The Golden Age of Jailbreaking is Over

Your smartphone may be as powerful as a computer, but it's also hobbled. You can only install apps on it from the walled garden of their official respective app stores. Your options are limited to the small, vetted collection of "approved" apps as opposed to the unlimited options available for PCs, say. That's where jailbreaking comes in. Read More >>

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How to Root Your Nexus, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4

Android offers a wide variety of advanced customization options, but that’s only scratching the surface of everything you can do with Google’s open source operating system.  Despite some concerns about rooting, with root access you can get down to the system level and tweak things to your liking, even going so far as completely replacing the OS. Read More >>

I Don’t Want to ‘Just Root It’

Can we all agree that rooting a phone is not for everyone? That's kind of important, because these days, Android actually is a platform most people. Read More >>

Google Chromecast Rooted, Revealing Google TV Origins

We haven't even known about Google Chromecast for a week, and already, hackers have found a way to gain root access to the hardware. Now, it's time to poke around and see what's inside. Read More >>

The Best Android ROMs Out There Right Now

So, you've been brainwashed by the stock-Android-hating zombies, and gone ahead and rooted your handset. But to truly reap the rewards, you'll need to stick a custom Android ROM on that sucker. With dozens of crappy ROMs promising better battery life, companionship and quite literally magic flying unicorns, it's difficult to choose, so we've taken five of the best Android ROMs for a spin for you. Read More >>

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Google Glass Gets a Custom Clockwork Recovery Software

Since Google Glass is basically just a smartphone taped to your head, it's no surprise that one of the staples of Android hacking, ClockworkMod Recovery, has been ported to Glass. The recovery# should let aspiring modders mess with their Glass without having to bother with the command line. This is excellent news for everyone who's ever wanted to void a warranty on their £1,100 prototype hardware. [Brian Kriebel via Slashgear] Read More >>

The Dummy’s Guide to Android Rooting: Everything You Need to Know

Although we do our best to write comprehensive guides to rooting various Android phones, there are more handsets out there than we ever thought humanly possible. So, to give you a good starting point, we've put together a more general guide and jargon-buster, so that when some dick insults you on a forum, at least you'll know what he's saying. Read More >>

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Looks Like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Get CyanogenMod After All

Despite a locked bootloader and rumours to the contrary, it seems Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 flagship will get a touch of the Mod after all, probably because Steve "Cyanogen" Kondik has one himself. Great news for people who want to eradicate TouchWiz from their immense new quad-core-only smartphone. [CyanogenMod via Android Community] Read More >>

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S III (and Rid It Of TouchWiz Hell)

All the focus might be on the 14th of March and the Galaxy S IV right now, but if the enduring success of the Galaxy S II is anything to go by, Sammy's current flagship is here for the long haul. Given that, we thought we'd take a little trip down rooting lane, to find the very best way to squeeze the best performance out of the Galaxy S III. Read More >>

How to Root Your Shiny New Sony Xperia Z, and Rid It of All That Bloatware Crap

Sony's shiny new Xperia Z may have only been on sale in the UK for a day, but the poor thing's already been hacked to hell and back. Lucky for you, that means you can root it, get rid of Sony's bloatware, and give the Xperia Z's awesome hardware the operating system it really deserves. Read More >>

Nexus 4 rooting guide
How To Root (and Pimp) Your Google Nexus 4

So you've finally managed to weasel a Nexus 4 out of Google's grubby paws; now what? Rather than living with stock Android (wonderful though it is), let's harness the full power of the device sitting on your desk. Here's the complete, step-by-step guide to the best Nexus 4 tweaks, hacks and tune-ups around. Read More >>

9 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

To root or not to root? That is the question. Rooting your Android device definitely pushes you up a level or two in your geekdom. It requires a certain level of commitment, at least a little savvy, and even a modicum of risk. So, why would you want to bother? Read More >>

Why Would You Root Stock Android?

Google's flagship phone, the Nexus 4, has already been rooted according to a post over at XDA Developers. But we're genuinely curious: why would anybody choose to root a phone that comes loaded with stock Android? Read More >>

How to Root the Kindle Fire HD (Already!)

The crafty hackers from the XDA Developers forum have already figured out how to root the new Kindle Fire HD. Initially, some developers suggested that the new Kindles would be hack-reistant, but as the video above demonstrates, it's already been done. Head over to RootzWiki for full instructions on how to execute the root. But as always, proceed with caution because you don't want your shiny new tablet to end up bricked just after you got it. [XDA Developers and RootzWiki via The Next Web] Read More >>

10 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

If you're a member of the little green army, chances are you've either rooted your phone or tablet, or at the very least have thought about it. If you're one of the latter, it's time to take the plunge. And here are ten good reasons why you should do it today. Read More >>