Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Tries to Do Everything, Fails

Using the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 I’m reminded of the time I tried to install curtain rods in an old flat using just a tiny Philips-head screwdriver. I got the job done, but it was a real pain in the arse. Read More >>

The Quest to Build the Impossible Laptop

In a recent barrage of new products, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Lenovo, and HP have all shown off computers that are trying to tackle one of the industry’s most vexing problems: How do you make a keyboarded computer that’s also a great tablet? How do you attach a keyboard to a tablet without ruining the whole thing? Every manufacturer is trying to create a device that can do it all. Read More >>

Samsung’s Latest Surface Clone is a Disappointing Flop

Even in a Microsoft-free world the Samsung Galaxy Book would be a frustrating device. Ostensibly it’s a Surface clone: A souped up Windows tablet with a pen for drawing and a floppy keyboard for typing. In practice, it’s an expensive machine that has me longing for any other computing device. The screen looks great, but a cheap pen, bad cooling, and a high price make it a non-starter. The Samsung Galaxy Book feels like the first big flop of Samsung’s newly invigorated computer brand. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Book: More Surface Pro Than Surface Book

Samsung just revealed its second tablet of the day, the Samsung Galaxy Book. At first we assumed this would be a hybrid laptop, similar to the Surface Book. Instead we're getting something more like the Surface Pro - a tablet that attaches to a keyboard case rather than a proper keyboard dock. Read More >>