Foldy Phone Maker Royole May Also Be Making Weird-Looking Foldy Wearables

Chinese manufacturer Royole, creator of the world's first commercial foldable phone, could be dipping its toe into foldable wearbles according to patents discovered by LetsGoDigital. Read More >>

CES 2019: Royole’s FlexPai Bendy Smartphone Fails To Set The World On Fire

One of the devices the world has been waiting to get a closer look at this CES is the Royole FlexPai, the bendy smartphone that managed to beat the likes of Samsung and everyone else currently working on foldables to market. Read More >>

We Might Get Huawei’s Folding Phone at MWC 2019

The race to folding phones is on, and it sounds like Huawei is intending to enter the fray sooner rather than later. Read More >>

The World’s First Commercial Foldable Phone Will be Made by Royole, Not Samsung or the Others

For years we've heard plenty about how Samsung has been working on a foldable phone to bring to the market. Then more recently we've been hearing the same about other companies like Lenovo and Huawei. Well now we know which company will be the first to drop a foldable device into the hands of the consumer. It's Royole, a California-based company that doesn't command nearly the same amount of brand recognition. Read More >>

Royole Moon: A Cinema Strapped to Your Face?

The future we dreamed about as kids somehow snuck up on us and we hardly even noticed: powerful computers that fit into our pockets, video phone calls, wireless everything – and headsets that can transport us basically anywhere we want. The latest headset I’ve strapped myself into isn’t a virtual reality experience though; it’s the Royole Moon, a “3D mobile theatre”. Basically, it’s a cinema that straps to your face. Read More >>