Samsung’s Folding Phone Might Be A Three-Eyed Monster

As we edge closer to Mobile World Congress in February and the likely launch of the Samsung foldable phone, more details are leaking out about what we can expect from the innovative new handset. Read More >>

The Folding Samsung Phone is Officially Unofficially Called Galaxy Flex

It feels like we've been waiting for the Samsung foldy phone forever, but it was actually only quite recently that we found out its cringeworthy codename, 'Winner,' in this report about internal goings-on at Samsung. Read More >>

We Might Not Get That Samsung Folding Phone ‘Til June 2019

For a while, it was all looking pretty positive for the long-rumoured Samsung folding phone: first Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh made some comments confirming its existence, then a cryptic tweet was taken as proof it was coming soon, then it turned out the tweet was probably right when a whole load of new details came out about the Galaxy S10 and folding phone, codenamed 'Winner' (eurgh). Read More >>

Subtle Tweet May Give Date of the Samsung Folding Phone Reveal

Tech media is all a-flap today because a low-key tweet is being taken as proof of the date we'll finally see the long-awaited Samsung folding phone. Read More >>

Samsung’s Flexible Phone Concept Is Folding F’Ugly

So curved phones, for better or worse, are a real thing now. And while their sloping displays may (may) make for a more comfortable fit in the pocket, they're still no smaller than the ever-increasing-in-size non-curved smartphones. A folding phone however, depending on your origami skills, could fit just about anywhere. Read More >>