Last Factory Saab Auctioned Off For Environmental Charity

A 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero is in the news today, and not because its 82-year-old driver lost control of it outside a Safeway damaging several shopping trolleys. It's news that the last petrol-driven model to emerge from the former Saab factory is to be put up for auction, after sitting in storage for five years with just 40 miles on the clock. Read More >>

Video Shot From Fighter Jets Will Melt Your Face

To help Saab Defence and Security capture some spectacular footage of its Gripen fighter jet, a US-based company called Blue Sky built a custom gyro-stabilised camera system that could ride along at speeds of over 345 miles per hour. Read More >>

Car explosion slow motion
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Watching a Car Explode in Slow Motion Is Utterly Beautiful

You've probably seen oodles of cars exploding in the movies, some maybe even in slow motion as the ultimate action hero slides buy unscathed. But have you ever stopped and looked at the beauty of the exploding parts? The shockwave, the fireball, the sheer force of the thing --it's almost poetic in its wanton destruction. Read More >>