Russian Cargo Ship Reaches Space Station in Record Time

A Russian-built spacecraft has reached the International Space Station in less than four hours, making it the fastest supply mission to space in history. Read More >>

Gorgeous Photo of Martian Landscape Is Just the Beginning for ExoMars Mission

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has released the first images from its new orbit, taken on April 15 from 400 kilometres above the Martian surface. Here’s the uncropped composite image: Read More >>

Europe’s Gas-Sniffing Spacecraft Set to Science the Shit Out of Mars

After a year of steadily slowing down, the ExoMars spacecraft has finally reached its target orbit around Mars. In about two weeks, the European Space Agency and Roscosmos orbiter will begin to scan the Martian atmosphere in search of trace gases, including those potentially linked to life. Read More >>

Russian Cargo Ship Destroyed En Route to the ISS

Yesterday, an unmanned Russian Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft broke up in the atmosphere and crashed over Siberia while making its way to the International Space Station. Read More >>

Europe and Russia Push Back Next Mars Rover Mission By Two Years to 2020

Space agencies in Europe and Russia have announced that their next mission to the surface of Mars with a rover will be delayed by two years, from 2018 to 2020. Read More >>

Relive the Magic of the Latest Rocket Launch to Mars in Three Glorious Minutes

Two weeks ago, the European Space Agency launched ExoMars, a major new mission that’ll hunt for signs of alien life on the Red Planet. Now, the ESA has kindly cut us a sick highlight reel set to some orchestral dubstep so that we can all spend our Friday reliving the magic of six tonnes of metal escaping Earth’s gravity well in a fiery inferno. Read More >>

Watch NASA Launch a Crew of New Astronaunts to the International Space Station Live

The Soyuz spacecraft will be blasting off into space this evening—and pulling a crew of new astronauts up to the International Space Station along with it. Watch it happen live right here. Read More >>

The ExoMars Launch Was a Resounding Success

After more than twelve hours of nail-biting anticipation, the European Space Agency’s ExoMars probe has finally phoned home, confirming that yesterday's launch was a complete success. The mission is now safely on its way to Mars. Read More >>

Why Europe’s New Mission to Mars is Such a Big Deal

NASA gets all the glory when it comes to Martian exploration, but two other space agencies are now hoping to change that. Early next week, the European Space Agency and Roscosmos are launching the first phase of their joint ExoMars mission, a major new scientific effort with an badass goal: discovering signs of life on the Red Planet. Read More >>

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Check Out Russia’s Sound-Proof, Indoor Rocket Engine Testing Chamber

Rocket engines are usually tested in large outdoor test stands far away from densely populated areas, where the engines can be left roar. Meanwhile in Russia, they build a soundproof and gas-tight indoor test chamber right in the middle of town. Read More >>

Russia’s Soyuz Spacecraft Looks Fantastic as it Prepares Launch

Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, this picture shows the Russian Soyuz TMA-16M spacecraft as it was moved by train to its launchpad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan yesterday. Read More >>

Phew! Russians Regain Control of Rogue Lizard-Sex Satellite

According the Russian space agency Roscosmos, control of the Russia's lust lost lizard-sex satellite was regained on Saturday night, of all times. Surely the love-struck lizards were being of no help. Read More >>

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This is Not a Jellyfish. Or a Sperm.

Not a jellyfish. Nor a sperm. In fact, this is a cloud formed by a Russian Soyuz rocket as it rose through the thin air of near space on the morning of Tuesday 8 July. The cross, right at the top of the formation, was made by the Soyuz's four boosters, as their plumes ballooned out in the thin air. [Roscosmos via New Scientist] Read More >>