Royal Navy Tests Autonomous Surveillance Speedboat on Thames, Doesn’t Crash

The Thames has seen more than its fair share of weird stuff this week. Just a day after having a giant floating model of London burned on top of it, the river has been used as a testing ground for one of the Royal Navy’s newest toys. Read More >>

10 of the Biggest, Baddest and Barmiest British Military Vehicles

It's Transport Week here on Giz UK, and while much of our coverage so far has focused on distinctly civilian means of propulsion, it's now time to appreciate the bonkers world of British military vehicles. Read More >>

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The Graceful Voyage of a Mountain-Sized Section of Aircraft Carrier 

This strange sight is part of a new Royal Navy aircraft carrier – without the actual carrier part – as it makes its way along the hazy River Clyde on its journey from BAE Systems’ shipyard in Glasgow to Rosyth. Read More >>

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A Beginner’s Guide to Navy-Strength Rum

The Royal Navy's successful invasion of Jamaica in 1655 had a lot of terribly negative outcomes. The commanders ended up in the Tower of London. Many of the English sailors fell sick or starved. A lot of Spanish settlers died. But there was one undeniably positive outcome: rum. Read More >>

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Look Around the Royal Navy’s Newest Aircraft Carrier

This excellent 360 degree panoramic image will let you explore the HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), the Royal Navy's newest aircraft carrier, as if you were there. Read More >>

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Antarctica Isn’t All White

Who said there's no colour at the poles? The crew of the HMS Protector visiting Port Lockroy, Antarctica surely didn't — because this stunning shot is far from all white. Read More >>

Britain’s Only Surviving WWII Submarine Has Been Turned Into This Awesome Living Museum

HMS Alliance, Britain's only surviving WWII-era submarine, has undergone a full modernisation to turn the old gal into a living museum, ready for the public to run amok in from this Thursday. Read More >>

BAE Prepares to Build Type 26 Combat Ship, First Wave of Suppliers Onboard

This dramatic embedded video is the latest design imagery for the Royal Navy's cutting-edge new Type 26 Global Combat Ship, the next-generation war-boat that's set to come into service early in the next decade. The critical Dover-Calais passenger sea ferry route will be safer than ever. Read More >>

The Royal Navy’s Getting In On the Drone Game Too

Never one to leave flying things to the likes of the Army and RAF, the Royal Navy's secured itself a bunch of drones for tracking pirates and fast-moving speedboats: the ScanEagle, a drone made by the Americans that sounds suspiciously like an anti-virus programme. Read More >>

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The Royal Navy Shows You How Not to Park a £120 Million Ship

According to the Royal Navy, HMS Lancaster "is in the midst of intensive training, readying herself and her ship's company for a deployment in 2013". If this bit of parking is anything to go by, though, they'll be needing the L plates for a bit longer -- while docking at Canary Wharf, the folks in charge managed to crash the £120 million vessel into the dock with a rather resounding crash. Oops. [YouTube via Think Defence] Read More >>

New British Warship Radar Can Detect a Tennis Ball 15 Miles Away

And not just a tennis ball from 15 miles away, but a tennis ball 15 miles away and moving at three times the speed of sound. That's the sort of sensitivity the poor old radar operators on HMS Iron Duke will have to work with when it returns to service next year. Read More >>

Men Look Utterly Puny Next to Just 1/6 of Our Colossal New Aircraft Carrier

What you're looking at here is just one of six sections of our brand new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which is currently under construction by BAE Systems. It's being moved to Rosyth to be mated with another couple of her massive sections. There's no doubt, this thing is going to be an absolute monster. Read More >>

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Britain’s Brand New £1 Billion Battleship Is a 152-Metre Mobile Missile Shield

With all the iPhone 5 hoopla lately, you might not have heard the news—Israel and Iran are fixing for a fight that could wipe both countries off the map. Twenty-six Western allies have already dispatched a flotilla of warships to the region to guard the Straight of Hormuz—among them is the brand new HMS Diamond. This floating missile shield is the Royal Navy's most capable destroyer ever. Read More >>

This Is What the Future of the British Navy Looks Like

The Royal Navy's next generation of warship has been revealed, showing exactly the sort of sleek, minimal design you'd expect from something set to enter service in the distant future year of 2021. Read More >>