A Scottish Tech Company is Going to Track All Our Rubbish

Scottish data analytics firm Topolytics has landed itself a major contract with the Department for Environmental and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to monitor and track all the rubbish in the country. Read More >>

London Flats Will Vacuum Away Recycling Through Hidden Pipes

A new development of flats in London is to test an innovative system for disposing of recycling -- sucking it down a network of pipes to an off-site facility. Which will be amazing, until the local kids start putting car tyres and dead cats down them. Read More >>

It’s Now a £150 Fine for Throwing Rubbish Out of a Car

Local councils have been handed the sort of power that angry dads can only dream of — a doubling of many of the fines for littering our proud* land with the detritus of convenience culture. Read More >>

Amazon Delivers Parcel to Entirely Safe Black Wheelie Bin

The idea of putting a delivery straight into a wheelie bin for safe keeping is mad, obviously, but there's a caveat. This happened in Birmingham, where the binmen have been on strike for ages, so perhaps it's not quite as mad as it initially seems. Read More >>

Roads Department Gamifies Throwing Rubbish Out of the Car

Lazy people who throw rubbish out of car windows are in for a treat should they drive around certain spots in the north of England, as the roads department is testing a thrilling new type of bin. It's like a big old ship's funnel, into which drivers-by are encouraged to casually throw their rubbish. Read More >>

Hong Kong’s Beaches Are Suddenly Covered in Rubbish and No One Knows Why

Visitors to Hong Kong’s beaches have taken to various social media channels to voice their outrage about the current state of the region’s beaches. Judging by the accompanying photos, they look more like trash oases than relaxing paradises. Read More >>

“Naked Binmen” Hired to Shame Londoners into Wasting Less

An anti-litter charity is sending some "naked" men out on the streets of London this week, in a stunt designed to bring attention to the masses of waste that's generated at this over-consuming time of year. Read More >>

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Watch How New York’s Enormous Organic Rubbish System Works

The process of throwing out rubbish in New York City is much more complicated than any of the millions of people living there could ever realise. A mini-documentary by the New York Times does a full observation of the £184 million service top to bottom. Read More >>

A “Dumpcano” of Rubbish Erupted in the Arctic and Won’t Stop Burning

It began rather quietly as a underground fire at a dump in Canada's remote northern reaches. Then in May, the fire "erupted," spewing forth flames and toxic fumes over the city of Iqaluit. Faced with a football pitch-sized smouldering dump fire, this week the city council finally scrounged up the $2.2 million to put it out. How the hell does a dump fire spontaneously ignite—and why is it so expensive to put out? Read More >>

363 Tonnes of Rubbish Makes This Beach the Dirtiest in the World

This is how Shenzhen's Dameisha Beach—in China—looks at the end of the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Some 780,000 people dumped more than 362 tonnes of rubbish in just one weekend. It seems unreal that people can still relax surrounded by so much garbage, just imagining the stench makes me feel sick. Read More >>

There’s Rubbish in the Deepest, Most Remote Parts of the Ocean

Our planet's oceans are huge and mysterious, and there are still stretches of the ocean floor that remain unexplored. But that doesn't mean they're pristine and untouched: a new study found even the deepest, most remote areas of the oceans contain man-made litter. As a species, we're just a bunch of slobs. Read More >>

The Plan to Turn Jellyfish Into Nappies and Paper Towels

Of the many problems on Earth, here are two: there are too many jellyfish in the sea, and there are too many nappies in our landfills. An Israeli nanotech start-up called Cine'al says it has found the answer to both in Hydromash, a super-absorbent material made from the bodies of jellyfish. But why stop at nappies? Cine'al says jellyfish tampons, paper towels, and medical sponges could all be part of our absorbent future. Read More >>

This Sneaky Waste Bin Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

Just like Romeo and Juliet, flies are tragically destined to crave their one true love: pungent, mouldy, rotten rubbish. And thanks to this ingenious trash can design that traps flies only to have them starve. Read More >>

Gull-Proof Sacks Saving Carlisle Residents From Streets of Shame

Households in parts of Cumbria have been issued with retro hessian sacks by their local council, in an attempt to stop seagulls from rummaging through bin liners, eating waste and letting the wind blow their embarrassing credit card statements into nextdoor's garden. Read More >>