Mid-Tier Restaurateur Handed Job of Reviewing Entire UK Food System

The boss of restaurant chain Leon, which grandly upsells veggie food but also has lots of sneaky chicken burgers on its menus, has been asked to run a full investigation of the operation of the UK food network, in the largest scale investigation into and potential ripping-up-of our farming methods since the end of WWII. Read More >>

Electric Cars Must Now Make Noise in the US and We Have Some Suggestions

Yesterday, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a new “quiet car” safety standard, which is designed to protect pedestrians—particularly those who are vision-impaired—from hybrid and electric cars. Read More >>

British Safety Authorities Compile Laws of Robotics 2.0

The British Standards Institute has decided it's time the world of robots had some official laws, so it's presented a few guidelines in the dull form of official guidance paper BS 8611:2016 Robots and Robotic devices, a paper described as being a "guide to the ethical design and application of robots and robotic systems." Read More >>

The Line Between Legal and Illegal in Elite Sport is Only Going to Get Fuzzier

Team GB’s handsome haul of shiny stuff at the Rio Olympics may have brought smiles to our faces and a sense of pride to our hearts, but 2016 has been anything but a fantastic year in the fiercely competitive world of sport. Read More >>

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How Does Maritime Law Actually Work?

A country’s territorial waters reach twelve miles off its coast, which means it can make up the rules there. Twelve miles beyond that is the contiguous zone where the country can only enforce laws regarding customs, taxation, immigration, and pollution. Up to 200 nautical miles off the coast is the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which is sort of international waters but only that country has the rights to harvest the natural resources there. One country, three different levels of laws over the ocean. Read More >>

Dad Not Guilty of iPhone Confiscation ‘Crime’

A man who confiscated his daughter's iPhone as punishment for sending a mean message about his new partner has been given the all clear, with a judge throwing out a charge of theft brought by the child's furious mother. Read More >>

Bored Council Workers Are Flouting Porn and Social Media Rules

The temptations of being stuck on a computer while doing a boring job were too much fgor some council workers last year, with a series of Freedom of Information requests revealing that 51 council employees were suspended for breaking social media rules -- and 11 earned a suspension for looking at porn. Read More >>

Sleepy Driver Alarms Could Become a Mandatory Car Safety Feature

Trying to beat the traffic by leaving at 11:30pm to pull an all-nighter drive to Cornwall or Glasgow or Wales or somewhere, like you're Richard Hammond doing a funny thing where he races the post train? The cars of tomorrow might be able to help, with new tech to check whether drivers are nodding off possibly about to become mandatory. Read More >>

Cricketer Loses Wicket to Obscure (Unsporting) Rule

Lymington batsman Bryn Darbyshire is the unfortunate holder of a world first in the cricketing world, after falling victim to an odd and somewhat unsporting rule in the dusty old laws of the game. Read More >>

Police Toughen Rules on Stop and Search Requests

People with naturally shifty-looking eyes or skin tones associated with terrorists in video games may have a slightly easier ride from now on, thanks to all 42 UK police forces agreeing to stick to tougher new rules on the "stop and search" practise. Read More >>

Hundreds of Police Disciplined for Going Rogue on Facebook

UK police are struggling to keep their work and personal lives separate, with numbers showing that over 800 have been disciplined in various ways for breaching social media guidelines since 2009. Read More >>

MPs Suggest “This Might Kill You” Safety Warnings on Booze

The placing of cigarette-style safety warnings on alcohol has been suggested by a group of MPs, with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse claiming that sticking on warnings could help tackle the country's drinking problem. Read More >>

Red Cross Says Video Game Killers Should Stick to the Rules of War

The Red Cross has suggested that developers ought to rethink their Call of the Warfield video game shooter franchises, claiming it would be better and more respectful for everyone if games followed the actual conventions observed in combat. So no gunning down villages just because you can. Read More >>

12 Rules of Internet

In all my years working in technology, I have learned a few things. These lessons have become oft-repeated refrains when speaking to people, so I thought I'd collect them so I have a link to send folks when needed. Read More >>

Have You Been Playing Monopoly Wrong All These Years?

No one likes reading the damn manual, which has apparently meant that legions of people have been playing Monopoly wrong, missing one crucial rule that's meant to prevent the game running for so flaming long. Have you? Read More >>