The OnePlus 6T Will Apparently Arrive in October

It doesn't feel like it's been that long since the OnePlus 6 arrived on the scene, but it's apparently time to start thinking about the impending launch of the OnePlus 6T. The latest report claims that the company's mid-cycle follow-up is set to arrive sometime in October. Read More >>

Google Might Release its Own Smart Display Later This Year

Even though it's only August it feels as though the year is basically over, so it's a little bit weird to think that we still have a bunch of major announcements yet to come. Google. in particular, is seemingly set to have a very busy few months if all the rumours are to be believed. Not only will the company launch the Pixel 3 (and XL), alongside a rumoured Pixel Watch and second-gen Pixel Buds, it's now rumoured Google will be launching its own Assistant-powered smart display to compete with Amazon's Echo Show. Read More >>

Leaker Reckons HTC Will Stop Making its Own Phones

The past few years haven't been so great for HTC's phone-making division. The company has slowly been fading from the spotlight because people seem to have stopped buying its devices, not the mention the increased competition from companies that have been rising up the popularity league tables. So when you hear speculation that the company will stop making its own phones, it doesn't sound like the most unlikely thing in the world. Read More >>

Report Claims iPhone XI and XI Plus Will Have Apple Pencil Support

Earlier this week Samsung released an advert mocking the fact only iPads support the Apple Pencil - whereas the Galaxy Note 9 did. It was a pretty daft advert then, but it sounds even dafter now that we're hearing reports that the iPhone XI and XI Plus will have stylus support after all. Read More >>

Apple Could Let You Store Your Passport on an iPhone

Apple has been very keen on trying to make sure the iPhone can replace a bunch of other stuff you'd normally carry around. Credit cards, loyalty cards, gig tickets, plane tickets, and so on. Now it looks like it might be considering taking things a step further, and seeing whether it's possible to store your passport on the iPhone. Read More >>

If This Leak Is Legit, the Pixel 3 XL Will Be Google’s Ugliest Phone Yet

If you’re worried that Google might change its mind about including the hated notch on its rumoured Pixel 3 smartphone, don’t be: You’re still getting that terrible notch, if this alleged unboxing of a Pixel 3 XL is the real deal. Read More >>

The Latest Galaxy Note 9 Leak Actually Includes UK Pricing Information

30 hours is how long you'll have to wait for the Galaxy Note 9 to be officially announced by Samsung, and as is the case with these things the last few missing details are starting to trickle out. The latest leak finally includes some ricing information for the phone, with figures for the UK. Read More >>

A Dual SIM iPhone May be Coming, but Only in China

If you need to have a dedicated number for work, and don't fancy having to carry around two phones, a dual SIM phone is pretty much essential. They're not exactly uncommon, but there's one big company that has continually snubbed allowing its customers to add an extra SIM card to their phones: Apple. That might be changing when it releases new devices later this year, but the bad news is the coveted dual SIM model might be an Chinese exclusive. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Launch Date Has Been Leaked… by Google

Tech companies are very fond of keeping all their secrets close to their chest, and making sure they don't end up in public before the time is right. Except they're not very good at that job, and often the biggest leaks come from internal sources rather than some third party affiliate. Case in point, Google is the company responsible for leaking the day it'll announce the Pixel 3. Read More >>

Rumour Claims Apple Won’t Put Headphone Adaptors in This Year’s iPhones

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 it was, and still is, a controversial decision that divided people into two camps. While irritating that wired headphone users would either need to switch to Lightning headphones or use an adaptor, Apple was gracious enough to put both into the box. That good grace might not be continuing for long, though. Read More >>

Pixel 3 XL Specs Allegedly Leak via Geekbench

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is out next week, so it's about time we started moving onto worrying about the other big phones that are arriving in the coming months. One of them is, of course, Google's Pixel 3 and its XL brother. We've heard bits and pieces about the phone already, notches and all, but now the specs for the XL variant have supposedly leaked online. Read More >>

Android P May Arrive on 20th August

The first solid details about Android P were first announced at Google I/O back in May, but the company stuck to its annual tradition of not being very forthcoming about when it would actually arrive (or what it's actually called). Now we may know one of those details, thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass. Read More >>

Rumour Claims the Galaxy Note 9 Will Have the Same Camera as the S9+

If you've been paying attention to rumours about the Galaxy Note 9, you'll know that the phone isn't going to be a whole lot different from the S9 Plus which arrived earlier this year. That's not unusual, but apparently Samsung won't be doing its usual thing of trying to ensure the camera stands out. Not according to a rumour out of China is to be believed. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 Sales Were a Bit Rubbish, Promises Note 9 Will be “Reasonably” Priced

We're just over a week away from the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, but there's still news of the last galaxy smartphone that needs to be discussed. Samsung's Q2 financial earnings are in, and it's confirmed what a lot of people had long expected - that the Galaxy S9 wasn't exactly a great seller. There are also some tidbits hiding away about the company's incoming smartphone range beyond the Note 9. Read More >>

Google’s ‘Pixel Stand’ Could Turn Your Pixel Into a Google Home

Google and Amazon are in a constant war to try and one-up each other in the smart speaker market, releasing speakers, mini speakers, those devices with screens hat everyone calls speakers, and so on. Now following Amazon's announcing Show Mode and the Show Mode dock, which turns a Fire tablet into an Echo Show of sorts, a leak claims Google is working on something similar called the 'Pixel Stand'. Read More >>