10 Facts You Might Not Know About the Game of Rugby

Every four years the Rugby World Cup comes around, making the lives of rugby fans that little bit sweeter, not only because they have the chance to watch some quality international games, but mainly because it's the only time it is talked about more than football. Read More >>

O2 Builds Working Phone out of Grass

This thing here is a recycled phone made out of grass and leftover mobile components, which O2 has had put together to remind the nation to recycle their embarrassingly out of date 14-month-old smartphones when upgrading. Read More >>

monster machines
Meet the French Rugby Team’s Six-Legged Scrum Bot

There might not be any Six Nations to quench your violent-team-sport thirst this weekend, but you can get your rugby fix from checking out the kit the Frenchies are training with before next weekend's show-down. In addition to torn ears and broken bones, players risk spinal damage when in the scrum, which is why this six-legged rugby-bot teaches the French National Rugby Team how to move the pile in unison without breaking their individual necks. Read More >>

Referee red card
Is the Ref Flaming Blind? Ref-Cam’ll Show You

The ref's giving god-awful decisions left and right, so what do you do? Strap a hi-def camera to his chest and actually see it from his point of view, of course. Or at least, that's the idea. Somehow I think it'll be a jerky, vomit-inducing mess of footage, but Rugby's trying it, and other sports might follow. Read More >>

Six Alternative Olympic Sports We Wish We Could Watch Instead

Tired of the corporate love-in; security fears and traffic chaos of the London Olympics, but just really love sport? We're in the same boat, so put together a list of alternative British Olympic events for you to enjoy this summer. There's a shin-kicking, welly-wangin', cheese-rolling world of sport out there, so it's easy to create your own bonkers Olympics this weekend. Read More >>

Minute-by-Minute Six Nations Rugby Analysis on Your Mobile

If you're one of the rare few Gizmodo readers that occasionally takes a break from performing internet speed tests and checking for new OS updates to watch sport on TV, you may like this. The official RBS Six Nations Live Challenge app. Read More >>