Queen’s Reject Toilet Rolls Embraced by Croydon School

A batch of German toilet roll rejected by the Queen – or the Queen's official toilet roll softness tester at least – has found a welcoming home in the cubicles of a school. Read More >>

Jamaica Debates Binning the Queen and Legalising Weed

The new political regime in Jamaica has its eyes on some pretty major shakeups, most notably a plan to ditch the Queen as its head of state and turn itself into a modern republic. Read More >>

Man ‘Kidnapped’ at Queen’s State Opening of Parliament

Some men in tights and wigs are gathering at a posh building in London to coordinate the State Opening of Parliament, a bizarre ceremony that involves a man being pretend-kidnapped to ensure the Queen's safe return. Read More >>

The Queen’s Cleaner Only Barely Makes Minimum Wage

The UK's monarchy is advertising for a new travelling cleaner, although with a starting salary of just £14,400 for a 40-hour week you'd be better off down your local ASDA or staying at home pretending to be unemployable. Read More >>

The Queen is Not Amused By Kids’ Video Game Habits

It must be all lawn bowls and croquet for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she's on her down-time, as she has revealed herself as quite the video game skeptic during an MBE presentation at Buckingham Palace. Read More >>

Queen Requires Wind-Up Merchant to Look After Her Collection of Clocks

The effects of the recession clearly haven't yet impacted on the household of the nation's official grandmother, with Buckingham Palace looking for someone to work as the Royal Horological Conservator -- managing the royal estate's collection of clocks. Read More >>

Prince Andrew is the First Royal on Twitter, But We Wish It Was Prince Philip

There is an official royal family Twitter account out there to keep royalists on top of official engagements, and Harry's probably got a few registered under false names he uses to hit on ladies, but so far we've not seen an official royal use of the social site. Until now. Read More >>

Five Times the Queen’s Been Carted Out to Pimp Technology

The Queen, God bless her, is not hip. Dignified, yes; Regal, obviously, but hip? No. Still, that hasn't stopped Buckingham Palace and the government rolling Queenie out of her cryogenic freezer on occasion to demonstrate the latest and greatest in modern technology. Today is the anniversary of her royal digits tapping out their first email -- way back in 1976 -- so we thought we'd take a look at some of her other technological ventures. Read More >>

Richard III Discovered Not Alive or Well Beneath a Leicester Car Park

Archaeologists think they've found the long-lost bones of Richard III, the last English king to die in battle. A skeleton with war wounds has been pulled out of excavations in Leicester, right where history said the king should be buried. Read More >>