Royal Mint Counts All the 50p Coins so You Don’t Have to

Collecting 50p pieces seems to be cool with the kids these days, seeing as 50p is about all the underpaid youth can afford to set aside for rainy days and flat deposits and so on. But which 50p is the rarest of them all? The Royal Mint has blown the doors off this perennial tabloid clickbait favourite by literally listing the mintage numbers throughout the entire lifetime of the 50p. Read More >>

2018 Was a Barren Year for 2p and 1p Coins

The UK Treasury has revealed that it didn't ask the Royal Mint to make any new 2p or 1p coins last year, as the country is apparently full of them. Perhaps we're taking better care of the pennies nowadays instead of chucking them in fountains to imagine things may become better. Read More >>

Royal Mint Will Make Over £885k From Limited Edition Sherlock Holmes 50p Coins

The Royal Mint is certainly on the case when it comes to making one, with its new Sherlock Holmes range of 50p coins ranging in price from a modest £10 for a brilliant uncirculated coin (translation: shiny) all the way up to a £795 Gold proof coin. Read More >>

The Stephen Hawking 50p is Cool, But Science Isn’t Just for Rich People

The Royal Mint has made a gorgeous new 50p piece to commemorate the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking, but it won't be going into circulation. Read More >>

Happy New £1 Coin Day! Here’s Where You Can Get One Today

Today is the day the brand new pound coin enters circulation, and currency nerds everywhere are excited. Which means us. Read More >>

Guess How Much This Rare Silver 2p Coin is Worth

A silver two pence coin accidentally created by the Royal Mint has been sold -- for just a little bit more than face value. You’ll find the exact figure near the bottom of this post, but you can have the time of your life guessing big numbers in the meantime. Read More >>

Free £5 Coins For Anyone Who Shares Their 90th Birthday With the Queen

To celebrate the Queen’s big 90th piss-up, the Royal Mint has unveiled a commemorative £5 coin designed by artist and sculptor Christopher Hobbs. The coin, which is marked with nine roses and, of course, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, is available from the Royal Mint’s website, and not for a fiver. Read More >>

The Round £1 Coin is Another Step Closer to Death

The new £1 coin is officially in production. The 12-sided piece, which has split public opinion, will enter circulation in March 2017, with the current £1 coin set for retirement six months later. Read More >>

This Peter Rabbit 50p is One of Four Beatrix Potter-Themed Coins to Land This Year

The Royal Mint is set to create the ultimate in pocket money swag, having unveiled plans to release a limited number of 50p pieces adorned with a mugshot of notorious fictional criminal Peter Rabbit later this year. The UK’s money maker is marking the 150th anniversary of author Beatrix Potter’s birth, and will take advantage of an increasingly-childish nation to gain some excellent press in the process. Read More >>

The Last Ever Round £1 Coin Has Been Made (Prepare For its 12-Sided Replacement)

The Royal Mint has produced the final ever batch of £1 coins, with the nickel-brass piece set to be replaced in 2017. That’s right, the end of the road for the much-loved lump of metal is approaching, and the incoming new model isn’t even round. In just over a year, a 12-sided, bi-metallic version of the £1 coin will enter circulation, and you can almost hear the outrage already. Read More >>

Royal Mint’s Created a Limited Edition £50 Coin, and You’re Not Allowed to Spend it

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the UK's longest reigning monarch, the Royal Mint has created a limited edition £50 coin. The silver piece features an image of the Queen’s face on its head, surrounded by the Latin inscription ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’. On the back, meanwhile, is a depiction of Britannia, stood next to a lion while wearing a helmet on her head and holding a trident in her hand. Both designs come courtesy of engraver Jody Clark. Read More >>

Coins Getting a Newer, Older Queen’s Head From Today

Our money will soon all change a bit again, thanks to the Queen having a new head design made to accommodate the fact that even massively rich and privileged people go a bit wrinkly after more than 50 years on the job. Read More >>

London Underground Tube £2 coins
Anyone Spotted One of these Awesome New London Tube £2 Coins?

Check your change folks. Apparently the Royal Mint's been firing out some fancy new commemorative £2 coins via London Tube stations, celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. The first load has been given to select tube stations for doling out in change, before a wide release later this year. Read More >>

Royal Mint Marks 100th Anniversary of Titantic’s Doomed Voyage With a £83 Five Quid Coin

I’m still not quite sure why everyone’s so overly jubilant about the anniversary of a disaster, but it seems the world has gone Titanic crazy, including the Royal Mint. It’s pumped out a fancy looking commemorative £5 coin to mark the occasion, which you can buy for a whole £82.50, plus shipping of course. Read More >>

Need Help Explaining the Offside Rule? This 50p Will Help

Now that's a fantastic use of the back of a 50p -- explaining the odd sports rule like offside. The Royal Mint has been putting its collection of commemorative 50p coins into circulation since 2010, but now you can buy the complete set of the shiny 29 sporting 50p pieces for £85 or £2.99 each (plus postage). Read More >>