Amazon’s Undone Is a Surreal and Visually Stunning Series About (Maybe?) Losing Your Mind

When we first meet Alma (Alita: Battle Angel’s Rosa Salazar), the heroine of Amazon’s Undone, she’s sobbing behind the wheel and driving like a maniac. Alma’s at a breaking point, and Undone – which has a mind-bending story and trippy visuals to match – sucks you into her world right as she’s falling apart. Read More >>

These Animated Riffs on 1870s Galloping Horse Footage are Delightful

Animation students at Carnegie Mellon University were recently tasked with reimagining classic film footage of a galloping horse from the late 19th century. They did not disappoint, drawing on Burger King, space aliens, rainbow centaurs, and modern art for inspiration. Read More >>

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Classic Disney Animations and Their Real Life Counterparts

It's easy to take classic animation for granted, especially these days when far more complicated images seem to appear like magic with the click of a button. But thanks to Reddit user jamieleto, these spliced rotoscoped images let us catch a glimpse at just how dedicated early Disney animators were to crafting a perfect product. Read More >>