Roku TV Makes Its UK Debut This Black Friday

The Hisense Roku TV rolls out in Argos next week, with four models to choose from. Read More >>

Black Friday
Roku Streaming Devices Discounted for Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sales abound and this particular deal sees all three of Roku's steaming players get their prices slashed. Read More >>

Hey Roku, Maybe User-Created Screensavers Are a Bad Idea

Humans can be wonderful. We can also be gross, horny, and prone to abusing any type of power given to us. Like, for instance, the ability to create Roku screensavers. Read More >>

Here’s Why Netflix Is Leaving Some Roku and Samsung Devices

Netflix recently broke for a number of users, and the error message the company provided wasn’t entirely clear about why. Gizmodo spoke with the company about the incident, and Netflix offered more details about why this is happening. Read More >>

You Can Now Control Your Roku From the Apple Watch

If you happen to be somewhere in the intersection of Roku and Apple Watch owners, good news. On Friday, Roku launched a free app for your wrist that features voice controls and the ability to find your remote. Read More >>

Aw Yeah, Apple TV Is Now on Roku

Roku users are about to get two times the Apple – beginning today. Read More >>

Your Roku is an Ad Factory

Everybody loves a Roku. Starting at £30, these little widgets turn any TV into a smart TV and offer pretty much any streaming channels you’d ever want in one place. You’ll also see a lot of ads thanks to your Roku device. If you have a TV running on the Roku operating system, you’ll also see some new interactive pop-up ads now. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Roku TVs are Coming to the UK, and the First Ones Are Made by Hisense

For the past several years Roku has been powering various smart TVs over in the US, running what is effectively the same software as its streaming devices directly on the TV itself. That was all kept within North America for quite a while, but now that's changing and the first Roku TV will be coming to the UK courtesy of Hisense. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Roku’s New Soundbar is Also a Roku

Roku is charging further into the home audio zone with a new soundbar that also works as a Roku set-top box. In other words, the new Roku soundbar turns any TV into a smart TV that’s running Roku software supporting 4K HDR content. Oh, also, Roku made a beastly subwoofer to round out its speaker lineup. Read More >>

Currys PC World Joins in the Amazon Prime Day Madness With Discounted Roku Devices

Another retailer has hopped aboard the Amazon Prime day train, with Currys PC World offering discounts on its Roku devices for today and tomorrow only. Read More >>

The Roku Streaming Stick+ Is Going Down In Price – Forever

We're always happy to hear of price cuts in these straitened times, and even moreso when they're permanent. Which admittedly isn't very often. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: TCL’s 8K TVs Are Coming to the UK

Half of us haven't got round to upgrading our TV sets to 4K yet, but manufacturers have stock to shift, so this year's CES is all about the 8K TVs. Read More >>

Loads Of People Want Tech For Christmas, Reveals Tech Brand

A groundbreaking study by streaming tech manufacturer Roku has revealed that lots of people are hoping to receive tech products this Christmas. Read More >>

Roku’s Wireless Speakers Are Beautifully Simple But There’s a Catch

It was a bit of a surprise earlier this year when Roku announced that it would be selling wireless speakers. The popular maker of platform-agnostic set-top boxes is certainly no stranger to home entertainment, but the idea that it would soon start to compete with Sonos, well, that seemed crazy. Having spent some time with the new soundbar alternative, I can say that Roku is doing something more intriguing with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. It’s built a custom sound system that works curiously well with Roku TVs. The only downside is that the speakers don’t really work at all with any other TV or wireless audio system. Innovation is a weird beast, I guess. Read More >>

black friday
Roku’s New Players Might Not be Coming Here, But the Old Ones are Getting a Black Friday Price Drop

Roku offers some fantastic streaming devices, set apart by the fact they're free from the petty squabbling between the likes of Amazon and Google. It was also the first mainstream company to squeeze 4K HDR into a stick-sized device with the Streaming Stick+, and lowered the cost of accessing 4K content with its new compact (and annoyingly US-only) streaming boxes. But while we have to make do with last year's devices, Roku has gone and slashed the prices for Black Friday week. Read More >>