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Royal Mail Immortalises James Bonds Old and New on Stamps

The Royal Mail has revealed what it declares to be an "action-packed" new set of stamps, with ten of the little letter money things coming on March 17 and containing images of six Bond actors –  and even the niche charms of George Lazenby, star of 1969 cult favourite They Only Let Him Do One. Read More >>

Video Game Stamps Pay Tribute to the Classics, in Case You Ever Actually Need to Send a Letter

Royal Mail is about to launch a series of stamps paying tribute to Britain’s biggest and best video game creations from days of old, from Tomb Raider to Elite to Wipeout to Sensible Soccer. Read More >>

Court Says Royal Mail Staff’s Christmas Strikes Can’t Go Ahead

Some complicated legal action has been underway in the case of the Royal Mail Group versus its workers' union, and the latest ruling from the wigs of justice says that strikes may not go ahead as the ballot of members was not carried out in the technically correct manner. Read More >>

More Dogs Caught Attacking Postmen

Lots of bad boys around the nation have been consistently ignoring the order to get down, as Royal Mail is warning that numbers of dog attacks on its posties are on the rise. Read More >>

Royal Mail to Restart Second Daily Delivery Runs

The postmen and postwomen and postpeople of the nation will soon start coming around for a second time later in the day, like they used to do in the olden days, to help cope with our modern demand for loads of exciting parcels to be delivered as soon as possible. Read More >>

royal mail
The Royal Mail Gets With the Times and Announces Plans for Parcel Postboxes

In a move that I'm far too excited about and has me concerned about my priorities in life, Royal Mail has announced a roll out of over 1400 new postboxes designed to accommodate parcels. The parcel postboxes will start popping up from August across 38 locations over six months, including Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Leeds. Read More >>

Royal Mail Will Tell You Yesterday if Something’s Not Coming Today

Royal Mail is changing the way it informs people about the special kind of parcels that come with trackable shipping notifications, and is starting to tell recipients a whole day in advance when their stuff's about to arrive. Read More >>

Job of Postman Gets Worse

Imagine, for a minute, being a postman around the fringes of a city. Imagine having to find Flat 4b of 17 Meadowlands Court with some arsehole's internet shopping in your bag. It's upstairs. The stairs smell. And he's not in so you have to do a post card. Not just once, but 200 times. Every day. And guess what? It's about to get worse than that for some poor urban postpeople, as they'll soon be expected to do it all while riding and taking care of a massive bike. Read More >>

Captain Britain Blags Way onto Royal Mail’s Marvel Stamps

The Royal Mail is about to issue an entire set of stamps featuring the greatest Marvel characters of all time, including the likes of Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange and, er Captain Britain? Read More >>

Posties Banned From Sticking En-ger-land Flags on Their Vans

The Royal Mail has told its staff of van drivers, trolley pushers and even the village bike-riding delivery person that it's not OK to show support for the England football team during the imminent World Cup, as putting flags and stickers in vans and windows is potentially hazardous. Read More >>

Unfortunate Post Box Incident Ruins Royal Mail’s Shakespearean Celebration

The Royal Mail has been pilloried by the witty ranks of people who comment on the internet, thanks to running a promotion to celebrate the birthday of Shakespeare in which it decorated a post box -- and got a modern day Romeo and Juliet pair to nuzzle in front of it. Read More >>

game of thrones
Royal Mail’s Game of Thrones Stamp Collection Has Been Unveiled

Winter is coming for Royal Mail, who have finally unveiled the designs of their 15 Game of Thrones stamps which were announced earlier this month. Why send a letter with the face of the Queen of England on it when you can send one with the Queen of Westeros? Read More >>

Since it’s December Already, Here are Royal Mail’s Last Postage Dates for This Christmas

The last month of the year is finally upon us, bringing with it advent calendars, Christmas music, and the crushing realisation that the country is going to grind to a halt in three weeks time. So it's time to start planning ahead, and part of that planning ahead might sending our presents to family and friends across the world. Read More >>

Royal Mail Criticised For Shutting Down Parcel Tracking By Third Party Apps

Unlike Amazon, UPS, DHL and seemingly ever other delivery service, Royal Mail doesn't have an app for tracking parcels. In fact, the only way to do it is to log on to the Royal Mail website, enter your code, and hope that the stuff you're waiting for is a little bit closer to your house. And in an era of push alerts, this is very annoying to do. Read More >>

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Royal Mail is Launching New All-Electric ‘Green’ Vans

What with transporting and delivering letters and parcels all over the country, Royal Mail isn't the most environmentally friendly of operations. But the postal service looks to be making a change in that regard, because today it started trialling new all-electric delivery vans. Read More >>