Currys PC World Joins in the Amazon Prime Day Madness With Discounted Roku Devices

Another retailer has hopped aboard the Amazon Prime day train, with Currys PC World offering discounts on its Roku devices for today and tomorrow only. Read More >>

The Roku Streaming Stick+ Is Going Down In Price – Forever

We're always happy to hear of price cuts in these straitened times, and even moreso when they're permanent. Which admittedly isn't very often. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: TCL’s 8K TVs Are Coming to the UK

Half of us haven't got round to upgrading our TV sets to 4K yet, but manufacturers have stock to shift, so this year's CES is all about the 8K TVs. Read More >>

Loads Of People Want Tech For Christmas, Reveals Tech Brand

A groundbreaking study by streaming tech manufacturer Roku has revealed that lots of people are hoping to receive tech products this Christmas. Read More >>

Roku’s Wireless Speakers Are Beautifully Simple But There’s a Catch

It was a bit of a surprise earlier this year when Roku announced that it would be selling wireless speakers. The popular maker of platform-agnostic set-top boxes is certainly no stranger to home entertainment, but the idea that it would soon start to compete with Sonos, well, that seemed crazy. Having spent some time with the new soundbar alternative, I can say that Roku is doing something more intriguing with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. It’s built a custom sound system that works curiously well with Roku TVs. The only downside is that the speakers don’t really work at all with any other TV or wireless audio system. Innovation is a weird beast, I guess. Read More >>

black friday
Roku’s New Players Might Not be Coming Here, But the Old Ones are Getting a Black Friday Price Drop

Roku offers some fantastic streaming devices, set apart by the fact they're free from the petty squabbling between the likes of Amazon and Google. It was also the first mainstream company to squeeze 4K HDR into a stick-sized device with the Streaming Stick+, and lowered the cost of accessing 4K content with its new compact (and annoyingly US-only) streaming boxes. But while we have to make do with last year's devices, Roku has gone and slashed the prices for Black Friday week. Read More >>

Now TV has a Brand New, More Powerful Streaming Box, and it has Netflix Now

Yesterday I wrote about some new Roku devices that aren't coming to the UK, or at least Roku told me there are no plans to announce on that front. Well today we have some good Roku-centric news, now that Sky has announced it's launching a new Now TV box. Not only does this new box promise to be more powerful than its predecessors, Sky has revealed it actually have Netflix on it. Read More >>

Roku’s Got Some New Low-Cost 4K Players That You Probably Can’t Buy

Roku's relationship with the UK is a little bit turbulent. By that I mean the company generally chooses to leave us off the release calendar, leaving a few years between product launches. Last year the company upgraded its local offering by releasing the low-cost Express and 4K streaming stick here, but none of the other fancy players it has on sale in the US. The company just announced those players will be getting a refresh, and in typical Roku fashion it's mentioned nothing about a UK launch. Read More >>

Roku Made Speakers?

If you’ve ever sat down to watch your Roku-powered TV and thought, “Boy I wish I had some Roku-powered speakers to enhance this experience,” you are in luck. The set-top box maker has announced a new set of speakers that work exclusively with Roku TV televisions. It’s kind of a curious move for the company, but it also makes weird sense. Read More >>

Roku Declares Victory in the Fight Against Streaming Piracy

When it comes to dedicated streaming piracy channels, most people tend to focus on the Kodi platform - specifically the third-party addons that lets users watch premium content without paying for it. But streaming device maker Roku has also come under fire for piracy-related concerns, to the point where devices were banned in Mexico. Now, though, the company has declared a major victory in fighting pirates. Read More >>

Roku’s Bringing its Enhanced Voice Search to the UK

Last month Roku launched it new enhanced voice search in the US, allowing natural language recognition through the Roku software. Today Roku has announced that this feature is coming to the UK, and will start rolling out on May 1st. Read More >>

CES 2018: This Roku Sound Bar Is Part Smart Speaker and Part Remote Control

If the term “smart sound bar” seems unusual, that’s because it’s brand new. TCL just announced the first in a new class of gadgets that act a little bit like a smart speaker and a little bit like a remote control that’s powered by your voice. As the name implies, the new TCL Roku Smart Sound Bar is powered by the newly announced Roku Entertainment Assistant. Suddenly, everybody’s favourite set-top box company does a lot more than make set-top boxes. Read More >>

Roku’s Entering the Smart Audio Market, But Won’t Make the Hardware Itself

It's not hard to see why Roku devices are so popular. They smarten up your TV and let you stream from pretty much every service imaginable - without any of the pathetic squabbling that comes with Amazon's Fire TV or Google Chromecast. Now it's bringing that same take to the world of smart audio, with he key difference that it won't actually be making any of the hardware itself. Read More >>

The Latest Netflix Price Hike Pushed Me Over the Edge

This morning, after about five clicks over the course of 10 seconds, I cancelled my Netflix membership. The company had started notifying people of its latest price increase——and I just couldn’t do it any more. In fact, price hike in mind, you should ask yourself if you need to keep paying for Netflix. It’s not as special as it used to be. Read More >>

Amazon’s Tiny New 4K Fire TV (Almost) Does It All

In recent years, set-top boxes have been shrinking down to tinier, cheaper packages with a growing list of fun new features. The new Fire TV dongle with 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos showcases some of the best aspects about this trend. It’s cute. It’s a thrill to use. It’s just £69.99. The only problem is that you still can’t use the new Fire TV for everything. It’s very good, but it’s not the very best. Read More >>