Turns Out Royal Marriage is an Effective Way to Get People Off Pornhub

The Royal Wedding was, what, two weeks ago? I didn't watch it and have poor sense of time, so I really have no idea. All I know is enough time has passed for Pornhub to crank out some data analysis, showing exactly how site traffic was affected by the ginger one and the american one getting married. Read More >>

You Can Buy an Overpriced Bag of Garbage From the Royal Wedding on eBay

The Royal Family, who exist primarily to own land and outlive other heads of state, threw a massive party this weekend. There were military uniforms, horses, and a gospel choir singing “Stand By Me.” There were also gift bags. Which are now going on eBay for hundreds of pounds. Read More >>

The Royal Wedding Will be on YouTube, in Case Sky One, BBC 1, and ITV Weren’t Good Enough

There's a thing tomorrow. A big thing lots of people care about, and all the others couldn't care less. That's right, tomorrow is the day of the FA Cup final where Chelsea and Manchester United will go head to head in the hopes of winning a trophy and a year's worth of bragging rights. Oh and some famous people are getting married in Windsor. Read More >>

Kids hacking
Teenager Arrested In Royal Wedding Cyber Plot

Chalk another one up to the cyber cops of Scotland Yard -- they've arrested a 16-year-old who attempted to instigate a DDoS attack on the Royal Wedding back in April, which had to be fended off by the rozzers. Read More >>

England Bravely Defended Royal Marriage Against Global Internet Raid

Hackers, do you consider nothing sacred? Sack the CIA, beat up credit card companies, fine. But how could you spoil the wedding day of two awesomely-rich, good-looking people? They're royalty! But their big day was almost hijacked. Read More >>