Nintendo Might Be Preparing a Mini SNES For Christmas

Last week, Nintendo dealt a crushing blow to retro gaming fans when it announced that it was discontinuing the uber-popular NES Classic Edition. We’re still not sure what Nintendo was thinking—most companies do not choose to discontinue products that get such great reviews and sell out immediately and consistently across the globe—but the good news is, we might see a mini Super Nintendo at the end of the year. Read More >>

Peter Capaldi Could Be Joined By Another Doctor in His Final Doctor Who Episode

And no, not just whoever he’ll be turning into when he regenerates in this year’s Christmas special. We’re talking about a familiar face from Doctor Who past, who could team up with the Twelfth Doctor for one final trip. Read More >>

The 10th Anniversary iPhone Sounds Like a Samsung Clone

According to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, a traditionally reliable source for iPhone news, Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone is shaping up to be the company’s most ambitious phone yet. The phone will be a nearly bezel-free slab of glass and stainless steel (or possibly aluminium), the home button will be dead, and a gorgeous OLED display will be the focal point. Read More >>

star wars
These Are Probably Luke’s First Words in The Last Jedi

There’s still no trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi but Disney Shareholders got to see the first public footage anywhere on Wednesday and, in it, Luke Skywalker finally spoke. Read More >>

X-Men Writer Simon Kinberg Rumored to Direct a Dark Phoenix X-Sequel

Talk of a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse has been rampant as of late. There have been rumours of titles, shooting dates, actors returning, and more. But one thing there hasn’t been is an answer to the question of who might write and direct the expected X-sequel. Now that name may finally be revealed. Read More >>

This Might Be Our First Look at the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery

A leaked photo that looks to be from the set of Star Trek: Discovery has given us our first peek at the new Klingons. And, yeah, there are some things we need to discuss. Read More >>

The Latest Ben Affleck Batman Rumour Is Encouraging, But in a Really Bad Way

When Ben Affleck gave up directing duties on the solo Batman film, it was obvious things were grim. And while the latest rumour seems to suggest they’re just getting worse, this time there’s a silver lining. Read More >>

Bryan Cranston Might Have Confirmed a Major Rumour About the Power Rangers Movie

A harmless gift from Bryan Cranston might just prove a long-standing rumour about Zordon’s role in the upcoming Power Rangers flick. Read More >>

There’s A HTC Vive-Branded Smartphone Hidden In This Video, Apparently

Take a look at this fancy marketing video. Can you spot the Vive-branded smartphone? Read More >>

Apple May Add “Cinema Mode” to iOS 10.3

Constant rumours suggest Apple is preparing something called "Theater Mode" -- hopefully renamed Cinema Mode for the UK -- which will deaden certain mobile features and allow its users to carry on being on their phones even when within the confines of the local movie house. Read More >>

Brace Yourselves, the Next iPhone Might Come in Red

When the next iPhone arrives next year, it might come in an additional colour: Red. At least, that’s the rumour according to Japanese Apple blog Macoakara. Red people. Are you ready for a red phone? Read More >>

Now Amazon Wants to Bundle Internet Access With Prime

It's hard to think of something that Amazon isn't willing to bundle in with a Prime subscription these days, and in future the retail giant might try and bundle a subscription together with your home broadband. Read More >>

Basket of Rumours Say “New MacBook Pros” This Month

A site claiming to have inside links with the Chinese factories churning them out has listed some rumours that may or may not describe parts of Apple's refreshed MacBook Pro line, saying the new machines should be revealed this month. Read More >>

A Very Major Reunion Might Be Taking Place on Game of Thrones Next Season

Game of Thrones is all about tearing apart the characters you love and stamping on what remains of your heart, right? Well, the show’s penultimate season may actually try to repair those remains with a long-awaited reunion. Read More >>

Nintendo’s NX Might Finally be in Production

Nintendo's next console is a huge mystery, mainly because Nintendo hasn't told us a god damn thing since it was first 'announced' last March. It's supposed to arrive in the first half of next year, and may (or may not) be a console/handheld hybrid. Now it looks like things are kicking off for real. At long bloody last. Read More >>