Gove Tries to Befriend Farmers by Promising Brexit Money for Rural 4G

Environment secretary Michael Gove has had another idea about where all that money we soon won't/might not have to pay the EU could be used -- better rural 4G and broadband. That's what he told a meeting of the National Farmers Union anyway. Maybe he just wanted to get out of the countryside alive. Read More >>

Broadband Minister Admits to being “Useless” in Bizarre Hotel Bust-up

Ed Vaizey, the UK's minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, and therefore the man in charge of the botched broadband delivery system, has admitted to being "useless" during a weird altercation in a hotel after the Conservative party conference. Read More >>

Rural Broadband Mess Handed BT a Near-Monopoly and Was a Rip-Off, Say MPs

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has declared the UK's rural broadband plan a complete disaster, after the so-called bidding process led to BT winning every single one of the contracts -- and all the money -- to wire remote communities up to faster broadband. Read More >>

BT’s Shutting Down Dial-Up

Wait, people still use dial-up? Apparently so, and it costs more to use dial-up than it does to just pay for broadband. Either way, BT's pulling the plug on the 1st of September, so it's either get update or go dark. Read More >>

EE’s Firing 4G Into the Cumbrian Wilderness

EE's extending its 4G rollout into the Cumbrian countryside meaning those without fibre, or even 'high speed' broadband for that matter, could just hook onto the wireless waves of LTE instead, with average speeds around 8-12Mbps and peaks of 20Mbps. Has rural high-speed internet finally arrived? Read More >>

BT Shamefully Bumping Up its Rural Broadband Costs to Profit From Subsidies?

A rather shocking leaked document from next-gen broadband delivery agency BDUK claims BT's been fiddling the figures, with the national network needlessly boosting its fibre installation costs to help grab bigger subsidies. Read More >>

EU rural broadband fund
European Commission Puts £8bn 30Mbps-Broadband-Everywhere-By-2020 Fund On the Cards

More money for broadband can only be a good thing, I guess, but considering £8 billion has to stretch across the length and breadth of the EU -- don't expect to get too much out of it in the UK. Read More >>