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Roomba’s Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder

The Roomba is generally regarded as a cute little robot friend that no one but dogs would consider to be a potential menace. But for the last couple of years, the robovacs have been quietly mapping homes to maximise efficiency. Now, the device’s makers plan to sell that data to smart home device manufacturers, turning the friendly robot into a creeping, creepy little spy. Read More >>

Google’s Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful

Released last year, Google Assistant hasn’t really proven itself useful outside of checking the weather, searching Google, or setting an alarm using voice commands. So far it’s been limited to just basic features that are more than matched by other smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. But Google is trying to change that. Read More >>

Turn Your Roomba Into the Star Wars Droid You Already Pretend It Is

iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners are about the closest thing you can get to having a real Star Wars droid at home. In fact, many Roomba owners are happy to pretend their robovac is just a shorter version of R2-D2 while it works away, and this decal set will help make that even more believable. Read More >>

Roomba’s New Tiny Robot Mops Instead of Sucks

Roombas are, presumably, very cool. Sharing a home with a black lab, a white Persian and a lot of rugs with tassels means I would not know. Roombas are for people with wall to wall carpets. Or rugs sans the tassels. Read More >>

iRobot is Selling its Military Robotics Division to Focus On Cute House Cleaners

On Thursday, Robot manufacturer iRobot announced that it would be selling off its military line of robots to Arlington Capital Partners to be spun off into a new company. All to better focus on the growing market for home robotics. Read More >>

The Family Dinner of the Future From 1981 Looks Bloody Depressing

What will the family dinner of the future look like? According to the 1981 kids’ book Tomorrow’s Home, it’s filled with robots, computers, and tasty synthetic foods. Except upon closer inspection, everybody looks downright miserable. Read More >>

This Roomba Maps Your House So it Won’t Keep Ramming Into Your Sofa

It’s not going to mow your lawn, but the freshly revealed, Wi-Fi-friendly Roomba 980 can be controlled by your smartphone, plus uses a camera and sensors to create a map of your home. Read More >>

Astronomers are Furious About the Roomba Lawnmower

What could the makers of Roomba and astronomers possibly be arguing over? This is the story of how an obscure slice of the electromagnetic spectrum become the object of one bitter fight. Read More >>

Dyson Teases Low-Rise, Camera-Enabled Project N223

Dyson's engineers are working on a new thing, and judging by the clues given out in its teaser video it may be planning to slowly trundle into Roomba's automated vacuuming world. Read More >>

The Cheap Sub-£30 Roomba Alternative That Doesn’t Suck (But Probably Does)

If the Roomba's £300 price tag is too rich for your blood, but you're still on the hunt for a lazy way to clean your floors, OCedar's roving, spinning O-Duster might just fit the bill. Read More >>

Roomba 600 Series Available in the UK

The robots are one step closer to world domination thanks to the latest innovations at iRobot and their Roomba 600 series. For those of you who don't know, Roombas are those small flat cylinder shaped machines that navigate your floors via magic infra-red, collecting up bits of dirt and scaring the bejesus out of your household pets (or is it just mine?) Read More >>

The Cheapest Roomba Just Got Way Better

The Roomba 500 Series is dead. Long live the 600 Series! iRobot is giving some products a very nice upgrade today, starting with its entry-level robotic floor vacuums. Read More >>