air pollution
Ingenious Student Project Uses Bacteria to Clean Filthy Underground Air

Remember when we found out just how disgusting the air on the London Underground is? Surprisingly, it seems the solution is bacteria. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive Has Scored Himself A Part-Time Job

Sir Jony Ive, Apple designer extraordinaire and man whose pencil is responsible for the iMac and iPhone, has netted himself a new job! Don't worry though, he's not leaving Apple, this new gig is an unpaid position as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. Read More >>

Expanding Wheels Cover Every Type of Terrain

The normal tyre has been adapted over the course of a century to be pretty damn good at carrying people places. But from time to time they still break. Read More >>

Sir James Dyson: It’s Time to Nurture British Engineers

Sir James Dyson is on a mission to reignite British design and engineering after opening the Royal College of Art Dyson building. The central feature of this space will be a set of 40 incubators for young designers and engineers to cultivate British invention, where the chosen start-ups will be given working space, industry mentors and access to angel investors to help commercialise their ideas. Once each start-up has made their business viable they will fly the nest making room for new designers and engineers to replace them. Read More >>