Morrisons Suggests Biting Heads Off Effigies of the Rich

Supermarket chain Morrisons could find its boardroom staff tried for treason soon, as it has launched a range of gingerbread biscuits fashioned vaguely in the likeness of Prince Harry. The clear inference here is that Morrisons hates the monarchy and would like everyone to eat bits off the prince and immerse him in hot drinks, laughing and torturing the biscuit representation of The Man Who Would Be King if there's a helicopter accident involving the other one. Read More >>

Royal Wedding Commemorative Fiver Costs £13

It looks like David Beckham is remarrying Posh Spice in this commemorative coin for the latest in the long line of royal weddings, with just £13 getting you a coin worth £5. What an amazingly suitable metaphor for the royal family. Read More >>

Queen Requires Wind-Up Merchant to Look After Her Collection of Clocks

The effects of the recession clearly haven't yet impacted on the household of the nation's official grandmother, with Buckingham Palace looking for someone to work as the Royal Horological Conservator -- managing the royal estate's collection of clocks. Read More >>