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It Takes Five Obscenely Complicated Minutes for This Machine to Dispense a Single Piece of Tape

When it comes to Rube Goldberg machines, if you have to ask why, you’ll probably never understand the joy of building impossibly complex machines to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Need a piece of tape? This machine takes almost five minutes to do nothing but dispense a sticky strip. Read More >>

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This Rube Goldberg Basketball Machine Has Enough Tricks to Be a Harlem Globetrotter

It seems not even basketball court jester is a job that’s safe from from the rise of the machines. Students from Georgia Tech University in the US built a giant Rube Goldberg contraption that’s capable of reproducing many of the Harlem Globetrotters’ most crowd-pleasing tricks; from spinning a ball on a finger, to simply sinking baskets. Read More >>

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This Brilliantly Complex Rube Goldberg Machine Finally Puts Fidget Spinners to Good Use

Having survived the great fidget spinner fad of 2017, the world is now struggling to find ways to put billions of abandoned spinners to good use. It might not solve the problem of Everest-sized mountains of unwanted stress toys, but YouTuber Kaplamino’s latest Rube Goldberg machine at least finds a novel use for them. Read More >>

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It Took 297 Agonising Tries For This Complex Rube Goldberg Machine to Work Flawlessly

After losing a bet, YouTube’s jackofallspades98 spent four months building one of the most complicated Rube Goldberg machines I’ve ever seen. Spread across two tables, it’s so dense and complex that it took 297 attempts before it worked all the way from start to finish. Read More >>

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This Massive Rube Goldberg Machine Uses the Internet to Visit Five Different Cities

Thanks to the internet and being able to easily share videos of them playing out, those pointlessly complicated Rube Goldberg machines are more popular than ever. But this wonderful kinetic sculpture actually uses the internet as one of its countless mechanisms so that it’s able to play out across five different cities across the United States. Read More >>

The HTML Chain Reaction Simulator is a Vortex You Can’t Escape

Every web developer take note: Sebastian Ly Serena has come up with a brilliant way to make your website more entertaining and captivating—without clogging it up with boring content. Just turn it into a HTML-based Rube Goldberg machine and watch the clicks roll in. Read More >>

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This Chaotic Contraption is the Most Complicated Way to Get a Drink

There are 175 steps in this chain reaction contraption by berlagawesome. It’s so chaotic that you don’t always know what’s going on and where to follow. Read More >>

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This is How OK Go Made Their Latest One-Take Optical Illusion Video

Last week, we showed you OK Go's new video, "The Writing's On the Wall," the latest in the band's series of impeccably orchestrated one-take videos chock full of optical illusions and visual tricks. Here's the behind-the-scenes look at how they did it. Short answer: it was frantically precise. Read More >>

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You Wouldn’t Think To Set Up Such Clever Domino Destruction

At 20,000 to 25,000 dominoes total, what you're seeing in this video doesn't come close to the world record. But that doesn't matter because these domino setups are incredibly involved and creative. Read More >>

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The Dog Goldberg Machine Is the Best Rube Goldberg Machine

This might be an ad for some crappy dog food, but who cares. The Dog Goldberg Machine is just the greatest, most adorable pup-powered kibble and ball distributor ever. Read More >>

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The Rube Goldberg Machine That Defies the Laws of Physics

Taking the Rube Goldberg to a whole new dimension, the wizards (assuming magic plays a big part in this) at 2D House have created this complex chain reaction that seemingly ignores and laughs at the laws of the universe that govern our daily existence. Read More >>

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How the Extreme Athlete-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Was Made

Remember how Red Bull made that amazingly ridiculous athlete-powered Rube Goldberg machine? This is how they did it. And it includes 11 athletes, 12 different machines, 4 RED cameras, 45 GoPro cameras, a 75 person crew putting in 3,422 man hours and a helluva lot of sawdust. Read More >>

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This Extreme Athlete-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Is Just Incredible

Yeah, it's absolutely an ad for Red Bull but so what. This extreme athlete-powered Rube Goldberg 'machine' is even better than the free running machine they pulled off a month ago. Watch the entire thing and you won't believe how they use world famous athletes like Lolo Jones and Ryan Scheckler to pull off one stunning act after another. Read More >>

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The Only Way to Make a Rube Goldberg Machine More Awesome Is By Setting It On Fire

Like everyone else, we love Rube Goldberg machines. And we love them even more when they are built around two basic elements: gasoline and gunpowder. Now I want to see one that involves a canon and spans through half a mile. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

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Adorable Suitcase-Sized Rube Goldberg Machine Doesn’t Skimp On the Complexity

Rube Goldberg machines are getting a little long in the tooth. OK Go may have made them popular again with their video for This Too Shall Pass, but since then it's been like a cold arms race to build the biggest and best. Read More >>