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Russian Propaganda Outlet Claims You Can’t Embed This Leaked Video of Julian Assange

RT has published leaked footage from inside the prison where Julian Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence for jumping bail in 2012. And hilariously RT, a Russian propaganda outlet financed by the Kremlin, claims that news outlets and Internet users aren’t allowed to embed the video, despite the fact that RT has posted it on both YouTube and Twitter. Read More >>

Facebook Suspends Three Pages With Millions of Video Views, Saying They Need to Disclose Russia Ties

Facebook has suspended three video-centric pages run by Maffick Media, a company mostly owned by Ruptly, a subsidiary of the state-run RT (formerly Russia Today) network, CNN reported on Friday. Read More >>

YouTube Will Warn Users When They’re Watching State-Sponsored Propaganda

Confirming an unusual screenshot which circulated last week, YouTube has officially announced its intentions to mark content from certain news agencies as “funded in whole or in part” by whatever state happens to be their patron. In short, the platform is calling out propaganda. Read More >>

Russia Allegedly Threatens Retaliation Against Google if It Lowers RT or Sputnik’s Search Rankings

The ominous cloud of doom surrounding the ongoing U.S. investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election got a little darker on Tuesday, with Russian state communications agency Roskomnadzor allegedly threatening retaliation against Google for suggesting it could lower government-funded outlets RT and Sputnik in search rankings. Read More >>

Report: InfoWars Ran Years-Long Conspiracy to Rip Off RT and the Rest of the Media

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist best known for screaming about gay frogs, riding horses while shirtless, hawking lead-contaminated dietary supplements, and claiming he is in communication with President Donald Trump, has been up to something pretty suspicious himself. Read More >>

Russian Propaganda Mysteriously Cut Into C-SPAN’s Web Feed and No One Knows Why

This afternoon, online viewers of politics-meets-Ambien channel C-SPAN were treated to a disturbing change in programming: For around 10 minutes, the web stream aired RT (formerly Russia Today) instead. Read More >>

Having Trouble Trying to Update to Windows 8.1 RT?

Having trouble trying to update to Windows 8.1 RT right now? That's because Microsoft had to temporarily pull it thanks to some "installation issues." It should be back soon. Read More >>

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Windows 8 Tablets Now Own 7.4 Per Cent of the Tab Market

Microsoft's Windows 8 and RT tablets have seemingly got off to a bit of a flyer, with number crunchers estimating Windows is now the OS on 7.4 per cent of all portable tabs. Not a bad beginning given the fashionable and cheap Apple and Android onslaught. Read More >>

Smaller Windows Tablets Incoming?

Microsoft's money man and chief financial officer Peter Klein made it clear that we could see some smaller Windows tablets appear to battle in the lucrative 7" tab market, with the software giant ready to open the smaller, narrower floodgate if demand's there. Read More >>

7 Ways to Save the Microsoft Surface

It has a more dynamic interface. It has Office inside. It can run two apps on the same screen. And it has a USB port and a built-in kickstand. The iPad has none of these things, and the Microsoft Surface does. So why does Microsoft's first tablet already seem to be on the ropes? Read More >>

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Happy Windows 8 Launch Morning Everyone!

Were you one of these clearly insane people who queued up outside PC World to buy Windows 8 last night? And if so, how's that installation process going for you? Read More >>

windows 8
Here’s the First Look at Firefox for Windows 8

Just a few weeks ahead of Microsoft's release of Windows 8, Mozilla has pushed the first preview version of Firefox Metro out of the nest. Read More >>

Relive the Microsoft Windows Tablet Announcement Time and Time Again

If you're excited by Microsoft's rather slim and surprisingly sexy Surface tablets and would like to relive the thrilling launch event, the entire keynote presentation from late last night is now available for online viewing. Read More >>