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Stunning Photos Taken By Two Russian Daredevils Atop Shanghai Tower

Check out these incredible photos taken by Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov, the two Russian daredevils who climbed the second tallest building in the world—the 2132 foot Shanghai Tower. The contrast of the lighted clouds and the sleek towers make it look like a snap from a futuristic Earth. I guess we are living in the future, after all. Read More >>

Watch Two Crazy People Climb the World’s Second Tallest Building

At this point, we've all seen the insane Russian dudes who dangle off of tall things. But that looks like child's play when you see these Ukrainian guys scale the second tallest building in the world. Read More >>

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This Colossal Dam Keeps Russia’s Capital City Above Water

When Tsar Peter the Great founded the Russian city of Saint Petersburg more than 300 years ago, he intended it to provide a "window on the Baltic." Turns out, that window was more of a screen door. To protect itself, the city built a dam that took almost 300 years and £2.45 billion to complete. Read More >>

Why Might This Russian Politician Be Using Three iPhones At the Same Time?

Hey, Vladimir Miklushevsky! You governor of the Primorye Territory in Russia, you! Why do you always have three, three?, iPhones with you? What's going on here, Vladimir? Don't you know how to set up multiple mail accounts? Read More >>

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These Guys Are Now the Craziest Climbing Russians of All Craziest Climbing Russians

What the hell is wrong with the Russians? First some mad ones climbed some towers. Then a crazy dude climbed up a skyscraper. Then some other nutcases spidermanned a bridge. And now these ones, who are just completely out of their mind. Read More >>

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This Avatar Android Will Perform Life-Threatening Work on the ISS

There are certain areas of the International Space Station that most astronauts would rather not visit—like the exterior. But sometimes, somebody has to clamber around out there, looking for hull cracks. That's when the ISS calls on Russia's SAR-400 telepresence assist-droid. Read More >>

The Woolly Mammoth Will Be Roaming the Earth Again Soon

Good news mammoth fans -- the Russians who found a frozen woolly mammoth carcass preserved in the Siberian permafrost have officially signed a deal with a Korean cloner. The once defamed Dr. Hwang Woo-suk, who was responsible for world’s first cloning of a dog, as well as faking several experiments, has been given the task. Read More >>