Research Sheds Light on Strange Seaway That Once Covered the Sahara

The Sahara might seem like one of Earth’s most lifeless regions today, but its fossils show it was once a vast seaway filled giant fish and some of the largest sea snakes the planet has ever seen. Read More >>

Photos of Freak Snowfall in the Sahara Look Unreal

The Algerian town of Ain Sefra is known as the Gateway to the Sahara, and it’s not the kind of place that gets associated with winter weather. So imagine the surprise of amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata when he awoke to see his picturesque town and the surrounding sand dunes covered in a blanket of snow. Thankfully for us, he grabbed his camera. Read More >>

A Vast River Network Once Crisscrossed the Sahara

The Sahara is about the worst place on Earth to find water today, but that wasn’t always the case. Thousands of years ago, its sandy dune fields were lush and verdant. A new scientific paper helps explain why: the Western Sahara used to be irrigated by a vast river network. Read More >>

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This Satellite Image Looks Like a Cartoon Landscape

Depending on how you look at this image, it's either a striking view of Western Sahara, or a cartoon mountain, backed by blue sky and shrouded in cloud. Read More >>