Mercedes’ Futuristic Headlights Shine Warning Symbols on the Road, and They’re No Longer Just a Concept

Heads-up displays that use a car’s windscreen as a sort of media screen are a good way to keep drivers informed while their eyes stay on the road ahead. But Daimler thinks it has an even better solution, and on its high-end vehicles it says it will soon introduce programmable, “million-pixel” headlights that project warning symbols and driving tips on the actual road itself. Read More >>

Why Is Facebook Surveying Users About Child Predators?

Facebook would very much like to know what you think about child grooming, according to screenshots of a survey posted by the Guardian’s Jonathan Haynes. It is illegal for an adult to request a sexually explicit photo from a minor, but that didn’t stop Facebook from asking at least one user how they felt about the social network policing such behaviour. Read More >>

France Could Fine Smartphone Use While Driving, Even if You’re Parked Up

Apparently France is having an issue with car accidents at the moment, so it's taken to blaming everyone's favourite scapegoats. No, not millennials, the smartphone. A French court has declared it's illegal use a smartphone while you're sitting in the drivers's seat of a car, even if you've pulled over somewhere safe. Read More >>

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London City Airport is Getting an Upgraded Air Traffic Control Tower — 80 Miles Away From All the Planes

London’s cramped City Airport, located in the heart of the city, is undergoing a massive upgrade, including the addition of a fancy new air traffic control tower. But to maximise the airport’s limited space, that tower is actually being built 80 miles away, and will rely on 14 high-def cameras to give remote ATC crews a virtual view of the far-off airport. Read More >>

MPs Attack Whirlpool Over Fire Risk Tumble Dryers

The thing about Whirlpool tumble dryers that might and can catch on fire is still rumbling on, with MPs operating within the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee saying Whirlpool's response to the mass safety issue has been "woeful." Read More >>

CES 2018’s Hottest Tech Trend Might Be Gadgets for Old People

Before the show floor opens to throngs of tech enthusiasts, and before big companies like Sony, Samsung, and LG reveal their latest and greatest to the world, we get a sneak peek at the trends shaping CES 2018 at an event called CES: Unveiled. And millennials be damned, because this year, the best gadgets could be the ones designed for seniors. Read More >>

CES 2018: First Alert Has Its Own Wi-Fi Mesh Router That Hijacks Every Connected Device With Smoke Alarm Warnings

An American company, First Alert, is worried that kids are so addicted to their devices that they’ll completely tune out and ignore even the shrill alarm of a smoke detector. As a result, the company is branching out with a whole home mesh wi-fi system that guarantees everyone in the house will know when there’s an emergency. Read More >>

CES 2018: This Tiny Thumbnail Sensor Tells You When to Get Off the Beach Because You’ve Had Too Much Sun

As an adult, my mum is rarely around to remind me to reapply sunscreen when I’m outside. But do you know who still nags me all day long? My smartphone. So L’Oréal has created an incredibly tiny UV sensor you wear on your thumbnail that connects to your smartphone to help you keep track of your exposure to the sun’s rays. Read More >>

EE Wants to be the Network You Leave Your Kids With

Mobile network EE has teamed up with a thing called Internet Matters to teach both parents and kids about mobile technology safety, and is hoping this is enough to supercharge the sales of iPhones and SIMs for kids this year. Read More >>

The CAA Wants You to Know What You’re Getting Into When Buying a Drone This Christmas

Drones are very popular these days, particularly since there are more and more affordable options available. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) estimates that an extra 1.5 million drones will be bought in the run up to Christmas (many as gifts), and wants to make sure people know how to be responsible with their mini aerial gizmo. Read More >>

Two Storey Subterranean Cold War Super Basement For Sale

A fantastic underground survivalist retreat is up for sale, should you think it prudent to see out the end of 2017 in a nuclear bomb-proof facility in Scotland. Read More >>

Don’t Fire Nerf Guns into People’s Eyes, Says Doctor

Doctors from a London eye hospital are warning that Nerf bullets - foam-like bullets fired from toy guns - can cause serious damage if they hit you in the eye. Read More >>

Deadly Fidget Spinners Could Pierce a Tomato, Warns the BBC

The BBC's Watchdog investigative-slash-troublemaking programme took an angry look at fidget spinners last night, warning that some versions are sharp enough to slice a tomato or a sausage. They were using tomatoes as pretend child eyes and sausages as substitute child fingers, so please treat this matter seriously. Read More >>

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Cooking an Airbag Turns a Microwave Door Into a Missile

Despite an endless list of fascinating and destructive experiments you can try, microwaves should really only be used to heat food. Not lightbulbs, not highlighters, and definitely not an airbag from a car. Unless you’ve got a high-speed camera to record the microwave’s door turning into a high-speed missile. Read More >>

Several States in the US Allow the Same Cladding That Turned Grenfell Tower Into a Time Bomb

The UK government allowed a 24-story public housing building to be built under such abominable safety standards that 79 people died in a massive fire two weeks ago. But will an anti-regulation US allow the same mistakes to happen in North America. Read More >>