There Might Be A Camera Inside The Galaxy Note 10’s Stylus

All the way back in 2017, when we thought the world was terrible but had no idea how terrible it was going to become, Samsung filed a patent for a smartphone stylus with a camera inside. Read More >>

Future Samsung Galaxy Phones Could All Come With an Optional Stylus

A newly-published Samsung patent suggests that the South Korean company plans to eventually make all of its Galaxy-branded smartphones stylus-compatible. While everyone laughed at Apple for the Pencil it brought out alongside the iPad Pro, digital sticks can be genuinely rather useful -- the Surface Pen and S Pen are cases in point. Samsung may be about to step things up. Read More >>

Samsung Slotting an 8″ Galaxy Note Into Its Enormous Android Range

Those of you still counting Samsung phone and tablet models have a new one for the long, long list, with leaks suggesting it's preparing an 8" Galaxy Note to sit between the 5.5" Note II and the larger 10" version of the stylus-based tablet. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got Something Else With a Stylus Coming

Samsung's sent out a cryptic event teaser for October 24th, because apparently "the next big thing is here". The picture of one of Samsung's new S-Pen styluses confuses things a bit; we've already seen the 5.5-inch Note 2 and Note 10.1. So, what's next? A 7-inch Note, or maybe a smaller phablet? [AllThingsD via TechRadar] Read More >>

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Samsung’s Come-Out Fighting Armed With a Stylus After Apple’s Low Blow Last Night

While blabbing about how great the iPad is, Apple hit-out at Samsung and Android over app scaling. It wasn’t pretty, and just a tad below the belt to pick on an app that isn’t tablet-optimised from Twitter of all places, but it seems Apple’s not playing fair anymore (did it ever?). Samsung’s not taking this playground rubbishing lying down though, and has retaliated in proper schoolboy fashion armed with a Galaxy Note 10.1-shield and an S Pen-forged sword. Read More >>