Forget Waiting for Prime Day, John Lewis Just Kicked off a Big Clearance Sale

Lots of people have been hyping up the fact Amazon's Prime Day is due to start in just under a month, with all the sales that come with that day, but what if I said you could save money right now? Well you can, just not on Amazon. Instead head over to the John Lewis website, where the high street retailer has kicked off its clearance sale. Read More >>

Amazon’s Spring Sale is Here, and Here are Some of Our Favourite Tech Deals

It's that time again, Amazon is having a sale. Yes, another one, even though it's been many months since the last one. It's spring now, so Amazon is having a very special 'spring sale', and thankfully it's more than just easter eggs and cleaning supplies. Read More >>

Initial EU Model 3 Sales Beat its EV and Petrol Rivals

The EU launch of Tesla's Model 3 appears to have gone down extremely well in man-liking-cars world, with the smaller pure EV from the internet bigmouth outselling all of its EV rivals in its first month on sale -- and also beat the similarly-sized petrol-engined options from the big old traditional carmakers. Read More >>

MPs Warn High Street is Coming Like a Ghost Town

A group of MPs who submit expenses for attending meetings under the brand of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee have warned again on the state of the UK high street, and have, yet again, said what we really need is more in online sales taxes to hit the digital sellers and reinvest the takings in rates cuts for bricks & mortar trades. Read More >>

Black Friday Blamed for Ruining Christmas on the High Street

There's some good news and some bad news here from the Office for National Statistics. The good news is that we, as a nation, are really getting it together when it comes to doing our Christmas shopping in advance. The bad news is we're doing it really far in advance in November, on Black Friday, and are therefore contributing to the dramatic erosion of the high street retailers. Read More >>

Lego’s 2019 Sets Are Available Now

It doesn't seem five minutes since we finished singing Auld Lang Syne, but it's officially January and that means new Lego. Read More >>

Here’s a Taste of All the Deals Amazon Has Fresh for Boxing Day

Black Friday has been and gone, as has Christmas and its associated shopping season, which means there's only one thing for us to do before the end of the year. That's right, go shopping and take advantage of even more deals that have arrived thanks to Boxing Day. All this shopping sure is exhausting, but Amazon isn't letting us have any rest anytime soon. So here's a taste of some of the Boxing Day deals that have just hit the site and will remain there until 23:59 tonight - or until they run out of stock. Read More >>

Sega’s Got A Winter Sale Happening On Steam

The Christmas/boxing day/we-would-like-your-money-please-don't-question-it-too-much sales continue, and the latest brand to add its name to the list is Sega. Read More >>

Fire-Sale Alert: Tesco Direct is Sluicing the Junk out of its Warehouses Ahead of July 9 Closure

A machine that cooks chips. A plastic bed with a pink princess on it. Lamps and duvets and curtains and things. That's what you can expect to find in the Tesco Direct pre-shutting clearance sale, should you be bothered enough to sort through the intermixed pages of deals and not-really-deals to find the genuine discounts. Read More >>

Toys R Us is Properly Closing on April 24

The remaining UK branches of Toys R Us are about to close forever, with the administrators giving the shop a final death day of April 24. When any remaining bent-box Barbies will be binned and 2,000 staff lose their jobs. Read More >>

Amazon’s Easter Sale Starts on 19th March

It feels like Amazon has more sales than DFS, with every possible special day or time-period coming with discounts on stuff - even if they only apply to Echos and other Amazon-made devices. Easter is no exception, and the retail giant has confirmed that its sale starts on 19th March. Read More >>

Fire Sales Start at Doomed Toys R Us Branches

The great cull of Toys R Us branches is about to get under way, with the financially besieged retailer starting the clearing out process at the 25 locations it's about to board up for good. Read More >>

Black Friday Boosts the UK’s Bottom Line

The online free-for-all that is Black Friday is now so ingrained in society that it's having a noticeable impact upon the UK's sales figures, with November's national accounts spiking upwards because of everyone buying Bluetooth speakers they don't really need. Read More >>

Amazon UK Resorts to Driving Around in a Van Selling Speakers

Apparently there's a thing in America where Amazon drives a lorry about town, a bit like the Coca-Cola lorry, only with consumer electronics and food inside it. They're bringing it over here now too, so get ready to have the life sucked out of you by the misery of the Treasure Truck -- the Black Friday that turns up outside your house playing a little tune. Read More >>

Virgin East Coast is Halving the Price of Over 500,000 Tickets

Trains are expensive, there's no doubt about that, but Virgin East Coast is doing something about that. Not permanently, but it is slashing prices of over 500,000 tickets between now and 28th August. Read More >>