These Stars Had the Messiest Divorce in the Galaxy

The marital feuds of strangers have long intrigued our degenerate species. It’s a timeless topic that keeps several magazines afloat, even if literally none of the details are true. But what most don’t know is that celebrities (and commoners) aren’t the only ones who get divorced—sometimes, actual stars do, too. Read More >>

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Trump’s Tweets Make A Perfect ’00s Emo Song

If you've been too depressed to open Twitter lately, this might help. Evil geniuses Superdeluxe have turned the 45th President's woe-is-me tweets into a song - specifically an early-2000s emo-style sadfest. Read More >>

Scary Video Shows Explosions Happening at a Fireworks Market in Mexico

22 people have died and at least 70 have been injured after an explosion occurred at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, Mexico, a city north of Mexico City. The blast is especially terrifying because the thick smoke plume covers the entire market while fireworks were still catching fire and going off in every direction. Nearby homes were also damaged in the explosions and the scene remains dangerous, according to National Civil Protection Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente. Read More >>

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Watching People Hug in Movies Makes Me Feel Like I Need a Hug

A good hug is what everyone needs at any time on any day. It’s a certain type of closeness combined with a sense of security, and a shared warmth that makes it necessary. Some hugs are sad and emotional, others are happy and relieved, but after watching these 50 hugging scenes from various movies like Interstellar, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sucker Punch, and more, I just want to hug the next person I see today. Read More >>

How Pixar Uses Music to Make Us Cry

It’s not as simple as just playing sad music over sad scenes. No, Pixar plays with our emotions through music, sending out contrasting messages through what we see and what we hear to tear at our feelings even more. Which means, mixing happy music over sad scenes is how Pixar really gets us. Read More >>

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Short Film Tells a Touching Story About a Father and Son’s Relationship with Video Games

People leave memories in the most unexpected ways and when you run into them, you want to hold onto it forever because you don’t know when you’ll ever get it back. Here’s a sad but touching short film about a son re-discovering the Xbox he shared with his late father and the racing game that still holds his father’s time trial ghost. It’s great, anyone who has experienced loss can relate. Read More >>

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The Destruction Caused By the War in Syria is Devastating

Russia Works shot this aerial footage of Homs, which shows the Syrian city, which was the third largest in the country and once home to a population of over 800,000, having been completely destroyed. Buildings and homes have turned to rubble, the city looks like the aftermath of the apocalypse, and the people have disappeared. Read More >>

Being Sad Makes You Less Likely to Binge Eat Crisps for Dinner

A study into how emotions control our desire for nice foods that make us fat has found that we might all be thinner if we're permanently depressed, with sad thoughts apparently limiting the desire to eat stacks of unhealthy food. Read More >>

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Incredible Drone Video Shows Ukraine’s Riot Battlefield From Above

A drone films protesters clashing with police forces as tires and Molotov cocktails burn in Kiev's Independence Square. The battle has started again, after yesterday's failed truce. At least 75 have been killed since last Tuesday, according to Ukraine's government officials. Read More >>

This One Ad Sums Up Everything Wrong With Technology

A man misses his bus so that he can stare at his phone. A woman ignores a meeting so that she can stare at her phone. A man refuses to go home after work so that... well, you get the point. No, this isn't a cheeky indictment of our smartphone-obsessed culture. This is—somehow—a celebration of it. Read More >>

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Behold the Horrible Glory of a Hoarder’s 250,000-Record Vinyl Library

Last year a Canadian record shop called Apollo Music bought a filthy, trash-filled hoarder house. Why? Because it was full of records. At least 250,000. These are a few snapshots from the process, and they show the biggest and saddest collection you'll probably ever see. Read More >>

A Cut-Price Mood Lamp is Your “I Don’t Need Sunlight to Be Happy!” Deal of the Day

It's Blue Monday apparently, and we've been looking for something that might lift the January gloom that is weighing us all down. Well, colour us tickled, we think we might have found it. Read More >>

Really? That’s How You’re Going to Lure People Into Your Booth?

The enticing plate of stale gummy bears is supposed to interest you in visiting a booth that sells Chinese iPhone cases. Or something. Read More >>

Rev Run Shilling
The Most Depressing Thing We’ve Seen at CES 2013 (So Far)

Joseph Ward Simmons is at CES this year hawking headphones. So are a lot of people. But Simmons is better known as Rev Run, founding member of one of the most influential groups in all musical history, Run D.M.C. He deserves better. Read More >>