This Week’s Tech Rumours, From Brilliant to Bullshit

Technology is full of rumours on what might be, ranging from the highly probable to the likely impossible. Covering technology means slogging through silly press releases, scammy Kickstarters, horribly photographed leaks, and hazy speculation that often needs another level of scrutiny to figure out if its even worth my (and your) time. Read More >>

Now WSJ is Hearing Talk That HTC Will Build the Nexus 9

More rumours suggesting HTC's about to win the Nexus Device Lottery have appeared, with no lesser authority than the Wall Street Journal suggesting Google and HTC are indeed working to create the Nexus 9. Read More >>

Report: Apple Working on Two Big iPhones, For Whatever That’s Worth

There is a long, proud lineage of Apple product rumours, reaching back to before the original iPhone. Some come true, most do not. The latest, from Bloomberg, seems likely to split the difference: Two new, bigass iPhones being developed in some Cupertino subbasement, ready for release next autumn. Read More >>

Report: Facebook’s Testing a New Group Chat Feature

Hoping to compete against Apple's iMessages, Google's Hangouts and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook is reportedly testing a new chat room feature that would allow for hosted group chats on the web. Read More >>

Leaked Pics of Nokia’s New Aluminium Lumia Are Totally Gorgeous

We're already pretty into Nokia's just-announced Lumia 928, but here's what's coming next. Evleaks, who has a pretty great track record with these things, just showed the world Nokia's new phone, which seems to be the codename "Catwalk" phone we've been hearing about. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 camera
Is Samsung Finally Waking Up to the Fact that Expensive Phones Need to Feel Premium?

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 our hearts sank a little. Compared to the gorgeous, premium looking and feeling HTC One, the plastic-shelled S4 just looked cheap. Yes, there are merits for a polycarbonate construction, but a premium experience isn't one of them. It seems Samsung might have just woken up to that fact. Read More >>

What Is Tomorrow’s Big Facebook Mystery?

Tomorrow, Facebook will reveal to the press what it's been "building." What could it be? Zuck rarely invites us to his corporate home, so it must be special—and here are our best guesses. Read More >>

WSJ: Apple’s Building a Cheaper iPhone (Again)

The WSJ, never one to pass up a good (or bad) Apple rumour, is reporting that the company is working on a less expensive alternative to its £530 iPhone. And if that sounds familiar, well, it should. It's the same rumour it trotted out back in February of 2011. Read More >>

Report: Intel’s TV Service Won’t Be Announced at CES, But More Details Emerge

Bad news for anyone who was excited for Intel to finally reveal its long-rumoured set top box and TV service plans at CES next week. According to Janko Roettgers over at Gigaom, knowledgeable sources claim that Intel won't be officially announcing its challenger to the Apple and Google TV at the show, but more tantalising details have emerged. Read More >>

Report: The TV Revolution Is Here, and It’s Led By… Intel?

Google tried it and failed. Microsoft's spent years putting pieces in place with Xbox, but it hasn't gotten there yet. And if you believe the rumours, Apple's been working on it in secret for years. But the living room revolution we've been waiting for won't be coming from the big three, according to a report from TechCrunch. Read More >>

Leaked Shots of Sony’s New 1080p 5-Inch Super-Phone — Phablets, Watch Out

It looks like a prototype version of Sony's upcoming new flagship phone, the Xperia Yuga, might have leaked into the wild. A Russian site claims to have got their meaty paws on one, and have published photos to prove it. It's gotta be said, this looks like one serious beast. Read More >>

Twitter Might Host Its Own User-Uploaded Videos

A couple of years ago, Twitter began giving users the option of using its own servers to store photos as an alternative to the likes of TwitPic and Lockerz. Now it has become the de facto standard. According to AllThingsD, Twitter is interested in doing the same thing for video. Read More >>

Report: There’s a New Nexus Phone Coming Later This Month

LG is about to get into the Google Nexus game with a new phone to be released later this month, according to CNET. The as-yet-unnamed phone will bear some similarities to LG's recent Optimus G, but will also pick up some tweaks in order to earn the Nexus name. Read More >>

Leaked iPad Mini Photos Show First Look at Black Model, 3G Support

UkrainianiPhone has some exclusive leaked photos of the 7.85-inch iPad mini, showing its black case for the first time. The photos were allegedly taken by a source "close to Apple production line in China" and they match the previous parts leak, which showed two dock connectors, one in white and the other in black. Read More >>

How an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Might Compare in Size to the iPhone 4S and iPad

There have been many, many rumours which, by consistency alone, given us an idea of how big an iPad Mini and iPhone 5 might be. This latest shot, which shows cases for the devices that use the leaked specs, puts those maybe devices in context with the current offerings. And if that iPad Mini shell is accurate, the realisation that it's not a total dwarf next to the 10-inch iPad, kinda makes the idea of one all the more tantalising. [MacRumors] Read More >>