Virgin East Coast is Halving the Price of Over 500,000 Tickets

Trains are expensive, there's no doubt about that, but Virgin East Coast is doing something about that. Not permanently, but it is slashing prices of over 500,000 tickets between now and 28th August. Read More >>

Amazon UK Might Soon Sell You a Car

Rumour has it that Amazon's UK division might be about to start selling cars online, as a trial of the service in the Italian market hasn't put it off the idea. Read More >>

UK Electric Car Sales Hit All-Time High*

The extremely slow stroll to electric car adoption seems to have upped its pace ever so slightly, with figures covering the UK's new car sales saying that sales of all-electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK have reached a new high. Read More >>

Limber up for Today’s Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It £1 Honor 8 Flash Sale

Huawei subsidiary Honor has thought of a pretty effective way of distracting us from all of the weird stuff happening right now, and is selling a selection of its wares for just £1 between 8am and 8pm. Read More >>

Uber Drivers Are Now Selling Solar Panels During Rides

I hope you like talking to your Uber driver, because things could be getting a lot chattier during rides soon. Geostellar, an online marketplace for solar panels, is testing an unusual sales tactic by enlisting Uber and Lyft drivers to sell panels to riders. Read More >>

Queen Beats Abba to Top UK’s All Time Album Sales Chart

The tracker of UK record sales has released data covering the country's entire history of album numbers, revealing that Queen, Abba and the Beatles are unsurprisingly what most people buy and listen to all the time. Adele's the youngest upcomer, with her 21 earning the fourth place in the UK's all time album sales listings. Read More >>

Kanye’s ‘Life Of Pablo’ Fails to Chart Thanks to Tidal Exclusive

The latest chapter in the life of internet curiosity Kanye West appears to have taken a darker turn, with his latest album failing to touch the US or UK charts -- presumably due to being an exclusive on dwindling music streaming resource Tidal. Read More >>

Half of Everyone Switched on Apple Things for Christmas

Smug teens activating expensive Apple devices are still the cover image of the modern Christmas, with very nearly half of all new device activations tracked on Christmas day made up of Apple-badged phones and tablets. Read More >>

How to Sell Your Unwanted Christmas Gadgets and Tat

Did you get a pile of poorly targeted presents this year? Or worse still, ironic gifts that were lined up for the bin before the fake smile on your face had faded? Poor you. Read More >>

Reasonably-Priced Top Gear Car Hits eBay for an Unreasonable £9k

A car that has been in direct contact with the bottoms of countless celebrities is currently for sale on eBay, with a charity group offering the original, actual, "reasonably-priced" Top Gear test track car as used to rate the driving skills of the famous on the BBC's former motoring show. Read More >>

Don’t Buy Any Games Until the Steam Christmas Sale Starts Next Week

PayPal has accidentally revealed that the Steam winter sale will kick off on December 22nd, so if there are any games you really want to buy, chances are you’ll get a lovely discount if you hold off a few more days. In an email sent to customers this week, the company revealed that the bargain-fest will start on Tuesday. The sale itself doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s nice to be able to put a date in the calendar. [Ubergizmo] Read More >>

Tesco Turns Away Non-‘Black Friday’ Shoppers, Because it’s All Gone Wrong

You read that correctly. Tesco's been turning away regular grocery shoppers because of Black Friday. Twitter user Chris Brown said he was dismissed by members of staff in Corstorphine because he wasn’t there to take part in the big shopping bonanza. Read More >>

Buy Nothing Day Sees Brits Protest Against Consumerism on Black Friday

That grimmest of US imports, Black Friday, is here and in full swing. People up and down the country have taken the day off work, strapped on their knuckle-dusters and marched to their local high street, ready to crack some skulls and grab a bargain. Read More >>

“Casual” UK Cyclists Abandon Hobby Due to Crappy Summer

A slightly higher than usual likelihood of rain has turned the UK from the world's foremost emerging cycling hotspot back into a nation of bus-riding sedentary couch potatoes, as bike sales plummeted this year thanks to the poorer summer weather. Read More >>