Yup, the Escobar Fold 2 Seems to Be a Samsung Galaxy Fold With a Sticker on it

The saga of Pablo Escobar-branded folding phones continues. When the Pablo Escobar Fold 1 and Fold 2 launched, every phone nerd could tell that these phones were blatant, suspiciously priced rebrands of other foldable smartphones. Namely, the Royole FlexPai and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Well, now YouTubers have gotten their hands on the Fold 2 to’s a Galaxy Fold with a gold sticker on it. Read More >>

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants to ‘Kill Samsung’ With Another Folding Phone

As if the Pablo Escobar Fold 1 wasn’t enough, there is now a second Pablo Escobar-branded folding smartphone. The name? Wait for it – the Pablo Escobar Fold 2. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Still on the Way, as Well as the Galaxy Z Flip

We've all been waiting for Samsung to take another bash at a foldable phone after its somewhat disastrous experience with the first one, and now it seems that it's got two of the things in the pipeline. Read More >>

Motorola: Don’t Panic. Your Razr’s “Bumps and Lumps” are Normal

Motorola released a whole slew of YouTube videos Sunday about its new Razr, a revamped throwback to its mid-2000s flip phone of the same name, in celebration of the phone’s pre-order launch. But with them came a disclaimer about the foldable phone: “Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal.” Read More >>

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Motorola Is Bringing Back the Flip Phone With an All-Display Razr Device

Motorola is bringing the flip phone back, baby: on Wednesday, Verizon announced the debut of a new Razr phone with a 6.2-inch foldable display that flips to half size. (But not before a day of leaks.) Read More >>

Galaxy Fold 2 Rumoured for April 2020 Launch With a New Design

If you've already splashed out two grand on a Samsung Galaxy Fold, it sucks to be you because there's a better one on the horizon. Read More >>

More Samsung Galaxy Folds Are on the Way to UK Stores This Week

Samsung's Galaxy Fold has been rolling out in limited runs, and unsurprisingly, it's been selling out pretty sharpish. But never fear! Supplies are being topped up this week. Read More >>

This Samsung Galaxy Fold Stunt Filled Me With Hope and Joy

Our friends at CNET just wrapped up an ambitious and scientifically suspect test on the Galaxy Fold. Samsung says the device will survive 200,000 folds, so the gadget testers got their hands on a machine that could open and close the device quickly and endlessly. Long story short, the Galaxy did not survive 200,000 folds, but it did get impressively close. Read More >>

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Foldable Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X

It was unclear whether foldables would be a significant part of the conversation at IFA this year... until both Samsung and Huawei came in swinging with both of their bendy devices. Read More >>

Samsung is Supposedly Working on a Much Cooler Sounding Folding Phone

The Galaxy Fold is an innovative device, even if many reviewers broke it almost instantly. It’s more a tablet that folds down into a phone-sized device. As someone with tiny pockets, I’d probably prefer a phone-sized device that folds down into something even smaller when not in use. Bloomberg reports that Samsung has such a device in development and is planning to launch it as soon as next year. Read More >>

This Absurd Samsung Rumour Claims a Foldable ‘Clamshell’ Smartphone Is in the Works

If rumours are to be believed, Samsung doesn’t know when or how to quit. South Korean news outlet ET News reports that Samsung is developing a 6.7-inch clamshell smartphone. You know, even though its flagship bendy phone, the Galaxy Fold, is still missing in action. Read More >>

In Its Race to Be First, Samsung Screwed Itself

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may be an incredible step forward in phone engineering, but it is unfinished. That became clear when, earlier this week, Samsung announced it was delaying the release of the phone. What was available to reviewers, analysts, influencers, and select partners was essentially a beta device — with those same people serving as beta testers. It never should have seen the light of day. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms It’s Pumping the Brakes on the Galaxy Fold

Following rumours that Samsung will be delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung issued this statement confirming the delay. The Galaxy Fold will now release “in the coming weeks” instead of this week. Read More >>