NASA’s Next Mars Rover Intensifies Hunt for Extinct Martian Microbes

NASA's having another go at exploring Mars, as if we're not already bored of photos of barren red landscapes, with its unnamed 2020 Mars Rover already deep into development. This time, it'll be targeting rocks with the best chance of revealing ancient Martian life via a complex form of spectroscopy. Read More >>

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Took a Step Towards Autonomy 

NASA just announced that it’s given the Curiosity rover the power to fire its laser at targets of its choice. You fools, you’ve killed us all. Read More >>

This Is NASA’s New Mars Rover

NASA is racing to finish a new Mars rover, and the mission just got a launch and land date. The new rover will leave Earth by August 2020, and in February of 2021, it will hit the surface of the Red Planet to search for signs of life. Read More >>

We Now Know What Caused the Curiosity Rover to Glitch Out 

Curiosity is finally back in action, after it threw itself into a mysterious partial shutdown last week, briefly falling out of communication with Earth. Now, NASA has figured out the cause—and the culprit is also one of Curiosity’s best features. Read More >>

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Got Stuck on a Hill on Mars

NASA’s Opportunity rover just attempted to take on the steepest hill a Martian rover has ever climbed—and promptly got stuck there. Oh dear. Read More >>

Curiosity’s Next Mission Will Focus on Life on Mars

The Curiosity rover was sent up to Mars with the important job of hunting for microbes on the red planet’s surface. Now, that job is done, and Curiosity is getting a new mission—and that mission is all about the past, and future, of life on Mars. Read More >>

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This is What the European Space Agency’s ExoMars 2018 Test Rover Looks Like

This is the European Space Agency’s ExoMars 2018 rover. Well, actually that's only half the story: it is in fact a 1:2 scale model that’s been tested over the past few weeks in the ESA’s Mars Yard, but you get the picture (literally). Read More >>

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This Rover Isn’t on Mars

This looks like it could be the latest rover to land on the surface of Mars. But in fact it’s a test of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission happening right here on Earth. Read More >>

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A Fan Stitched Together the Best Selfie of Curiosity Yet  

Behold Kevin Gill’s mosaic image of NASA’s Mars rover, which is just as good as the official selfies of Curiosity. The Nashua, NH, software engineer stitched together dozens of high-resolution photos taken by the MAHLI (Mars Hand Lens Imager) camera of the rover, and the result is a great self portrait of the car-sized robotic explorer. Read More >>

Audi’s Developing a Moon Rover For Google’s Lunar Xprize

Audi is no stranger to branching out from cars, but its most recent project is perhaps more ambitious than usual: with a team of German scientists and engineers, it’s helping build a rover that could one day make it to the moon. Read More >>

Curiosity’s New Software Lets it Drill More Gently (and Do Less Damage)

The Mars rover Curiosity can be heavy handed. Its drill, used to investigate geological samples on Mars, has frequently broken the rocks that NASA scientists have wanted to peer inside. But a new software update means that now it can go more gently with with its drill. Read More >>

All The Shit We Never Actually Found on Mars

For as long as we've been snapping pics on the surface of Mars, we've been claiming to see anything and everything in its dusty, red terrain. Look at that blur; is that the silhouette of a lady Martian? A rogue military helmet from World War I? An actual human finger? Nope! It's a rock. It's always a rock. Read More >>

NASA Will Make Oxygen From CO2 on the Surface of Mars

NASA just announced what the Mars 2020 rover will carry to the Martian surface, and one of them sounds like pure sci-fi: MOXIE, a machine that sucks in carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and pumps out pure oxygen for use in rocket fuel — or someday, for humans to breathe. Read More >>

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NASA’s Moon-Bound Geology Lab that Never Quite Got Off the Ground

The rigour of operating outside the atmosphere has often led to rather outlandish NASA vehicle designs, but few have been more alien than this mobile lunar field laboratory from the heyday of the Space Age. Shame it never actually made it past New Mexico. Read More >>