The Roku Streaming Stick+ Is Too Good to Be This Small and Cheap

It feels like we’re leaving the world of set-top boxes as we know them behind. For one, few people own a TV big enough that you could actually put a box on top of it—that’s been true for a long time. The box itself has also dwindled down to a dongle, a handy little thing that disappears behind the screen. These HDMI sticks have been a bit weak in the past, serving as a convenient but compromised alternative to a larger piece of hardware. The Roku Streaming Stick+, with its ability to handle 4K and HDR, changes all that. Read More >>

New Fire TV Stick vs New Chromecast vs Roku Stick: Streaming Dongle Showdown 2015

There’s a new Chromecast in town and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is getting an update — which means it’s time for another streaming showdown. Roku’s stick hasn’t been updated since last year but we’re still throwing it into the face-off. Read More >>

A Small But Excellent Roku Software Update is On its Way (and a Cheaper Player, Too)

It's with good reason that the Roku streaming sticks and boxes regularly come out on top of our set-top box round ups. Affordable, fast and loaded up with literally thousands of internet TV channels, they're able to squeeze tonnes of content into an interface so easy to use, a tech luddite could get on with it. Alongside a revamped player line-up, Roku has just announced a series of tweaks to its streaming interface that subtly but meaningfully improve the system. Read More >>

Roku Is Now a Stick

The tiny Roku box is just about as tiny as it can get — so Roku thinks it's time to ditch boxes altogether. This year, the next crop of streamers will plug right into your TV like a USB drive. Read More >>