legal case against Grand Theft Auto publisher Rockstar, claiming that Lacey Jonas, a vacuous Hollywood dirtbag in GTA V, was a little too close for comfort to Lohan in terms of image, language, clothing and choice of home. Which is as good a reason as any to download The Canyons and skip through it in the name of research. [AP via The Verge] Read More >>

2013 in Patent Wars, and Which Companies Will be a-Trollin’ in 2014

Although you probably wouldn't want to sit next to a 'technical patent litigation specialist' at a dinner party, the patent wars of 2013 had almost all the tension and bad acting of an ITV legal drama -- lengthy motions, last-minute filings, down-to-the-wire bans, a corrupt judge or two, and even a last-minute presidential pardon. Read More >>

Lindsay Lohan Furious Over Alleged Use of Her Likeness in GTA V

Actress [citation needed] Lindsay Lohan is said to be considering legal action against game publishing giant Rockstar, claiming that one or more of the more vacuous GTA V female celebrity characters may be based on her appearance. Read More >>

GTA V Raked in a Staggering £495m in Day One Sales

Grand Theft Auto V managed to pay for itself by lunchtime on launch day, with publisher Take-Two revealing the fairly popular game raked in an amazing $800 million from day one sales. In terms of actual numbers, retail watcher Chart-Track says it shifted a record 1.57m units on launch day in the UK alone. [Take-Two] Read More >>

Scotland Horrified by “Druggie” GTA V Association

One of the nice ways to pass the time while loitering in the GTA universe is spotting local references put in the game by its Scottish developers, although by using the real-world border town of Hawick to name a drug-laden district in the fictional game city, Rockstar has angered local councillors and the area's MSP. Read More >>

Would You Play GTA V on the PC?

430,000 people are pinning their hopes on GTA V hitting the desktop, as PC gamers the world over beg Rockstar to make a PC version of the crime smash via an online petition. Are you pining for GTA V on your PC? Is it the excuse you've been waiting for to buy a new graphics card? Read More >>

Rockstar Tells Xbox 360 Owners Not to Install GTA V’s “Play” Disc to HD

The Xbox 360 version of GTA V comes on two discs, one that's a one-time 8GB data install to the hard drive, plus a second one designed to sit in the console's disc tray. Don't install this second one, is Rockstar's advice, else your game might suffer. Read More >>

GTA V’s iFruit Companion App Lets You Walk Your Dog and Paint Your Car

There's an extra bit of GTA V excitement in store for iOS users today, thanks to Rockstar launching its iFruit companion app for Apple users. It's not a joke. It lets you customise your in-game car, walk your pretend dog and more. Read More >>

Man Vines the Life out of GTA V, so Microsoft Bans Him from Xbox Live

A public-spirited man with early access to GTA V has been recording stacks of clips of the game and uploading them to video sharing portal Vine, although he's earned himself a ban from Microsoft's Xbox Live service for his efforts. Read More >>

Here’s the Entire GTA V World Map, and It’s a Whopper

Here's an overview of the alternative world we'll all be hiding and living in over the next few months; the full GTA V location map. There's a city bit. A grassy bit. Lakes. Air strips. Windy roads. Motorways. Mountains. Everything. All life is there. Read More >>

GTA V the Most Expensive Game Ever Made?

The latest Grand Theft Auto game, which is developed in Edinburgh lest we forget, is rumoured to have a staggering £170m budget covering its creation and promotion. But that's really quite OK, as GTA V could pull in as much as £1bn from its first year on sale. Read More >>