Sainsbury’s Experimental Till-Free Only Supermarket Has Failed Because You’re All Stuck in the Past

The supermarket tried to embrace the future and got dragged back down thanks to a bunch of technologically-challenged cretins. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Elbows Its Way Into the World of Pizza Delivery With Deliveroo

Deliveroo and Sainsbury's are joining forces for a two-month trial that will see the supermarket be the first in the UK to offer piping hot takeaway deliveries. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s New Butcher Stand Has Less Meat Than a Hippy Music Festival

In news that is sure to rile up staunch believers of butchers being sellers and chopper-uppers of animal carcasses, Sainsbury's has announced a popup meatless butchers near one of its London stores. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Opens Cashier-Free Mini-Supermarket In London – Here’s How It Works

Critics of new technology often complain that the tech today is so impersonal. We've got our heads buried in our phones - there's just no opportunities to talk to other people in real life, to make that human connection and share a moment of solidarity with our fellow human beings. Maybe this is true, but if there's one place I don't want to be having emotional moments of introspection it's while paying for my lunch. Just give me my sandwich and my Twix and shut up. Read More >>

Sainsburys’ New BBQ Sausage is Nearly 2 Metres Long

The occasional glimpses of sun we've had in the last few weeks have got us fully hyped for summer, and it seems Sainsbury's feels the same, because the supermarket chain has just launched a ridiculously long sausage for your barbecuing delight. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s is Introducing Tables for Talking to Strangers

Loneliness is becoming a serious problem in our society, and Sainsbury's has decided the solution is talking to randoms at the supermarket. Read More >>

Lego Create The World Trading Cards Are Now Available in Sainsbury’s

Last week, we reported that Sainsbury's was going to be bringing back the Lego Create the World trading cards. As of today, they're now available in stores. This time, the collection is called 'Create the World: Incredible Inventions'. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s is Bringing Back Those Lego Trading Cards You Saw, but Never Bought

Years ago, I remember supermarkets would give out school vouchers for every £5-£10 you spent in store. Apparently they still do that, but last year Saisnbruy's also started offering packs of Lego-themed trading cards as well. Spend £10 for four, £35 for two, or buy packs for 50p. Apparently those cards were a success, because they're being brought back this year too. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s is Completely Killing Off its Digital Entertainment Business

Following in the footsteps of Tesco, Sainsbury’s is set to shutter its digital entertainment operations, which you may or may not know as Entertainment on Demand. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests One-hour Food Deliveries to Pocket of Impatient Londoners

Sainsbury's is having a go at moving into Amazon territory with the trial of a new superfast grocery delivery service, and is testing its standalone Chop Chop express home shopping scheme right now in the london borough of Wandsworth. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Hopes its £1.3bn Argos Takeover Turns it Into an Amazon Rival

Transfer deadline day may be over, but the real juicy business has just got underway. Sainsbury’s has had a preliminary £1.3 billion offer for Argos owner Home Retail Group accepted, and now has until 5pm on February 23rd to make a firm bid. Read More >>

The Sun Sets on Mobile by Sainsbury’s, Taking Some Lovely Cheap Deals With it

Mobile by Sainsbury’s is being killed off. To many of you, this will be like hearing that the TV show you never knew existed is gearing up for its grand finale, but it’s still a big deal. The supermarket, which relied on Vodafone’s infrastructure for its mobile network, has announced that talks between the two companies have broken down, and that the service will close down on 15 January. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Launches Digital/App Magazine Sub Service

The entertainment bit of supermarket giant Sainsbury's has a new thing to tempt you with today, launching an on-demand magazine shop along with Android and iOS apps to give you yet another way to express shock that Oh My Vlog! is a real magazine. Read More >>

Pay for Shopping at Asda and Sainsbury’s With Your Phone in 2015

With Apple Pay lurking just over the horizon, waiting to devour a bourgeoning mobile payments market, time is running out for smaller mobile money managers to gain a steady footing. Mobile payment platform Zapp has sured up its defences today, announcing that a number of leading UK retailers will use its technology from 2015 to process payments. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Food Rescue Uses Google Voice Tech to Curb Wastage

A carrot, two slices of bread, a little milk and some onions are sitting at the back of your fridge. You see future compost, just days away from the bin, but Sainsbury's new Food Rescue tool sees tonight's dinner, and is ready to show you how to make it so. Read More >>