New Report Reiterates Rumours That Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Going to Cost a Fortune

On Wednesday evening we got our first glimpse at Samsung's foldable phone, a device that was essentially a smartphone with a tablet hiding inside. But this wasn't a product launch, and it means there's a lot we still don't know about the almost-mythical device. What we have heard is that it won't be cheap, and a new report reiterates that claim. Read More >>

Samsung’s Getting Ready to Unveil the Folding Phone

Now that they've been beaten to the folding phone punch by lesser-known brand Royole, it seems Samsung is gearing up to show us what they've been working on all this time. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T May Eventually be Available in a Colour Other Than Black [Updated]

[Update:] The phone is official, as it's just been launched in China. There's no word on international availability, but it will cost 3,999 Yuan (£399) and comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The black version costs £529, don't expect it to be any less than that if it comes here. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 May Ditch the Iris Scanner

The Iris Scanner has been a staple part of Samsung's flagship Galaxy phones for a while now, but word it is might be getting killed off. Well we actually heard about this rumour a while back, with the promise that Samsung was investing in better facial recognition, but now it's back. Read More >>

LG Might Unveil its Own Foldable Phone at CES

Earlier today we saw Royole announce what it says will be the first commercially-available foldable phone. But that's not all the folding phone news for today, because a new rumour claims LG will unveil its own foldable phone at CES in January. Read More >>

New Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a 43 Megapixel Camera

As far as I'm aware we're past all the big phone launches for 2018, except for maybe Xiaomi's impending UK launch of still-unspecified products. Naturally that means we have to readjust our focus onto 2019's handsets in a way we just weren't doing before. We've already heard plenty of rumours, but you should expect them to start flying out every five minutes. The latest to hit the web is one claiming Samsung will add a ridiculous 43-megapixel camera to the Galaxy S10. Read More >>

We Might Not Get That Samsung Folding Phone ‘Til June 2019

For a while, it was all looking pretty positive for the long-rumoured Samsung folding phone: first Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh made some comments confirming its existence, then a cryptic tweet was taken as proof it was coming soon, then it turned out the tweet was probably right when a whole load of new details came out about the Galaxy S10 and folding phone, codenamed 'Winner' (eurgh). Read More >>

New Details Emerge About the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Folding Phone

Exciting new details about Samsung's phone plans for next year – including 5G, the rumoured foldable phone and the Galaxy S10 – have been revealed in a new report. Read More >>

Facebook’s ‘Ripley’ Could Turn Your TV Into a Giant Spying Device

Recently Facebook announced it was releasing something called the Portal. Portal is smart display, with Alexa features, that's primarily designed for audio and video calling people on your Facebook friends list. It was interesting to see such a thing come out of a company that has been levelled with serious privacy-based accusations, especially now that the company has admitted Portal could potentially be used to sell ads to users. But, what if the Portal was your TV? Read More >>

New Stupidly-Early Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a Giant-Sized Screen

It's not usual for a phone to have a big screen. In fact, it's unusual for them to be small these days, since the general trend has to go more and more tablet for whatever reason. Probably because watching Netflix (or porn) on a 3-inch display is a pretty rubbish experience. But now a new, and totally unverified rumour, reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 will take things to a new extreme. Read More >>

Daft Rumour Reckons Samsung is Ditching the Headphone Jack on the Galaxy S10

Ever since Apple made the bold (or stupid, depending on who you ask) decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack the rumour-mill has suggested that every other phone will be following suit. Samsung's name seems to pop up a lot, as I can remember, and now it's happened again. The Galaxy S10 is a long way off, and it's way too early to speculate about the phone's finer details, but the Korean tech media is already claiming the headphone jack is on the way out. Read More >>

New Partnership Means EE Customers May End Up With Custom Apple TVs

It's no secret that Apple has been wanting to infiltrate the world of streaming and television for quite some time, to the point where it's been spending millions of dollars on original content. But there's more to TV dominance than simply creating content people may find too boring to watch. Word is it's in discussions with BT to deliver Apple TV hardware to EE broadband customers, in an effort from both companies to better infiltrate the living room. Read More >>

Samsung Might be Adding Wireless Charging to Mid-Range Phones

A few weeks ago Samsung announced its intention to increase focus on its selection of mid-range Galaxy A handsets, with mobile chief DJ Koh promising new technology would hit these phones before the flagship Galaxy S range. Apparently this was to offer innovation to the price-conscious millennial market, who don't have £1,000 to spend on a phone. The company is taking things a step further today, with a report claiming that mid-range handsets will get wireless charging. Read More >>

Looks Like Google’s Releasing a ‘Smart TV Kit’ Bundle, with Chromecast and Google Home Mini

There's been a lot going on with Google's upcoming Pixel launch event, with leaks spilling out and revealing all the new and updated devices we should expect to see. Another one has just revealed itself, in the form of a 'Smart TV Kit'. The contents are nothing new, but it's interesting to see how Google attempts to further integrate its products into the smart home ecosystem. Read More >>

Apparently Google’s New Chrome OS Tablet Will be Called the Pixel Slate

Android tablets have always been the focus of some criticism, because the OS isn't properly optimised for large screens - which can be problematic for some apps. It's a wonder why Google never bothered with a tablet that can run Chrome OS, rather than limiting it to laptops, but it's been known for a while that something is in the works. Now it's being claimed that the tablet itself will be called the Pixel Slate. Read More >>