The Galaxy Gear Gets a New Operating System

The Galaxy Gear is getting a big update that replaces its entire operating system. The update, which started rolling out today, lets users switch their Galaxy Gear over to Tizen. Read More >>

Check Out the Original Galaxy Gear Running Tizen OS

We found out way back in February that Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch would be ditching Android in favour of open source OS Tizen. Well, the folks at SamMobile have a video showing off the new OS on three Galaxy Gear Smartwatches, one first gen and two second gen. Read More >>

You Can Run Full Android Apps on the Galaxy Gear If You’re a Masochist

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is basically a tiny phone on your wrist. It already has its own apps like Snapchat and Pocket (whyyy?) but if you're really insane, you can make it run real Android apps too. Read More >>

Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear “Lacks Something Special” (But Will Still Sell it, of Course)

Whether you think smartwatches are a great idea or not, you'd hope that the brains behind the devices at least have some faith in the quality of the wrist-based products they're putting out. Not so with Samsung it would seem, with a loose-lipped executive admitting to the Korea Times that the company acknowledges that the Galaxy Gear "lacks something special". Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 Is In Development, Because Why Wouldn’t It Be?

I mean, we do have two wrists. And there's a definite appetite for a first-gen smartwatch, let alone a second-gen one. Oh wait. Read More >>

Pebble Smartwatch Creator Says Samsung “Hasn’t Thought it Through”

Eric Migicovsky, boss of the wildly successful team that launched the Pebble smartwatch, isn't very impressed by Samsung's new Galaxy Gear, claiming Samsung's too obsessed with tech specs and doesn't understand how people use smartwatches -- or why they buy them. Read More >>

Why I Will Never Want a Smartwatch

I don't want a smartwatch. I don't, and will not. Because the very idea of a smartwatch, even at its platonic ideal, is basically NFC. Let me explain. Read More >>

Did the Galaxy Gear Change Your Mind About Smartwatches?

Welp, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is finally here. It's not the first smartwatch by any means, but it's the first big assault in a war that's just beginning. But has it changed your view on smartwatches at all? Has the Toq? Could anything? Read More >>

Don’t Despair — That Samsung Galaxy Gear Image Was Only a “Prototype”

Hated the bulky, cumbersome, budget-phone-strapped-to-a-wrist look of the leaked Galaxy Gear smartwatch photos? That's OK, as it's said the pics were of a prototype currently being used by developers and the actual device won't look as chunky. Read More >>

Is This the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

We've heard some rumblings about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch and what it may or may not be. But VentureBeat got its hands on what it claims is a real prototype, complete with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi radios, a 4-megapixel camera, and even speakers. This could be the real deal. Read More >>