You Should Hoard Physical Copies of the Video Games You Love

When the Nintendo Switch arrived, I decided it was the first console on which I’d buy all my games digitally for maximum portability. Not having to wrangle a pile of cartridges was great, but I’m starting to rethink that approach after EA recently revealed its iOS version of Tetris was disappearing in a few months – even for those who paid for the game. Hoarding discs and cartridges for my favourite games doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. Read More >>

This Hack Might Unlock Your NES Classic or Brick It

If you really wanted to go out of your way, it’s definitely possible to make your own Raspberry Pi-powered NES Classic. But for most, that cute and convenient little package by Nintendo is the best way to go. That’s why using this hack to load ROMs onto the new-retro device is a gift from the gaming gods. Read More >>

raspberry pi
How to Build Your Own Mini SNES

The NES Classic Edition is almost perfect—short controller cords not withstanding—and if you can buy one, it’s one of our favourite Christmas gifts, especially if you don’t want to leave the house. But it only plays NES games, and 30 games at that. Plenty of people—us included—would love a tiny system to play our favourite Super Nintendo games. Or Genesis games. Read More >>

Sony Befriends the Android Hardcore With Easy Bootloader Access

Sony's finally yielding to pressure from Android enthusiasts to make their phones a little more hackable out of the box, by releasing a series of special bootloaders that let owners reboot their phones from the recovery partition -- an essential first step in being able to easily switch ROMs for a laugh whenever your current icon set begins to bore you. Read More >>

Microsoft Tests Android to Windows 10 Upgrade ROM for Mobiles

Microsoft and new Chinese smartphone force Xiaomi are currently testing a clever new Windows ROM, one that could eventually be used to convert an Android mobile to one running Windows 10. Read More >>

The First Apps and Custom ROMs for Android Wear are Here

Android Wear is finally shipping to early adopters which can mean only one thing: a slew of third-party apps and hacks. Now, the first are here. Read More >>

Google Just OKed a Phone That Runs Modded Android Out of the Box

You like to mess with your phone? Unlock that boot-loader and flash some ROMs? Soon there'll be another option for would be tinkers who want to run mods. Google just approved the first ever Android phone to run the ever popular Cyanogenmod right out of the box. Read More >>

CyanogenMod Launches “One Click” Android Custom ROM Installer

The popular CyanogenMod range of custom Android versions has taken a big step toward mass public use, thanks to the developer releasing a "one click" installer app on Google's own app shop to help everyone switch to the massively modded custom OS. Read More >>

You Can Turn Your HTC One Into a Google Edition With This ROM

Well that didn't take long. The Google Edition of the HTC One has really only just gone on sale in the US, but already some enterprising hackers have dumped its ROM and made a version any UK HTC One owner can install on their non-Google Edition devices. You didn't exactly love Sense, right? Read More >>

Sony: Hackers Welcome to Have a Pop at Our Xperia Z

Sony's software engineers have released an open source version of the Android code that powers the Xperia Z, for users to hack around with free from the restrictions of its skin and custom interface modifications. Read More >>

Indie Android Developers Manage to Nearly Double the Speed of Android 4.0

A very talented team of coders have done some astonishing optimisation of Google's Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, managing to get parts of the code running nearly twice as fast as Google's own team. Read More >>

Fans Happy to Pay for CyanogenMod’s New Servers

Android favourite CyanogenMod, which brings exciting new versions of Android to phones either abandoned or not yet updated by their makers while also throwing more features into the mix, has acquired two new "Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM" thanks to a public fundraising appeal. Read More >>

Android Hacker Tool ClockworkMod Now Has Mainstream-Friendly Touch Controls

If you spend your spare time huddled over mobile phone boot screens fiddling with things THEY don't want you really fiddling with, one step in the process has just got a little easier thanks to new touchscreen controls in recovery tool ClockworkMod. Read More >>

Google Releases Generic Factory Image Reset for Galaxy Nexus

Here's something unusual and of interest to any custom OS users out there -- Google has made available a full, clean, original factory image for the Galaxy Nexus. It's a total reset and reinstall for the convenience of modding fans. Read More >>