Morrisons Launches “Posh” Salads for Those Still Bravely Swearing Off Sausage Rolls

Supermarket Morrisons, no doubt furious with itself for not having the idea of launching a vegan sausage roll for the 2019 health kickers, has done something vaguely interesting in the austere world of the salad instead. It's dreamed up some new combinations of meats and vegetables, which it's putting in boxes so they may be described as posher that their plastic potted peers. Read More >>

Heinz Got the Attention it Wanted so Salad Cream is Safe

Heinz, which along with beans and tomato sauce also makes a kind of gloopy white paste that old ladies put in egg sandwiches to remind them of post-war celebration parties, has decided it won't be renaming Salad Cream to something stupid like "sandwich cream." Read More >>

UK Rocked by Lettuce Rationing

The latest threat to the UK way of life is lettuce. A shortage of the flimsy sandwich padding vegetable has been caused by a terrible winter in southern Europe, where most of our winter salad comes from -- so it's now being imported from further afield at great cost and in smaller quantities. Read More >>

Toshiba Turns Floppy Factory into Sterile Lettuce Lab

Tech giant Toshiba is making inroads into the salad industry, using abandoned facilities to farm indoors under artificial lighting. Which means farmers in hairnets and zero chance of finding a slug in your sandwich. Read More >>

A Cobb Salad In a Crouton Cone Is a Fantastic Way To Eat Healthy

The unrecognised geniuses over at have come up with an absolutely brilliant way to eat healthy. Or at least kind of healthy, depending on how you dress this Cobb salad served in a crouton cone. Read More >>