This Adorable Robot Can Help Children to Program

Getting kids to code is a great idea—but it’s not always easy. Now a team of researchers from Harvard has developed this little robot, called Root, that’s designed to make writing code a more tangible experience. Read More >>

The Galaxy S5 (and Other Android Phones) are Now Easier to Root Than Ever

Famed hacker Geohot has released a tool called Towelroot that will allow you to root your Galaxy S5, along with a number of other prominent Android devices. Read More >>

I Don’t Want to ‘Just Root It’

Can we all agree that rooting a phone is not for everyone? That's kind of important, because these days, Android actually is a platform most people. Read More >>

How to Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (and Rid It of TouchWiz Hell)

Despite being a little long in the (blue) tooth, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 is still a pretty nifty Android tablet -- that is, if you ignore the quantity of bloat that Sammy's stuck on top. Thankfully, by rooting and flashing a custom ROM, we can get around that, and unleash the Tab 2's true potential. Read More >>

google glass
Google Glass Has Already Been Hacked and Rooted

Though Google Glass runs Android, it's not exactly as wide open as your typical Android phone. And given its spot as the most futuristic tech available right now, you know hackers want to tinker with Google's specs. Legendary hacker Jay Freeman, famously known as Saurik who created the Cydia app store for iOS jailbreak phones, did just that. He's already gained root access to Google Glass. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Been Rooted Before It’s Even Available

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 isn't even on the shelves yet, but a team of dedicated tinkerers over at XDA Developers has already managed to root the thing. Read More >>

Got a Nexus 7? Rooted it? Bricked it? Dropped it? Having Fun With it?

If you're one of the lucky first wave of Nexus 7 buyers to receive the Google/Asus tablet in the UK, you might be happy to hear there's already a fairly simple rooting procedure out there for adding extra thrills to the Jelly Bean software it arrives with. Read More >>

10 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

If you're a member of the little green army, chances are you've either rooted your phone or tablet, or at the very least have thought about it. If you're one of the latter, it's time to take the plunge. And here are ten good reasons why you should do it today. Read More >>

Motorola Droid RAZR Is Already Rooted—With a How To

Motorola's Droid Razr has just gone on sale in the States, and it's already been hacked to bits by the teardown junkies. Now it's been rooted, too. Read More >>