Prince Philip Gives Up Licence, Can Still Fang It On Royal Grounds

Last month the Duke of Edinburgh rolled his Land Rover after reportedly being "dazzled by the sun" at an intersection. There was backlash against the royal when it was discovered that he wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, which also involved another car. Read More >>

You, Too, Can Live Like Royalty and Delete All Your Social Media Accounts

As first reported by People, actress Meghan Markle has axed her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts ahead of her planned wedding to Prince Harry later this year. The move puts her in line with the rest of Britain’s royal family, whose social media presence is limited to tidy official group accounts. But here’s a lifehack Big Like doesn’t want you to know: Even filthy commoners like us can quit this shit for good. Read More >>

UK Pubs May be Allowed to Stay Open Late For The Royal Wedding

There are two things many Brits love: The Royal Family, and consuming their own body weight in booze. So it should come as no surprise the Home Office is giving serious consideration to allowing UK pubs to stay open late the weekend of the latest Royal Wedding. Read More >>

Prince Philip Is Retiring, Palace Announces

After an emergency all-staff meeting, Buckingham Palace announced this morning that Prince Philip will be stepping down from public life this Autumn at the age of 95. Read More >>

Queen Announces UK Push for Autonomous Cars, Drones and Spaceports

Every year, the Queen gives a speech about what the government will focus its attentions on over the coming twelve months. Today, she explained that, among other things, she wants the country to focus on autonomous cars and drones. Read More >>

Why Abolishing the Monarchy is a Good Idea (But Not For the Reasons You’re Thinking)

Benefits scroungers are in the news again today as it has emerged that the accounts of the Windsor family from London show that they need to claim £150m of benefits to fix up their taxpayer funded 240-bedroom house. Worse still, in this time of austerity and despite Iain Duncan Smith's heavy-handed crackdown on handouts, the family (who don't even have jobs) cost taxpayers £35.7m, or even as much as £334m depending on who you listen to. Read More >>

God Save the Queen (From Windsor Castle Drone Intruder)

With the laws surrounding the personal use of drones tightening up across the world, you'd have to be a bit dim to try flying one near to the Queen's gaff. But police have confirmed that one foolish flyer took his unmanned craft on a trip a little too close for comfort to the royal residence of Windsor Castle. Read More >>

The Queen’s Chauffeur Makes Less Money Than the Average Lorry Driver

The Queen is on the hunt for a new driver, ready to take the Royal Household for a spin on official engagements, or milk-runs when One's fridge is running low. Read More >>

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The Queen’s First Tweet Opens New Science Museum Exhibiton

Pray silence...for the Queen's first tweet. 88-year old Elizabeth II sent a message from the royal @BritishMonarchy account this morning to mark the grand opening of the Science Museum's new Information Age Gallery. Her next mission? Saving the internet from #Gamergate. Read More >>

The Queen Picks up a 5.7 Per Cent Pay Rise, as Royal Family Ltd Makes a Profit

The Sovereign Grant, or the rough equivalent of the Royal Family's annual benefit payment, will reach £40m next year, thanks to the Crown Estate generating record profits. Read More >>

Poor Aunty Beeb Can’t Win, as Red-Faced Royalists Complain About Lack of Christening Coverage

The BBC came under fire today after it apparently didn't spend long enough covering the baptism of the world's youngest celebrity. The viewers of the six and ten o'clock news only got two minutes of the young Prince's face on telly -- barely enough time to coo appreciatively and sing the national anthem. Read More >>

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Prince Harry, Wearing an Angry Birds Hat

Crying out for a caption, I would say. [NY Mag] Read More >>

Samsung Has Been Proudly Servicing The Queen Since 2006

Samsung is boasting about achieving the Royal Warrant from the royal family, thanks to proudly providing stacks of televisions and AV equipment to our stuck-up ruling elite over the past few years. Read More >>

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Royal Wedding Spoof Tops YouTube’s Most Watched UK “Viral Videos” For 2011

YouTube's published its top 10 list of the most watched videos from the UK. Topping the list is a spoof of our Wills and Kate bounding down the isle, which was produced by T-mobile as part of its 'life is for sharing' advertising campaign. Read More >>

The Daily Mail Designs the Queen’s Next Yacht

I'm not sure how much time Queen Lizzy has for yachting when she's busy tapping the clock and looking expectantly at Kate Middleton's stomach, but the Daily Mail has launched a campaign to deliver a new "mega-yacht" to the Royal Family before the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next June. This might be one of the Mail's most fantastical articles ever. Read More >>